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In a world where people are obsessing over shower gels & body washes, some of them remain bath soaps loyalist. But why do bath soaps still have such a strong fan base? From body products only being limited to washing off dirt and impurities to ensuring a rejuvenated feeling, body soaps have shown quite an impressive change! The job of body soaps is not only limited to cleaning but much more than it such as uplifting your senses, making you experience luxury, and also improving the overall appearance of the skin. MyGlamm offers you quite a wide range of best soaps online for body with various ingredients for every skin type. Also, because we don’t want you to pay much & reward your body with luxury, the soap price at MyGlamm is sure to up your game without doing a hole in your pocket. We are absolutely happy to take you on a ride to some of the best body soaps in India to balance hygiene & luxury at the same time.

Types Of Bath Soaps

Now that we’ve established the popularity of body soaps & how the dynamics have changed, it’s time you learn great varieties of it. Out of all the best soap brands in India, MyGlamm allows you to choose the best out of so many options. From germ-killing bath soaps online to hydrating & brightening body soaps in India, the list is long waiting for you to pick & give the care your body deserves. Below are some of the types of bath soaps that’ll help you figure out which one is right for you!

Germ-Killing Body Soap:

Germ-killing bath soaps are power-packed with ingredients that protect the skin against germs while moisturising your skin from within. When you look for germ-killing body soaps, buy soaps online for body that ar’e infused with ingredients such as rose, honey, Chlorhexidine gluconate, turmeric, etc.

Hydrating & Brightening Body Soap: 

Brightening & hydrating body soaps are specifically created to not only wash off impurities from the skin but also hydrate and brighten skin. These kinds of bath soaps are enriched with hydrating ingredients giving your skin deep nourishment. You should look for ingredients such as strawberry, glycerin, coconut oil, or any other feel-good ingredients.

Cleansing Bath Soaps:

The only purpose of cleansing bath soaps is to remove excess oil and sweat. These are considered to be the most ideal option for oily skin types of people. Not only this, but it also leaves the skin refreshed too.

How To Choose Right Bath Soap As Per Skin Type

There are many types of best body soaps in India. Depending on the skin type, we recommend people choose the best soap for body and reap the benefits. One wrong soap and it’ll affect your skin, not in a very good way. Below are a few categories that’ll help you buy the right soap as per your skin type:

Bath Soap For Dry Skin

Folks with dry skin should certainly stay away from bath soaps that have drying ingredients. For dry skin people, you should look for hydrating & moisturising ingredients such as coconut, glycerin, honey, etc.

Bath Soap For Oily Skin: 

For oily skin types of people, it’s better to avoid bath soaps that contain moisturising ingredients. Soaps for body with moisturising ingredients can clog the pores and leave your skin sticky. 

Bath Soap For Normal Skin

Normal skin type people are seriously the luckiest of all. This skin type can use any type of soap without negatively affecting the skin. All you can classify is to choose soap according to the season.

Bath Soap For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin types people should always opt for soaps online that do not contain essential oils or strong aromatics.

Best Selling Bath Soaps Online Price List

Get ready to take a quick glance at our best-selling & amazing bath soap products with features mentioned along with the product. This will help you know about the product a bit!


MyGlamm Wipeout Germ Killing Soap - Rose & Honey: Enriched with rose and honey, the MyGlamm’s WIPEOUT germ-killing bath soap not only protects the skin against germs but also gives your skin a calming and relaxing effect. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces skin inflammation and keeps the skin moisturised from within. All this awesomeness at just ₹ 62!?


MyGlamm Rose & Strawberry Brightening Beauty Bar Set of 2: Who doesn’t love the feeling of a hydrated & brightened body? The MyGlamm’s rose and strawberry brightening beauty bar set of 2 is the perfect choice for you. From brightening & hydrating the skin, refreshing the skin, to soothing it, this bath soap definitely uplifts the spirits.

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Your favourite beauty online shopping store, MyGlamm, has something for everyone. We’re ready to level up your skincare game and make you feel luxuriously beautiful. We have a great variety of the best soap for face in India that’ll suit your skin. Our bathing soaps are enriched with feel-good ingredients such as glycerin, strawberry, coconut, etc. We are a cruelty-free and vegan brand, giving you the experience that’ll never disappoint you!

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Q: Which is better soap or body wash?

There is no better between the two as it depends on every person’s individual choice, skin type, and purpose.

Q: Should you use soap daily?

Yes generally, you can use bath soap daily but the frequency also depends on an individual’s skin type.

Q: Are soap bars safe for use on the face?

No. Soap bars are never safe for use on the face.

Q: Are soaps economical to use daily?

Yes, bath soaps are absolutely economical to use daily.