Peach Lipstick

Peach Lipstick

Buy Peach Lipstick Shades Online In India & Add That Peachy Vibe To Your Look!

Out of all the lipstick colours, a peach lipstick shade never fails to surprise us. Peach colour lipstick is beautiful, versatile, & is altogether a happy vibe in itself. While many people may not like to experiment with peach lipstick shades, we’d definitely recommend you give it a try! Peachy lipstick invokes different emotions & amazes us with how versatile it is in terms of achieving looks. These peach colour lipstick shades give a unique look & add a perfect asset to the summer-monsoon beauty collection. But what remains constant is the subtleness of this colour. From peach nude lipsticks to dark peach lipsticks, we’ve got a whole lot of amazing collection for you! 


MyGlamm’s exclusive collection of peach lipstick shades will leave you spoilt for choices. So what are you waiting for? Explore our unique collection & pick your favourite peach lipstick shade!


Best Peach Color Lipstick Shades

There are many misconceptions that peach lipstick shades look good only on a few people. We totally disagree! Many multiple liquid & matte peach lipstick shades might look pretty & cool at the same time. So before you face a dilemma in finding the right peach lipstick shade, let us help you with some of the best ones.

Peach Nude Lipstick

In the world of changing beauty trends, light peach colour lipstick or nude is an absolute essential. Be it work, lazy evening walks, or the office, this shade is sure to make you look the most beautiful of all. Pair this lipstick shade with a no-makeup look & you’ll make many heads turn!

Peach Pink

Girlies! Say hello to the most bright lipstick shade of all i.e. a pink peach lipstick shade! You can never go wrong with this shade as it’s literally for everyone. Make this your go-to shade & let your lips look absolutely divine. Pull off this lipstick shade with a bit of blush on your cheeks & a stroke of mascara to your lashes.

Dark Peach Lipstick

Without a doubt, a dark peach colour liquid lipstick or even matte lets you achieve killer looks. Give this shade a chance & it’ll leave you looking gorgeous. You can complement this lipstick shade with a neutral eyeshadow & a stroke of eyeliner.

Blossom Peach Lipstick

For those girly divas, here’s your blossom peach lipstick ready for you! Whether you want to flaunt your sporty side or look chic, this peach lipstick shade is perfect for you.

Peach Brown Lipstick

A brown peachy lipstick is more versatile than you probably think. From formal events to late-night parties, this peach lipstick shade will help you strike the right balance. To finish off the look, don’t forget to add a touch of glow to your cheekbones.

Best Peach Colour Lipstick Price List 

MyGlamm is all set to introduce you to an exclusive range of peach lipstick shades! We take absolute pride to share with you some of our best peachy lipsticks along with their respective price rates!


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Are you someone who wants to try something new & look all bright? Our collection of peachy lipstick shades will help you do that! MyGlamm is a luxury beauty brand that promises to deliver the prettiest peach lipstick shades of the best quality. Our peach lipstick shades leave you wanting more! These lipsticks are enriched with feel-good ingredients without any harmful chemicals in them! Not to miss, our lipsticks, in fact all our products are vegan and cruelty-free too!

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Q: What skin tone looks good with peach lipstick?

  • For fair skin tone: Opt for natural peach hues like a coral peach lipstick shade or even a peach pink will also work.
  • For medium or olive skin tone: Opt for dark peach lipstick or coral peach lipstick shade.
  • Dark skin tone: Go for a warm peachy rose hue such as dark peaches.

Q: Is peach warm or cool tone?

Peach is a warm undertone.

Q: What colour is peach lipstick?

A peach color lipstick is light-orange pink or a light yellowish orange shade.