Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Buy Best Lip Balms Online in India & Treat Your Lips With Love And Care!

Winter is the season when you are reminded much about lip balm but why do you need to wait for winter when you can have lovely, juicy, soft lips throughout the year. MyGlamm is offering the best lip balm for women like you. You get lip balms with SPF to protect your lips from harmful sun rays. Not only this, but our lip balms price is also pretty easy to pocket. If you are looking for basic or even tinted lip balms for women, we have that too covered for you.

Lip balms for women need not be all glamorous, even if you are a low key makeup person or want to have a plain one, you must surely check our offerings in the range of lip balms online. Whether you want soft juicy lips or you have chapped lips, getting MyGlamm’s lip balm kit will be the best buy for you.

Types of Lip Balms 

Lip balm is available in various forms, usage, and packaging. It depends on what you are looking for in your lip balm, and depending on your needs you can choose one from different types of lip balms. Let’s take a quick look at various lip balms available in the beauty industry.


Tinted Lip Balm

Tinted lip balm is for girls who don’t want a simple lip balm and neither want to go for a heavy coloured lipstick. A tinted lip balm leaves a tinge of colour on the lips while keeping the lips nourished and soft with a completely natural look. Yes, tinted lip balm does all of these. Choose your sheer colour and get on with a perfect natural lip.


Glossier Lip Balm

Glossy lip balm is for all those who want their lips to shine like a diamond. It is all about having that extra touch of glossiness on the lips that looks extremely pretty and was a raging trend of the 90s. Glossy lip balms can be applied alone to nourish the lips, but there’s one more way to use it and that is using it as a lip tint to add extra shine to your coloured pout.


Vegan Lip Balm

As the name suggests, this lip balm is for people who prefer eco-friendly products that don't harm any animal during the making process. Vegan lip balm does the same job of moisturizing and nourishing the lips, but the only difference is that you are sure of not causing any harm to animals unknowingly.


Moisturizing Lip Balm

Moisturizing lip balm has one main job that is to keep lips nourished and moisturized. Lip balms are mainly bought for this purpose only so that one can prevent lips from getting dry. Various top brands offer lip balm in this segment, and they are usually jelly based or clear balms. The texture of such moisturizing lip balms for women is smooth to apply and as the name claims it keeps the lips highly moisturized.



Benefits Of Using A Lip Balm

Gives you soft supple lips

We all know that lips tend to look thinner, and lip lines get emphasized by 100% when our lips are dry. Keeping lips moisturized will help keep your pout plump and soften those lip lines. Lip balm for women is the key to maintaining youthful and supple lips.


Protects New Skin Cells

When you sleep, your lips rise in temp, so they can flush out any toxins and produce new skin cells (we bet, you didn’t know this!). This causes your lips to lose moisture overnight, so using a lip product lip balm at night will give you great benefits. Applying lip balm before bed will keep your lips nice and moisturized while they are flushing out toxins, and the new skin cells produced will be protected!


Gives Your Lips A Soft Hint Of Colour

Some lip balms, aside from moisturizing, will offer a slight hint of colour. This is perfect for days when you need a little extra oomph without having to apply lipstick! Nourishing lips? Check. Flush of colour? Check!


Fights Chapped Lips and Dryness

One of the best health benefits of using lip balm is that it’ll help avoid the pain of having extremely dry lips. When your lips have all the life and hydration sucked out of them, they can start flaking to a point where they will bleed and it hurts! Using a lip balm will prevent you from going through that dreaded pain.


Allows Your Lipstick To Glide On Smoothly

Among the many benefits of applying lip balm, here’s one that we can all relate to and i.e applying it underneath your lipstick. Just like a primer creates a smooth canvas for your foundation, a lip balm when followed by a lip scrub - smoothes out your lips and gets rid of all the dryness. It will allow your lipstick to go on as smooth as butter! If you’re going to apply matte lipstick, make sure you only use a thin layer of lip balm and let it dry before applying the lipstick.


They’re Easy To Use

One remarkable advantage of applying lip balm is that it is easy to apply. You can apply in just a matter of minutes. It is available in a small tube that is so easy to carry in your bag or pocket. Just one swipe of it on the way and you’re good to slay your day.



Factors To Consider While Buying Lip Balm For Women


You may have the most expensive, branded and the best lip balms for women, but if you don’t buy them carefully, you can end up regretting later. To save you from that feeling, we’ve got a few factors to consider while purchasing lip balms for women with an affordable lip balm price range.


Check For Natural Ingredients


The trend is changing where people have shifted from chemical and expensive products to natural yet luxuriously affordable products. Therefore, you should also check for the natural ingredients list in the lip balm you’re buying. Look for ingredients such as rose, aloe vera juice, beetroot, grape seed oil avoiding SLS, parabens, silicones.


Look For SPF Count


To keep your lips protected and healthy in the long run, you should always look for the best lip balms for women with at least an SPF number 15. You can increase the number count depending on the exposure of your lips.


Purpose Of Purchase & Skin Type

While buying lip balms for women, consider deciding your purpose of purchase first. So if you are looking for something to keep your lips nourished, plain ones would do. Whereas, if you want to add a hint of colour and make your lips smell good, you will pick something different. 

Be it dry, sensitive or normal, make sure you choose a lip balm that suits your skin type for achieving the most effective results.

What Is A Tinted Lip Balm?

A tinted lip balm is one of the most popular lip care products in everyone’s life. It is one such lip care product that’s pigmented with bright colours. It makes the lips pop with a touch of colour leaving them hydrated and nourished. Unlike other lipstick types, tinted lip balms leave your lips with a subtle colour. These tinted lip balms come in a variety of colours such as sheer pink, cherry red, etc. Adding to this, tinted lip balms are best for people who don’t like to use lipsticks and want a more natural look. So in short, with lip balms, you get moisturisation and little colour.

What To Look For When Purchasing Lip Balm?

If you’re thinking of buying a lip balm, you should definitely consider some factors to ensure product quality and effectiveness. Here are some things you should consider when purchasing lip balm:


Ingredients: The first and foremost thing you should consider before purchasing a lip balm is its ingredients. Look for lip balms that contain natural ingredients in them such as Avocado Butter, Vitamin E oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Moringa and Green tea extracts. These natural ingredients will make you feel gentle on the lips and offer long-lasting hydration.


Sun Protection: Buy lip balms for women that have SPF in them to protect your lips from harmful UV rays of the sun. This is especially very important when you mostly stay outside your home.


Texture: For any lip care product, texture plays an important role. Look for lip balms that have a smooth texture. Lip balms with smooth texture glide on the lips easily without making your lips feel greasy or sticky.


Stay Away From Harmful Toxins & Chemicals: Make sure you pick lip balms that are free from unnecessary chemical additives and parabens.

 Best-Selling Lip Balms Price

Take a quick look at our best selling lip balm price and other details mentioned altogether for you.

LIT pH Balance Lip Balm - It is a tinted lip balm that gives you that subtle hint of colour while keeping your lips soft and hydrated. It also reacts to your pH levels and delivers a sheer wash of custom colour that’s unique to your lips. This lip balm is 100% cruelty-free and free from parabens, D5 and Talc. Best of all, you’ll get all this awesomeness in just ₹345. Isn’t that amazing?


Best Selling Lip Balm Price List



Shop for Best Lip Balms Online at MyGlamm

Lip Balm is an essential item to carry in your purse wherever you go. You just can’t miss this product while going on those lunch dates or a shopping spree with your friends. Especially during winters, you just can’t avoid using lip balm, because lip balm is as important for dry lips as sunscreen is for your skin.

Lip balms are quite popular among the younger generation however, we’ve seen this trend change over the years. We’ve seen a lot of MUA’s and influencers use it as a base to prevent over-drying liquid lipsticks from sucking out every tiny bit of moisture from lips. It acts as a barrier between your delicate lips and the lipstick you apply. Therefore, we at MyGlamm bring you lip balms online that you’ll love.

Best MyGlamm Recommended lip balm as per skin type with benefits

Best MyGlamm's Lip Balms as per skin type with benefits

Lip Balm



MyGlamm LIT - pH Lip Balm

Rose All Day

Gives subtle luminous sheen, Long-lasting hydration, gives sheer wash of colour, moisturises lips, reacts to your pH levels.

Bite Me

Orange Crush

Netflix n Chill

POPxo First Kiss Lip Balm SPF 15

Lip Balm For Sun Lovers

Reduces sun damage on lips, heals chapped lips, nourishes lips, improves lip texture and radiance, reduce ageing signs and dryness

MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Color Pop Lip Balm


Gives smooth and soft lips, Protects lips, even-toned lips, soothes dry and chapped lips, gives tinge of colour





Cacao & Vanilla

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Q: Is Lip Balm Good For Your Lips ?

Yes, lip balms are good for your lips. As long as you get yourself a branded lip balm infused with feel-good ingredients, it’s sure to benefit your lips. You can normally use lip balm to add a little colour to your lips, keep them hydrated & protected too.

Q: What Do Lip balm Do?

Lip balms protect the lips, keep them hydrated & moisturised, add gloss, shine, & colour to lips, heal chapped lips, & that’s it.

Q: Is It Good To Apply Lip Balm Everyday?

It’s absolutely okay & good to apply lip balm everyday, especially for people who suffer from dry & chapped lips. All you need to remember is to wear one with SPF, from a good quality brand, containing feel-good ingredients.

Q: Does Lip balm dry your lips?

Not all lip balms dry your lips. Few branded ones contain ingredients that help in adding perfect hydration to your lips. The most ideal Lip balm hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, avocado butter, vitamin E, green tea extracts, castor oil, etc.