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Lip Liner

Buy Best Lip Liner Pencils Online In India & Get A Perfect Lip Makeup!

Get the best lip liner online at MyGlamm to create the perfect lip line for that edgy pout. Lip liner pencils are ignored by many but the importance it plays in giving that perfect shape to your lips is inevitable. Lip liners not only help you in outlining your lips but also creating shade and sometimes it works well if you forget to carry lipstick in your lip kit. MyGlamm takes pride in offering cruelty-free lip liners that promote love and care for our ecosystem. Our vegan lip liners satisfy women who follow veganism and hence you don’t have to worry about the making process of any product. 

You can either go for a lip pencil or lip liner pencil to draw flawless luscious lips. We have a huge range of lip liner colours to suit your needs and to match the makeup look you have decided for any outfit. To be updated with fashion trends, one must try nude lip liner, peach lip liner, pink lip liner, brown lip liner or if you haven’t tried latest lip liner pencil shades then you should check all the options right away.

How To Choose The Best Lip Liner?

Choosing the perfect lipstick liner throws you into the same dilemma as choosing the perfect lipstick for you. Therefore, it becomes important to know what makeup look you’re trying to create. Here's a quick guide to finding your perfect lip liner pencil.

Choose your best lip liner by knowing whether you are comfortable with a lip pencil or a lip pen. Lip liner pencils are just like eyeliner pencil, the difference you have here is colour, texture and application role. If you choose a lip pencil, you will get a creamy texture and can give sharp edges to your lips. You can outline your lips in a perfectly smooth shape using a lip pencil without worrying about getting blunt lines. But remember to sharpen your pencil lip liner from time to time.

Lip liner pen comes in the form of markers. The best part of this lip liner pencil is that you don’t have to worry about sharpening it. It is softer unlike lip pencil and helps you to draw heavy lines for your lips. Another form of lip liner is a crayon. This can be utilized as outlining your lip or filling your lip as like lipstick. It can work two in one for you, saving your pennies. Lip liner crayon can help you to give a natural look to your lip and it can help you in shading them. It’s somewhat similar to lip pencil but in a bigger version and covers volume for you.

Benefits of Using Lip Liners - In Depth

Here’s why you need a lip liner:

1.Prevents colour feathering or bleeding

Lining your lips and filling them in with a lip liner before applying lipstick takes care of a lot of issues like feathering and bleeding. Applying lip liners also help the colour stay on longer.

2. Defined Lips

Lip liners instantly add dimension to your lips, making them look more defined and fuller. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines on the lips.

3. Matte Finish

A lip liner pencil can alone give you a simple yet elegant matte look with a perfect finish. All you have to do is outline your lips using a lip pencil and fill your lips for a completely matte finish.

How to Use A Lip Liner Pencil Correctly Using 3 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Exfoliate: The first step to applying any lip product is exfoliation. Using a lip scrub of your preference gently buff away all of the dead skin that has been sitting there for a while. The only purpose for doing so is to create a smooth base or canvas. It helps your lip product adhere comfortably onto your lips without looking flakey. So. next time do not forget to exfoliate your lips & follow other lip care dos and don’ts to get that flawless base for your lip products


Step 2 - Conceal: Using a concealer that matches your skin tone, create tiny dots outside your lip line, working your way round to your top and bottom lips. Blend it well using a beauty blender or any makeup sponge. Most beauty influencers use this technique to create more fuller-looking lips.

Step 3 - Line your lips: Once you're done exfoliating and concealing your lips, take your favourite lipstick liner and start lining from the centre of your lips. To make things less complicated, draw an ‘x’ on your cupid’s bow and then slowly move down to the corners. Do the same with your lower lips as well. Once you’re done with the lip liner, fill in your pout with the same lipstick liner or use your usual liquid lipstick to complete the look. Et voila! You’re done.

How Do You Buy Perfect Lip Liner Online 

Though it’s quite comfortable & easy to sit back and choose your lip liner online. But choosing the perfect lip liner set can sometimes get quite overwhelming for you. So, below given are some factors you should consider before buying your perfect lip liner set!

  • Choose a lip liner that matches to the colour of your lipstick shade. This will allow you to achieve an even-toned look.

  • Know in advance what your undertone is: warm or cool. An easy way to identify your undertone is to hold one-one silver and gold jewelery up to your face and check what suits you more. If it’s silver, then you have a cooler undertone. Whereas, if gold suits you, then you have a warm undertone. 

  • Choosing shades is another thing you should consider while you buy a lip liner set online. So, if you have a warm undertone, go for orange and red shades. If you’re going for a red lipstick, stick to plum shades. Whereas, if you have a cool undertone, go for bluish and purple shades.

Best-Selling Lip Liner Price

Get the best lip liner price in India only at MyGlamm. MyGlamm offers all types of lip liners with various lip liner shades to match every look you adorn. Take a look at our best-selling lip liner price and other details.

LIT Matte Lip Liner: This matte lip liner pencil is specially created to define your sexy pout and to add an extra dose of oomph to your overall look. This lip liner can be your secret to the poutiest pout too. We have got you a variety of shades in this product, ranging from nude lip liner to pink lip liner that will give you a fuller look while you can match different shades with your outfits. Best of all, the price of this lip liner is just ₹445. Isn’t that amazing? 

Manish Malhotra Beauty Lip Liner & Filler: Here’s good news for all lipstick lovers! We bring to you a versatile lip makeup product that’ll not only define your lips but fill in colour too. Available in multiple beautiful shades, this lip liner pencil & filler is hydrating to lips, offers buildable coverage, doesn’t smudge and lasts long on the lips too. Best part? It gives a 3d effect to lips, making your pout gather all attention in one stroke! Not to miss, all these qualities in one product only for ₹719!

MyGlamm’s Define It Lip Liner:  MyGlamm’s Define It lip liner is an absolute yes for women who want their lips to look & feel sexy and healthy. From lightening lip pigmentation, offering hydration and intense colour payoff to filling and lining lips, this product is a must try! You can get your hands on this amazing product only at ₹539!

Shop for Best Lip Liners Online at MyGlamm

Deny it as much as you want but if you’re looking for the perfect lipstick application or a lip colour that does not bleed - you need to take your lip liner pencil game seriously. To most, it might just seem like a not so needed addition to one’s vanity but lip liners do way more than just helping you fill in your lip colour correctly. If you have uneven or thin lips or if you’re wearing a glossy/creme finish lipstick that has a tendency to feather or bleed - a good lip pencil will always be at your rescue.

Never doubt the capabilities of a lip liner pencil! Shop lip liner set online at affordable prices only at MyGlamm. No matter what your love - vivid or sensual, you can now find your perfect lip liner to line and define your lips here.

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Shop at MyGlamm for highly pigmented, long-lasting & best lip liners online at the best prices. We also offer our customers a wide range of shades in these lip liner pencils, so you can easily pick a lip liner that matches your skin tone or lip liners that go well with your favourite lipstick shade. So what are you waiting for? Buy lip liner online today.

At MyGlamm, we not only serve our customers with the best lip makeup products, but we have other beauty products too. Along with good quality makeup products, we offer our customers a super-easy checkout process and safe payment gateways. On the other hand, our trusted delivery partners ensure that the products reach you in the quickest time possible and in the best condition. Aside from this, if you’re keen to learn new makeup techniques and want to recreate celebrity inspired looks, head straight to the MyGlamm Studio or MyGlamm’s YouTube Channel for all the latest updates curated just for you by our team of beauty advisors. So, sit back, download the best cosmetic app ‘MyGlamm’ & enjoy a seamless and joyous online shopping experience.

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Q: Is it OK to use lip liner as lipstick?

It is okay to use a lip liner as a lipstick. Many women who mostly run short on time do this to reduce the use of multiple products and to save time. But sometimes, doing this can be a little drying on the lips(depending on formulation). To prevent that, you can try ways like prepping up your lips, applying lip balm over the top, etc. You can also choose a lip liner that’s infused with a hydrating formula.

Q: How do I choose lip liner with lipstick?

There are ways you can choose a lip liner with lipstick but everything depends on the type of look you’re trying to achieve.

  • For a natural look: Choose a lip liner that matches your own lip colour.

  • For a bold look: Opt for a lip liner that matches your lipstick colour and pick another lip liner that’s a shade lighter than your lipstick.

  • For everyday wear: Go for a lip liner that’s closest to your lipstick colour. You can also choose a slightly lighter lip liner shade for everyday wear.

Q: What are the most popular shades in lip liner?

The most popular shades in lip liners are nude pink shade, dark pink shade, red colour, light purple, orange-based nude shade, maroon, etc.

Q: Can we wear lip liner alone?

Yes, you can wear a lip liner alone if you fill in the colour in your pout. If you just line your lips with a lip liner, it would end up looking mismatched and odd.