A Big Chop? Super Chic Bob Haircuts That Are Back In Vogue

bob haircut

The party season is in full swing right now, so before this year passes by as you rummage through your closet in preparation for the monsoon season - what is it that you can do to make a statement? A bold haircut can, undoubtedly, provide an irreplaceable change in style that no wardrobe can match. Moreover, we believe that now is the ideal time to let go of any excess baggage and commit to a lighter, breezier head of hair (with haircare of course)! Enter: the bob haircut - and we love it! 


Bob Haircut FTW!


bob haircuts for women


Whatever you decide to do, know that bob haircuts for women won't let you down. Wear them in front or wear them to the side, you are sure to make a statement. A bob haircut will guarantee that you never have a bad hair day again, irrespective of having straight or curly hair.


25 Long Bob Haircut & Lob Looks For Women!


long bob haircut


The haircut of the year is consistently deemed to be a long bob, or lob as it is more widely known. Given that the style sits attractively on different face types, hair textures, and skin tones, the recognition the lob has received is well-deserved. Simply put, the lob is timeless and popular.


Peek-a-Boo Lob with Long Feathered Bangs



For a genuine peek-a-boo look, part your hair to the side and allow some long curtain bangs to fall in the front. We adore the carefree vibe that these feathery accents offer to the tiered lob. They are employed throughout the crown liberally to make you look stunning.

Long A-Line Bob


Long A-Line Bob Haircut


Let's examine the more traditional choice. This long, sleek cut has a parting and precise angles for an exquisite, ladylike appearance. Keep in mind that just a single hair colour can make your A-line lob appear as formal as this one. No wonder ladies in those power-suits flaunt this A-line lob!


Luscious Dark Lob


Luscious Dark Lob - long bob haircut


Show off your shiny locks and deep hair colour with this amazing dark long bob hairdo. Volume is the key to make your lob look this luscious. Medium length tresses, a side part, and acouple of curtain bangs make this lob simple to achieve and a glam hair flip awaits.


Curled Under Lob With Bangs


Curled under long bob with bangs


Ace this amazing long bob with bangs that are primarily feminine and the gently curled ends essentially embrace the French vibe. With the help of blow-drying and a small round brush, it can be effortlessly styled. The cherry on top? It flatters majority of the face types.


A-Line Bob with Side Bangs


A-Line Bob with Side Bangs


If you're growing out your natural hair colour, an A-line haircut is a fantastic option. You can achieve your hair goals and reveal the lovely natural hues on your locks by cutting off the lower parts of your coloured hair (which is mostly the case, as your hair keeps growing out and pushing th ecoloured ends lower).


Straight Blunt Lob


Straight Blunt Lob


Although it isn't particularly trendy, this hairdo falls in the list of more classic ones. One length runs across the sleek medium cut for a more refined appearance and feel. This shoulder length hair is an evergreen one that women have loved to bits especially as their summer haircut.


Layered Long Bob


Layered long bob haircut


This unkempt lob is expertly layered to achieve the desired volume, and the money pieces add a stark contrast that gives your hair a genuinely distinctive appearance. It is easy to maintain and scrunching it up after every hair wash will give you a unique hairdo every time.


Glossy Blonde Lob


Glossy Blonde Lob haircut

All hair textures can work with the lob haircut, although straight hair appears to work best. A more defined and sleeker appearance can be expected from a lob on straight hair. Moreover, compared to wavy or curly hair, a lob is much easier to manage on straight hair.


Gorgeous Waves


Gorgeous Waves bob haircut


Long bobs can be styled into sophisticated looks that are appropriate for wedding receptions as well as nights out around the town. For instance, you could always add delicate loose waves to your perfectly straight A-line bob for a brunch or add a couple of braids in the front for that perfect bridesmaid look.


Graduated Long Bob Cut


Graduated Long bob cut


When worn straight, a graduated lob cut creates the appearance of a grown-out bob and looks incredibly stylish. Keep hair dyed in a solid hue or try a very mild balayage to take the minimalist hairstyle to the next level. Especially suited for voluminous hair, this long bob with waves hairstyle is a beauty!


Long A-line with Ombre


Long A-line with Ombre


It's so much fun to wear hairstyles with symmetry. You can have hair that is short enough to be manageable but long enough to tuck behind your ears. Plus, you'll exude mystery. The ombre effect is executed with skill. The tone is perfect, and the transition is impeccable.


Bright Copper Razored Lob


Bright Copper Razored lob


Even the thickest, waviest hair may seem clean and manageable when you cut it into a shoulder-length lob with a razor. You can partition it as you desire to achieve the perfect face-framing look. Parting it opposite to your usual hair partition can even add tremendous volume.


Side-Parted Wavy Messy Lob


Side-Parted Wavy Messy Lob haircut


Long bob haircuts with combed-over swoopy layers appear even more enigmatic. You'll look put together because of your sensuous waves, especially if you choose a delicate blonde colour with perfectly coordinated darker roots and alternative highlights.


Long Balayage Lob with Blunt Bangs

 Long Balayage bob cut with blunt bangs


This chic long bob with balayage is a really low maintenance haircut and a great choice for anyone who wants to ensure their colour lasts. Also, the bluntness of the bangs fall beautifully contrasting the overall style and the choppy waves, giving the person an untidy (but elegant) look.


Voluminous Blonde Lob with Shadow Roots

Voluminous Blonde Lob with Shadow roots

The model's cheekbones and jawline are highlighted by this lob haircut's full silhouette, which has a middle part. Both eyes are hidden by peek-a-boo curtain bangs, which further frame the face. The dark shadow roots provide a pleasing contrast to the platinum-blonde strands that fall around the face.


Inverted Lob with Platinum Highlights


Inverted Lob with Platinum Highlights


The longest hair on the front of both a lob and an a-line bob is identical in length. The only difference is the inverted cuts have stacked layers towards the back. The volume at the back of your head makes you look stunning and makes your hair look amazing. Lob hairstyles with platinum highlights are ideal for the ones who like to go all out with their hair.


Lob Cut with Balayage


Lob cut with Balayage


This ombre balayage lob is a result of combining gentle, subtle tones and a loose cut to get that just-got-out-of-bed dishevelled look. It is playful, charming, and oh-so-natural.


Honey Blonde Lob with Layers


Honey Blonde Lob with Layers

Although dark brown or platinum blonde is the most typical colours for long bobs, don't overlook the very pleasant medium warm tones! In honey blonde, this haircut is incredibly lovely, bringing ardoura nd softness into a traditionally sharp cut. Long layers also mellow out the entire style.


Textured Crop with Partial Balayage


Textured Crop with Partial Balayage


Here’s a popular variant on the lob hairstyle. It has a subtle colour and is textured through the ends. Your face is beautifully framed by a long bob with bangs. This style works with both thick and thin bangs. The ash-blonde highlights on the tips of the lob just make you look in vogue.


Lob with Super Long Front Pieces


Lob with Super Long Front Pieces


This lovely extra-long lob, which combines delicate, face-framing balayage highlights with a wavy texture in a long, asymmetrical shape, is proof of its unique charm. It looks like an outgrown bob and you can always flaunt it with any outfit.


Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair


Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair


Older women and working women should think about getting a long bob with layers boosting the crown area. If you don't like to cut your hair short, this style enables you to maintain length while still looking elegant and mature. Comfort and style - all at once!


Straightened Lob with Wispy Bangs


 Straightened Long Bob haircut with Wispy Bangs

Without a doubt, balayage is attractive. However, when that dye job is combined with strands that are incredibly straight and smooth, your total appearance isn't simply flamboyant — it becomes strikingly beautiful too!


A-Line Brunette Long Bob


 A-line Brunette Long Bob cut


Any longer A-line brunette bob with layers is preferable for its adaptability. As demonstrated in this picture, the cut and colour combination can look contemporary, unkempt, and undone giving you that easy-go vibe but also keeping it low maintenance and chic.


Brown Wavy Lob with Balayage


brown wavy long bob cut with balayage


Subtle balayage can completely change the look of your long bob, giving it a whiff of fresh life. The two-tiered appearance of the hairstyle reveals a deep, black underlayer and textured, highly-highlighted top layers that are full of movement and shine.


Bob of Colours


bob of colours haircut

Love brown hair but prefer the clarity of blonde? With this two-toned lob, which adds texture and excitement to an otherwise boring hair, you may have the best of both worlds.

25 Short Bob Haircuts For The Women On The Move


Although short bobs have been in vogue, in some way or the other, for many years, the contemporary versions stand out for their adaptability and edgier look. Any woman wishing to try something different can wear short bobs because they incorporate colour, structure, and dimension on your hair.


Burgundy Bob With Orangish Highlights


Burgundy bob with orangish highlights cut


With shorter hair, it's much simpler to pull off brighter colours and the possible damage is not as serious. Pair burgundy and caramel, golden blonde and silver, or any other stunning combination that comes to mind to show off that head full of rich hues.


Rounded Brunette Bob with Voluminous Layers


Rounded Brunette Bob Cut with Voluminous Layers


Women of all ages love bobs because they project a sophisticated yet fresh image. You can never go wrong with a uni-length solid coloured hairstyle, which stands out especially well in deeper, darker hues. Roots are raised and a good amount of volume is added thanks to layers.


Sassy Feathered Blonde Bob


Sassy Feathered Blonde Bob haircut


The best approach for fine hair is feathering. The tips of the strands are blended together when bob styles are trimmed with a razor, creating the essential texture and volume and adding a sleek angle to it. The finest styling for this haircut is concave, and swoopy.


Short Blonde Bob Blowout


Short Blonde Bob Blowout


Women with fine hair that tend to lie flat can benefit greatly from a bob blowout. Volume and depth are also added by wispy, feathered bangs and a rounded ends.


Cropped Bob with Bangs


Cropped bob haircut with bangs

The elegant rosewood cropped haircut with bangs has a 1920s feel, but because of its colour and texture, it looks contemporary. The height of flirtatious frivolity!


Short Golden Blonde A-Line Bob


Short Golden Blonde A-Line Bob haircut


Whether parted on the side or in the middle, short bob haircuts look great. In the 1960s, Barbra Streisand, in fact, became famous for her "Helmut Bob." Old is gold!


Glossy Brown Inverted Bob


Glossy brown inverted bob cut

A hair colour that is undervalued is medium brown. This colour has mid-range undertones that are neither warm nor ashy. Your short bob cut will appear particularly healthy and thick when finished with shine spray because it looks pretty natural.


Tapered Inverted Bob


Tapered inverted bob haircut


A typical short bob hairstyle gains sophistication from the grey baby-lights of the sliced bob. The softly teased crown gives height and volume, and the long, wispy bangs wonderfully frame the face.


Girly Wavy Chocolate and Blonde Bob


Girly wavy chocolate & blonde bob haircut


If you want a two-toned hairstyle without much experimentation, blonde and chocolate go well together. For three-dimensional colouring, loose waves are particularly satisfying. Part your cut to the side to add drama to the scene.


Short Bob Shag with Bangs


short bob shag with shag


Another original approach to style short bob hair is with a straight and straggly shag. The face is elegantly framed by the wispy bangs and dishevelled layers, and your natural skin tone is emphasised by the golden blonde balayage. 


Dimensional Bob with Feathered Layers


dimensional bob haircut with feathered layer


Modern short bobs never seem too simple or boring because of imaginative cuts and colour jobs. For example, you can create a statement two-tiered design that will draw attention by using chunky V-cut layers.


Short Razored Rounded Bob


Short Razored Rounded Bob haircut


The ends of naturally straight hair appear layered after a razor cut. A lot of texture is added by doing this rather than using standard cutting shears. Hence, we stan this classic choice with a slight twist.


Short Feathered Bob


short feathered bob haircut


This extra-short bob's feathery layers provide a youthful, girlish beauty to the trim, tidy hairstyle. It's a style that looks similar to when you let your pixie-cut hair grow out - a stunner!


Cropped Choppy Brunette Bob


Cropped Choppy Brunette Bob haircut


It's always best to use your natural features if you want a haircut that is simple to maintain and style. Wavy hair can be cut into unruly curls that frame the face and draw attention to the chin and cheekbones.


Undercut for Blonde Bob


undercut for blonde short bob haircut

Only the most skilled stylists possess the dexterity to perfect an undercut bob. The hair is manipulated into a tucked-under look via an undercut. This technique looks stunning on straight blonde hair.


Jaw-Length Textured Bronde Bob


Jaw-length textured bronde bob


Look no further if you're looking for extremely short bob hairstyles that flatter fine, stick-straight hair. This timeless, jaw-length bronde bob has every aesthetically pleasing texture you could want.


Choppy Caramel Blonde Bob


Choppy Caramel Blonde bob haircut


Wearing your short, wavy hair in a jagged bob with lots of blonde highlights over dark roots is a classic look.


Shattered Black Bob with Purple Highlights


shattered black bob cut with purple highlights

When razored ends and a poofy crown area are combined, the fragmented short bob creates a powerful statement. Make a striking trademark hairdo with lustrous, thick hair by adding delicate purple highlights.


Neatly Layered Caramel Blonde Bob


Neatly Layered Caramel blonde bob haircut


A rounded bob that complements the majority of facial shapes is created by combining a deep side part with fluffy layers. The ginger-blonde balayage adds a vibrant pop of colour to the sleek, sliced layers, giving a fresh spin to a traditional blonde tint.


Stacked Bob with Blonde Highlights


Stacked bob cut with blonde highlights

Here, a rounded back and subtle balayage soften the ideal angle of the bob. The additional highlights in the front area enhance the dishwater blonde base and frame the face. If you enjoy natural-looking hairstyles with a contemporary twist, take into account this hair look.


Shaggy Chestnut Brown Bob


Shaggy Chestnut Brown Bob haircut


Do you envision yourself with a straight, centre-parted bob in mind? In the event that you enjoy geometric styles, we suggest the style that can be worn flat or tousled and fluffy.


Cropped Wavy Brunette Bob


Cropped Wavy Brunette short Bob haircut

We adore the really short stacked layers at the back of this cropped bob, which looks nearly black. The heavy side pieces are delicately tucked behind the ears as scraggly waves flow around the face. 


Short Choppy Dark Brown Bob


short choppy dark brown bob haircut

You can flaunt your beautiful neck by wearing a very short bob hairstyle like this one while adding some volume and height at the back.


Messy Blonde Bob with Thin Choppy Layers


 Messy blonde bob with thin choppy layers

Short bob haircuts are incredibly versatile; if you don't like uni- or lob-length styles, add plenty of short, jagged layers all throughout. They not only create a lot of movement, but they also give finer hair its body.


Curly Brown and Caramel Bob


curly brown & caramel bob haircut

With your short hair, do you want to change things up a little? Bobs are prepared to assist. If you enjoy wearing textured hairstyles with flair, a broken angled bob is a stylish cut.


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