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Hand Wash

Buy Hand Wash Online At MyGlamm & Say Hello To Hygiene With Ease!

Throughout the day, our hands get exposed to a lot of things. Be it opening a doorknob, bringing in groceries, going to the washroom, or simply shaking hands with friends, our hands welcome endless bacteria, germs, and unwanted impurities. Though we know there’s no way to avoid their entry, we can definitely kill them and stay hygienic. That’s when liquid hand washes come into the picture & help us stay clean and at ease. Do you know how much we spend our hard-earned money on skincare, makeup, or any other product!? Well, we don’t even have the count as we never really gave it a thought. That’s our only point we should make cleanliness a priority and invest in products that save us from welcoming germs leading to health issues. One such product is a liquid handwash that’ll act as one of the most effective ways to maintain the hygiene factor. At MyGlamm, our hand washes online are formulated with natural ingredients that not only protect skin against germs but also leave hands hydrated.


The hand wash price at MyGlamm is quite reasonable giving you the best hand-washing experience. We promise that out of all hand wash brands, MyGlamm will take your hygiene game a step stronger. So, let’s dive into some of the best hand washes online & don’t shy from adding them to your shopping carts!

Benefits of Using A Hand Wash

Hand hygiene is definitely not a choice but a mandatory part of everyone’s life. As compared to regular soaps, liquid hand washes have better popularity, offering more hygiene while not stripping off the hand’s skin layer. The benefits of using a hand wash are many and therefore we’ve laid down some of the best ones for you!


  • A liquid handwash helps to get rid of dirt and any other impurities from either your phone, public transport or places, or any other things.

  • A handwash gives a better consistency to washing hands effortlessly and thoroughly as compared to a soap bar.

  • A liquid hand wash prevents diseases and keeps germs at bay. In short, it keeps your family and yourself protected.

  • It’s very much convenient to re-use bottles of hand wash and fill them again when it gets empty. 

  • Using a liquid hand wash involves a one-tap process which makes it a more convenient and faster process. 

What are the Different Types of Hand Wash?

Hand washes come in different types, be it in terms of texture, concern, usage, etc. So now that you know how important it is to use a hand wash, let us help you guide you on the types of hand washes!

Handwash For Every Skin Type:

There are different types of handwashes for every skin type. Be it for normal, combination, dry, or sensitive skin type, choose what suits your skin the best.

Anti-Bacterial Handwashes: 

Going natural is the best way to save your skin from drying out. Opt for handwashes that have natural ingredients such as lemon, neem, eucalyptus, etc. 

Hydrating & Calming Handwashes:

If you’re looking for a handwash that protects your skin against germs while hydrating your skin, calming and moisturising handwashes are the best. Opt for handwashes that contain pure essential oils such as rose, and jasmine along with moisturising properties such as shea butter, aloe vera, cocoa butter, coconut oil, milk protein, vitamin E, glycerin, etc.

Herbal, Ayurvedic, or Natural Handwashes:

Herbal, ayurvedic, or natural handwashes are quite a trend nowadays. These handwashes not only remove impurities, but also moisturise skin, improve skin texture, save skin from anti-ageing, and keeps the skin healthy too. So before you step out for buying a handwash, look for ingredients such as tea tree extracts, aloe vera, glycerin, turmeric, rose, almond, etc.

Advantages Of Liquid Hand Wash Over Soap

Over the last few years, a liquid hand wash has become quite popular amongst everyone. It’s quite literally the need of the hour because of its amazing benefits. Not that soaps don’t remove impurities from our skin, liquid hand washes have come into the picture offering protection along with more hygiene, more comfortability, faster process, hydration, and a lot more. So let’s check out some of the advantages of a liquid hand wash over soap:


  • The scope of spreading germs through a liquid handwash is less than that of a soap bar. Because every person touches the soap, again and again, the chances of germ-spread increase.

  • Liquid hand washes are more convenient to use as they come in fancy dispensers making them easy to open and close.

  • Often these hand washes have moisturisers in them preventing the hands from getting dry.

  • There are more scents and varieties available in the case of a liquid hand wash.

  • A hand wash is considered to be less harmful to the skin compared to a soap bar.  They do not strip off your skin moisture as hand washes have lower pH levels in them.

  • Liquid hand wash tends to keep the area around the sink more clean and tidy as there is no wet bar soap residue.

Best Selling Hand Wash Price 

Get ready to take a quick look at our best-selling & amazing collection of hand washes with features mentioned along with the product. This will help you know how well these hand washes work & benefit you!


MyGlamm’s WIPEOUT Germ-killing Hand Wash- Tea Tree: The MyGlamm’s WIPEOUT Germ-Killing hand wash-tea tree is infused with tea tree extracts, aloe vera, and glycerin. From protecting against germs, doesn’t out dry skin, to providing anti-microbial benefits and hydrating the skin, this hand wash is simply amazing. And all this at just ₹149!

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Have you also made a shift from using soap bars to hand washes? Do you love using hand washes? Here’s some good news we’d like to break for you! No matter how many hand wash brands you explore, MyGlamm is one brand that has all for you in the best quality and service. Not just that, our hand washes are infused with feel-good ingredients such as tea tree extracts, glycerin, and aloe vera, protecting skin against germs and leaving your skin feeling great! We are a cruelty-free and vegan brand, giving you the best experience that’ll make you visit us again and again!

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Q- How do you handwash?

  • The steps to doing handwash are:

  • Wet your hands with running and clean water.

  • Lather your hands with a handwash by rubbing both hands together.

  • Scrub your hands smoothly for at least 20 seconds.

  • Lastly, rinse your hands with water properly.

Q- How can I make liquid soap at home?

  • One of the best ways to make liquid soap at home is to 

  • Grat a natural soap bar into a pan and add at least 4 cups of water. 

  • Let the soap and water get fully combined. 

  • Then let the liquid cool for at least 15 minutes. 

  • Let the soap sit for 24 hours in the same pan or any different container. If you notice a gel-like consistency, the soap is ready to use.

  • Once the liquid soap is ready for use, it’s ready to pour into the dispenser.


Q- What category is hand wash?

The category in which a hand wash falls is Bath and Body.


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