Crayon lipstick

Crayon lipstick

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With the beauty trends changing every year, crayon lipsticks have made quite an exciting entry! Crayon lipsticks are multi-purpose & fun to use. It’s one lip makeup invention that’s become a real game-changer for everyone. From lipsticks being an integral part of a woman’s life, lip crayon lipsticks have also made a special place in people’s hearts. If you still don’t know what’s made people fall in love with crayon lipsticks, let us help you know it better. It’s a beautiful combination of a tinted lip balm, lip gloss, and lipstick. Not only are these lip crayon lipsticks available in a variety of shades but textures too. Be it wearing for a casual outing or office, we’ve the best crayon lipsticks that are here to make your life simpler & more convenient. 

MyGlamm’s crayon lipsticks are enriched with feel-good natural ingredients free from any harmful chemicals. The lip crayon price at MyGlamm is quite affordable giving you the best lip makeup experience. We promise MyGlamm will make you spend less time on your makeup & go easy on the pocket too

Types of Lip Crayons Online

Crayon lipsticks are special giving your lips a vibrant colour with the intensity of lipstick and ease of a pencil crayon. But before going forward, do you know there are varieties of crayon lip colours? Let us take you through a brief guide on some of the best types of chubby lipstick crayons available for you!

Matte Finish Crayon Lipstick :

Matte finish crayon lipstick gives a bold and beautiful effect to your lips. These are long-lasting lip crayon lipsticks and also allow an easy application too.

Creamy Finish Crayon Lipstick:

Creamy finish crayon lipstick gives a hydrating and glowing effect on the lips. Be it wearing for a casual day out or for even a glitz ‘n’ glam party, it’s a great choice!

Metallic Finish Crayon Lipstick :

Metallic finish crayon lipstick is truly made for party lovers as it gives fuller lips and the right amount of glam. Not only does it define your lips but also makes your overall look fab!

Shimmery & Glossy Finish Crayon Lipstick:

Shimmery & glossy finish crayon lipstick gives a sparkling effect & smooth lips and is perfect for a soft brush look.


How to Apply Lip Crayon or Chubby Lipstick

You may have the best variety of crayon lipstick shades & best lip crayons, but applying them the right way is extremely important. Here’s a brief guide on how to apply a lip crayon. Follow all the steps carefully & you’ll see great results without doing much effort.

Step 1 - The first & foremost step to applying a lip crayon is to not apply any other product to your lips before applying lip crayon. Also, make sure your lips are exfoliated well and moisturised too.

Step 2 - Then pick a lip crayon in your ideal shade and line up your lips using its pointed tip.

Step 3 - Then, fill up the rest of your lips by holding your crayon lipstick tip at an angle. And you’re done!

Best Selling Crayon Lipstick Price in India

We’re absolutely delighted to take you through our best-selling & amazing collection of crayon lipsticks with their features & price details ofcourse. This will help you know how amazing these crayon lipsticks are and will benefit you!

MyGlamm Perfect Curves Matte Lip Crayon: MyGlamm’s perfect curves matte lip crayon is enriched with magical natural ingredients such as tropical plants, and argan oil, free from any parabens or harmful chemicals. From giving full coverage matte finish, long-wearing formula, and moisturising effect, to allowing an easy and precise application, this is a super-duper moisturising matte lipstick crayon. All these only at ₹ 590!?

MyGlamm LIT Matte About It Lip Color: Enriched with the power of feel-good ingredients like Moringa Oil, and Castor Oil, Vitamin E, this lip crayon is so comfy, nourishing and effortless to wear. Not only this, this lip crayon is long-lasting, extremely hydrating and has travel-friendly packaging too. All these perks in one lipstick only at ₹374!

Shop for Best Crayon Lipstick Shades Online at MyGlamm

Are you someone who’s made a recent shift from regular lipsticks to lip crayon lipsticks? Well, if yes, we’d like to break some good news for you! MyGlamm is one brand that has everything you need in the best quality & service. Not only this, our amazing range of lip crayon lipsticks are powdered with natural ingredients that make your lips become nourished & look beautiful. We are a cruelty-free and vegan brand, giving you a great experience that’ll make you visit us a zillion times more!

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Lip crayons have made a ravishing entry which has made everyone go crazy. MyGlamm has been beauty enthusiast’s fave go-to destination and there are no doubts about it. Our store doesn’t just have the most amazing and best crayon lipsticks but other skincare, haircare and makeup products too. Our special blog section is for everybody who’s looking for a place to learn about multiple beauty and skincare hacks or tips.  We also have a fun reward program that gives you an unforgettable and interesting shopping experience. If you’re excited to know about some fun and knowledgable makeup techniques and recreate any fave celeb looks, then you should also watch MyGlamm’s Youtube Channel for all the latest updates curated by our talented team of beauty gurus. So what are you waiting for, Glamm fam? Check out and download this best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ & get yourself decked up in some glam-sham looks!


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Q: What is a crayon lipstick?

A Crayon lipstick is one type of or usually like a tinted lip balm that comes in a crayon form. Crayon lipsticks come in many different formulations like matte, glossy and metallic. This lipstick type gives great precision, is mess free and is a lot easier to use.

Q: Which is better liquid or crayon lipstick?

Both Liquid lipsticks and Crayon lipsticks have their own qualities to serve. On the one hand where liquid lipsticks are more long-lasting but they can dry lips sometimes. Whereas, lip crayons are extremely hydrating, offer precise application and are less messy. So it depends on every individual’s personal choice!

Q: Is crayon lipstick waterproof?

Yes, crayon lipsticks are waterproof. Also, sometimes it depends on the type of brand and product quality.

Q: How do you apply crayon lipstick?

Below are a few steps on how to apply crayon lipstick:

  • The first step is to prep your lips by exfoliating them with a good lip scrub.

  • Then moisturise your lips well with either a lip primer or a hydrating lip balm.

  • Then line your lips with a pointed tip of your lip crayon.

  • Next, hold the angled edge of your lip crayon tip against your lips to fill in the colour.

  • Lastly, if you want a more matte look, blot your lips with tissue paper.

Q: Is crayon lipstick good for dry lips?

Yes, Crayon lipsticks are good for dry lips as they are packed with moisturising ingredients and are extremely hydrating and nourishing to the lips.