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Hand Sanitizers: Shop Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitiser Online At MyGlamm

Dirty & unhygienic hands are your worst nightmare, and why not? Our hands touch a lot of things in a day. While commuting every day, it’s not possible to carry soaps and water, then an alcohol-based hand sanitiser comes to your rescue at that moment. Compact and easy to carry, this one product is something your hands just cannot do without, especially at the current times. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers keep germs, viruses, and bacteria at bay keeping you hygienic and prevented from any sickness due to getting in contact with contaminated objects. To successfully kill the germs on your hands and surfaces, you should use alcohol based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content. Hand sanitizers come in 2 different forms - alcohol-based and non-alcohol-based, out of which people mostly prefer an alcohol sanitiser. 


The best hand sanitizer price at MyGlamm is available in great quality, properties, and packaging. So, all you aware people, it’s time to prioritize hygiene and buy  sanitizer online right now! Your favourite online beauty destination cares for you and thus, MyGlamm promises to not just keep you safe but make your hands soft too with their luxurious alcohol based sanitizers. So, if you are searching for the best hand sanitizer online, look nowhere for any other hand sanitizer manufacturers or hand sanitizer brands, just hit MyGlamm! Head straight to know more about small hand sanitizer, and big and safe hand sanitizer to add to your bags!

How Does A Sanitizer Work?

An alcohol based sanitizer contains an ingredient called isopropyl alcohol. This element helps in liquifying the external layer of microbes, also eliminating them. These hand sanitizers kill pathogens present on the hands and also diminish the transfer of germs from one person to another.

Different Type Of Sanitizer Online

There are different types of hand sanitizer gels available on the market today. And when you look for the best liquid hand sanitizer online, you must read through all the types properly. So, before you pick some random ones, we’ve prepared a brief guide on types of sanitizers online for you!


Gel Sanitizers:

Gel sanitizers contain a thick formula and are very easy to carry. They are available in fruity, floral, citrus, and many other scents.

Liquid Sanitizers:

Liquid sanitizers are good for frequent usage either at home or in the business place. They come with a flip-top dispenser or a pump.

Spray Sanitizers:

Spray sanitizers are for covering a larger area. They are placed in dispensers for easy usage.

How to use a Hand Sanitizer?


Hand sanitizers have become a convenient way of cleaning your hands and keeping germs at bay but it’s also essential to properly use this hand disinfectant. Let’s know how to use a hand sanitiser!


  1. Apply: Pour a sufficient amount of hand sanitiser around 2 pumps on your palms. 

  2. Rub: Then you should rub your hands together, covering your entire hand including the fingers, until it gets absorbed entirely and your skin is dry.

  3. The tip is to not wipe or rinse the hand sanitiser before it dries as it may not work perfectly against germs.

Buy Hand Sanitizer Online & Know its benefits!

While many people know what hand sanitisers are and continue to use them regularly, not many would be aware of their great benefits! And if you’re wondering what could be the real benefits of an alcohol based sanitizer, keep on scrolling!

  • Cleanliness: It’s quite obvious that sanitisers kill germs, right? Well, yes, sanitisers are the best ways to keep your hands sanitized and clean. Sanitisers also decrease the chance of stomach infection and keep you, especially children healthy.

  • Portability: The best part about using these hand sanitizers is that they are portable. They come in small bottles and are very easy to carry in your bags and pockets. You don’t need to look for a source of water to clean your hands when you have a sanitiser!

  • Can be used in crowded areas: The spread of germs is very easy in crowded areas such as offices, markets, and schools. And while it may not be possible for you to wash your hands again, and again, hand sanitizers come in handy!

  • Decreases the risk of diseases: Especially during the current times, it’s highly crucial to minimize your exposure to other people’s germs. And when you take a moment to sanitize your hands throughout the day multiple times, you reduce the chances of spreading germs and diseases.

Precautions to take while using a Hand Sanitizer

There are a certain number of precautions that you should take while using hand sanitisers. Let’s check them out!


  • You should keep it away from any flame, gas stove, or fire since it’s highly inflammable.

  • Hand sanitisers should be used for external use only.

  • In case your eyes come in contact with a sanitiser, you should immediately splash enough water on your eyes.

  • You should stop using one if you notice some skin irritation.

  • You should also keep it out of reach of pets and children.


Best Selling Hand Sanitizers Price List


Are you ready and excited about our best-selling hand sanitizers with alcohol? Get to know about the product’s unique and interesting features and enjoy online shopping from your ultimate beauty shopping destination, MyGlamm!


Manish Malhotra Antimicrobial Sanitizing Hand Rub: The Manish Malhotra Antimicrobial Sanitizing Hand Rub is a highly effective sanitizing hand rub that not just protects your hands from germs but is gentle on the skin too. Infused with olive extracts, basil extracts, neem, Karanja, Nutgrass extracts, and oud oil, all these ingredients nourish, calm, heal, and soothe the skin removing all the impurities from it. All this awesomeness in just ₹ ₹ 119 for 100ML.

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Your favourite online beauty shopping place, MyGlamm, is all set to not just make your hands remain germ-free but have calm, soft, smooth, and luxurious skin too! We have the best hand sanitizers online that are just extraordinary and made up of natural ingredients such as Neem, Karanja, Nut Grass Extracts, Powerful antimicrobial, antiseptic properties, Basil extracts, Olive extracts, and Oud oil. The products are free from parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, mineral oils, silicone, and phthalates! The sanitiser is never going to disappoint you, instead will make you visit our online shopping destination over and over again!!

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Do Hand Sanitizer Kills Virus & Bacteria?

Yes, alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

Should We Use hand immediately after hand sanitizer?

It’s better to wait for some time after using a hand sanitizer as a little consumption of hand sanitizer may end up causing you a health issue.

How Many Times you should use hand sanitizer

You should use hand sanitizers immediately after touching anything outside in the public area or meeting someone. It just kills germs and prevents them from spreading.

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