Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

Say Hello To Clean And Soft Skin With The Best Makeup Removers Online In India! 

Ever came back from a party and felt like sleeping without removing your makeup? Well, it is a bad idea to skip the makeup removal step. As much as we love doing makeup, it is equally important to remove it for good skin. If you don’t do it, it results in problems like acne and blackhead breakouts. So the best way to sleep with your makeup-free face is by using a makeup remover. Makeup removers do the perfect job of removing makeup, dirt, oil and sweat from your face. Though makeup removal is a tedious process, it benefits the skin a lot in many different ways. It makes your face blemish-free, removes excess oil and dirt, unclogs the pores and also leaves your skin feeling fresh.


If you’re on the lookout for premium makeup removers, we insist you try MyGlamm’s cleansing balms. MyGlamm’s makeup removers are powered with natural ingredients like Sunflower oil, and ginger root extracts that gently remove your long-wear makeup, leave your skin nourished and help you get rid of dirt, grime and other oil-based impurities.


So folks, say hello to MyGlamm’s best cleansing balms & removers at discounted prices online in India. 

Types Of Makeup Removers

Makeup removers come in various textures and formulations. Depending on your skin type and use, we’ve categorised them into different types for you:

Makeup Cleansing Balms: Makeup cleansing balms feel nourishing and rich on the skin. These balms have a balm-like texture and look solid. As soon as a cleansing balm touches your skin, it melts into oil which breaks down makeup, dirt and impurities on your face. It also works as one of the best eye makeup removers for soft and nourished skin.

Makeup Remover Wipes: Searching for a makeup remover that you can use and throw on the go? You should give makeup wet wipes a try! They are a great way to get your face rid of any impurities or makeup. It is one of the quickest and most convenient ways of removing makeup.

Makeup Remover Pads: This is one of the best makeup remover online products you can trust with your eyes shut. These look like cotton clouds dipped in a liquid makeup remover solution. 

Micellar Water: Micellar Water is a water-based makeup remover that takes off minimal makeup by leaving your skin hydrated. This is one of the best makeup cleansers that’s gained popularity because of its effectiveness and convenience without causing any irritation on the skin.

Makeup Removing Oil: Makeup-removing oils are lightweight and nourishing, specifically designed to dissolve makeup and impurities. Even if the makeup is long-lasting, makeup-removing oil does its job really well without stripping the skin of natural oil. It is considered ideal for dry skin types.

How To Use Makeup Remover

Here are some easy steps on how to use a makeup remover: 


  • Wash your hands before removing the makeup.

  • Apply the makeup remover on your face first.

  • If it is a makeup wipe, sweep it across the face.

  • If it is a pad, soak it into the solution and use it all over your face.

  • If it is micellar water, put it on your makeup pad and gently press and wipe to remove the makeup.

  • For makeup removal oil, apply the oil on your face and remove the makeup. 

  • For a cleansing balm, massage the balm gently on your skin, cleanse, wipe with a towel or rinse with water.


How To Choose Makeup Remover

Here are a few ways that’ll help you choose the best makeup remover online for you:


  • Always choose the makeup remover that suits your skin type the most. For example, look for light-gel-based cleansers for oily or sensitive skin types. Whereas, look for creamy formulas for dry skin type.

  • Look for skin-friendly ingredients that are not harsh on your skin and leave your it hydrated instead. You can trust the ingredients like ginger root extracts, sunflower oil, etc.

  • For the removal of your long-lasting makeup, look for hard-working makeup removers.

Buy Makeup Remover & Other Beauty Products Online at MyGlamm

People often talk about the beauty of makeup. But no one really talks about the importance of removing it for good skin health. We, at MyGlamm, bring to you the best cleansing balms and makeup removers for you to gently get rid of makeup and impurities without lathering any harsh chemicals on your face. MyGlamm is one of the most favourite destinations for shopping for luxury skincare and beauty products. We make sure to make our customers happy with our fast delivery, impeccable product quality and promising service. We do not only have a good variety of cleansing balms and removers but other beauty, hair and sanitising products too. 


Get some interesting info on skincare and makeup hacks in our blog section. Our reward program will help customers like you to enjoy a great shopping experience. Don’t forget to miss out on MyGlamm’s YouTube channel for all the new and trendy updates curated by our great team of beauty gurus. So what are you waiting for? Download the best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ and we promise you’ll keep coming back to us for everything beauty!

Shop For Best Selling Makeup Remover At MyGlamm

Makeup removers don’t just keep your skin free from makeup, dirt or other impurities but also allow your skin to breathe. At MyGlamm, our makeup removers are infused with natural ingredients like Sunflower oil, Ginger root extracts, Coconut Oil, Bisabol etc. These makeup removers and cleansing balms remove every trace of your long-wear makeup and leave your skin nourished and calm too. We proudly say that we are a cruelty-free and vegan beauty brand whose products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.


Is it good to use makeup remover?

Yes. Regardless of how much makeup you wear during the day, it is important to remove it before going to bed with a good-quality makeup remover. If you don’t do so, it can end up clogging your pores, contributing to acne breakouts and making your skin appear dull.

How often should we use makeup remover?

You can use makeup remover at the end of every day. It will help you get rid of accumulated dirt and pollutants from your skin.

Can oil act as makeup remover?

Yes, oils like Coconut oil, Almond oil or Jojoba oil can act as a makeup remover.

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