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Want to accentuate your makeup look with that lit from within glow? We recommend you use a highlighter. Face highlighters are in trend for the longest time and there’s no chance of it going out of trend anytime soon. It gives a radiant and luminous touch to your face makeup, all you need to do is to apply highlighter to the highest points of your face and see yourself shining like a diva. Highlighters are pretty similar to illuminators, where illuminators are applied to the entire face with or before foundation to give radiant glow to the makeup look, highlighter are applied after base makeup.

Highlighter can be availed in different forms such as powder highlighter, liquid highlighter, stick highlighter, jelly highlighter and a lot more options. If you are looking for a vegan highlighter we have got that as well. We are proud to share cruelty-free highlighters to cater to our customers. So, without giving any seconds thoughts, checkout all that MyGlamm has to offer you in the range of highlighters.

Types of Highlighter

Getting a highlighter or illuminator for yourself comes with the right knowledge of face highlighters. Once you get the clarity, you can easily select your highlighter palette.

Stick Highlighter

If you are learning makeup and you are a beginner, then stick highlighter is for you. It comes in a stick form, easy to apply just by drawing simple strokes on the areas you want to highlight and just blend with your fingertips or a makeup brush/ sponge. It will give you a glowy touch to your highlighting areas.

Powder Highlighter

This highlighter is a comfort highlighter for every beauty addict. Powder highlighter is commonly used and also comes in pressed powder form like compact powder. You can use a brush to apply or use fingertips to blend it well on the skin.

Liquid Highlighter

A liquid highlighter creates wonderful shade and gives the perfect pigmentation to your skin with just one drop. You need to take a drop of highlighter and blend it with your fingertips on your highlighting areas. Make sure you use a liquid highlighter with a liquid base as it doesn’t go well with the powder form of the base.

How to Choose Highlighter?

Choosing a face highlighter all comes down to your skin tone; always choose a lighter version than your skin tone, as it’s a job to highlight you plus point areas of your face. Highlighter shades available in the market are many but go for one that compliments your entire makeup choice. The sole purpose is to give your face a sheen look and a perfectly glowing smooth finish to your makeup.

How To Use Highlighter?

  • You can use a highlighter in multiple ways: Mix in a few drops with your choice of moisturizer for an all-over, radiant glow, or apply it after your foundation with a makeup brush to cover areas you'd like to glow.

  • Start at the inner corners of your eyes to open them up, then sweep highlighter under the arch of your brows to define and lift your brow bone.

  • Next, highlight the tops of cheekbones, blending the highlighter right up to the temples.

  • You can also apply a highlighter to your cupid’s bow, which will give the illusion of bigger lips.

Best-Selling Face Highlighter Price

Take a quick look at the best highlighter price brought to you by MyGlamm. We have created a list of our best-selling highlighters that you’d love to try.

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Spotlight Illuminating Liquid - Sunkissed


POSE HD Highlighter Duo - Champagne | Rose Gold


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Manish Malhotra Face & Body Highlighter


Magic Potion - Mermaid


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K.Play Flavoured Highlighter - Ripe Melon


Last Updated: 1st June 2023

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Gone are the days when our makeup routine consisted of only 5 products viz. Foundation, compact powder, kajal, lipstick, and blush. We now have a wide range of makeup products to choose from. However, there’s one makeup product that has been winning hearts from the time of its inception and i.e. a highlighter. Face Highlighters are nothing but pressed glitter pigments in their finest form to give your skin a lit from within glow instantly. 

Like all other makeup products, highlighters too, have seen a massive change in formulas over the years. It first started as a single pan pressed powder pigment and now comes in various formulas such as palette highlighter, liquid highlighter, gel-based highlighter, jelly highlighter, and much more. And just so that you experience it all, we at MyGlamm bring you the best highlighters to suit every skin type and skin tone. Our products are formulated with utmost care and consideration, so rest assured, you’re going to love everything you try.

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