Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Nail Polish: Buy Nail Polish & Nail Paint Online in India @ Best Price with Multiple Shades At MyGlamm & Glamm Up Your Fingers!

Nail polish remains fashionable for centuries. Finely painted and manicured nails are an instant attraction, they surely draw compliments and attention. Right? Witnessing the immense love of women around the globe for nail polish shades and designs, the beauty industry is continually working on innumerable nail polish designs in every way! People from all over the world share a mutual love for multiple nail polish shades such as nude nail polish, red nail polish, and peach nail polish, ranging from the most subtle to the loudest nail paint colours. From nail polish sets, nude nail polish, red nail polish, and pink nail polish, to peach nail polish, MyGlamm has a great exclusive range of premium nail paint colours. The current trend in nail polish colours varies from matte, liquid gels, to a glossy finish, that one stroke of your favourite nail paint colour is the best feeling a makeup enthusiast can experience! Matching your attire, you can either play safe or go with bold nail paint colours or nail paint sets, and jazz up your nails! 


The nail polish prices at MyGlamm are quite affordable making the product a worthy buy in just the comfort of your home. So, to all the makeup fanatics, it’s time to make your nails do the real talking with our luxurious range of best nail paint colours! So what are you waiting for? Scroll down to our nail polish colours & buy nail polish online right now!

Different Types Of Nail Polish

Just investing in good nail polish isn’t always enough, right? One needs to make up their mind about the type of nail polish that will suit their outfit, personality, and occasion. MyGlamm gives affordable joy to almost everyone who is a nail paint fanatic and is looking to experiment and buy nail paint online in a great variety of finishes and nail polish colours! Let’s find out!

Matte Nail Polish:

If you are someone looking for a non-shiny finish, matte nail polishes are just the best for you! Matte nail paints create a sophisticated look, and classy finish, break free from any additional effects like nail art and are available in multiple beautiful nail paint shades.

Creme Nail Polish:

Creme nail paints are by far the most commonly used ones that are long-lasting, easy to apply, and a standard fit for all makeup beginners. These nail paints are of low maintenance having a plethora of options in shades!

Gel Nail Polish:

Gel nail paints help you get that super-glossy, long-lasting, and single-stroke application comfort at the same time while sitting at your home. The tip is to start with a white gel polish underneath your polish to make the colour pop in a brighter way! These nail polishes glide smoothly and can be used for a gentle manicure and give a  long-lasting finish. These nail polish colours deliver a high shine and coverage! For gel nail paints, you can opt for shimmer, glossy, or metallic shades in a gel texture!

Glitter Nail Polish:

Glitters have recently emerged as one of the trending ways of glamming up your nails. Women usually apply them on particular occasions, on top of solid shades, or as multiple layers in themselves. However, if paired with the right shade, these glitter nail polishes are worth buying!

Metallic & Chrome Nail Polish:

To make a bold statement at a party or during the wedding season, buy glamorous metallic nail paint shades online & go slaying all the way! These metallic polishes are shiny, non-chipping, and also have a smooth application to bring out a beautiful shade! Whereas, Chrome nail paints are a perfect blend of normal base colour and chrome powder applied to the nails. These polishes are non-yellowing, non-patchy, and long-lasting too!


How To Choose The Right Nail Polish Online?

Having a love for nail polish isn’t enough. Choosing the right nail polish plays an important role in making your nails look beautiful and attractive. Be it choosing as per skin tone, trends or your makeup look, there are many factors that help you decide the right nail polish for you.


Skin tone:

Skin tone is one important factor that determines the best nail polish colour for you. 

For fair skin tones: Try choosing nail paint colours like pastel colours, reds, purple, orange, and peach. For medium or olive skin tones: Try looking for colours like nude, pink, blue(sky), and purple. Whereas for dark skin tone: Choose nail paint colours such as deep reds, neon and bright pink, cream and beige, and intense cobalt shades.


Makeup Look:

Be it wearing dark makeup or a subtle one, try matching the shade of your nail paint colour to that of your makeup colour. For example, if you are wearing light makeup, paint your nails in any light nail paint shade. 


Choosing the right nail paint colour also depends on the season. Try darker nail polish shades for the winter season. For the summer season, try choosing bright neon hues. Pretty pastels look good during the spring season. Nudes and neutrals go well with the Autumn season.


Occasion is also one of the most important factors that play an important role in choosing the right nail paint colour. If you are stepping out in the daytime, try going for bubbly and fun colours. Nail paint colours like bronzer, gold, and silver, are perfect for night outs. If nothing else, choose neutral nail paint shades.


There are many trends that come and go. It’s best to choose nail paint shades that go well with the latest trends. This way you’ll be able to create beautiful and trending nail looks.

How To Use A Nail Polish Properly?

To use nail paint properly, below are some basic rules that must be followed to get that perfect colour and finish!

  • It’s always better to remove your old nail polish from your nails to produce a neat and even manicure!

  • Devote some time filing your nails in the shape you want them to be like oval, square, rounded-square, etc.

  • Then soak your hands in warm water and use a hand scrub to exfoliate and clean your nails and hands. 

  • Moisturize your cuticles and skin with a hydrated mild moisturiser or almond oil.

  • Then remove the extra oil on your hands and nails with a cotton ball.

  • Then apply a thin layer of extra petroleum jelly to your nails.

  •  Apply a thin coat of white school glue around each nail before applying your nail paint colour.

  • Post that, apply the base coat to each nail and wait for it to dry.

  • Then apply the first coat of nail paint in three strokes and allow it to dry. Follow the same steps for 2nd and third coats as well.

  • Lastly, apply an even later top coat to each nail and wait for it to dry.

How To Dry Nail Polish?

Here are some tips on how to dry your nail polish colour quickly:


  • Apply thin light layers of your nail polish shade between coats instead of layering it thick. Then allow each layer to dry before the next coat.

  • With the help of a hairdryer, change the setting to cold air and run across all your nails for 2-3 minutes for quick drying.

  • Apply your nail polish, and let it dry for a few minutes. Take a bowl filled with cold water of 3-5 ice cubes, and dip your fingertips into the ice water for 1-2 minutes.

How To Use Nail Polish Remover?

Find the below steps on how to use a nail polish remover:

  • Take a cotton wipe on the opening of the nail paint remover and saturate it with your nail polish remover.

  • Then take your cotton wipe on your nail and rub it gently to take the nail polish colour off.

  • Once you’re done cleaning all your fingernails, take a new cotton wipe again and clean the residue left on your nail.

  • Once the cleaning process has finished, wash your hands with soap and water.

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Q: What is the use of nail polish?

The use of nail polish is to decorate and paint nails. Additionally, nail polishes also protect the nail plates. Nail polishes are available in different colours and they help in making the nails look beautiful.

Q: How long should I wait between coats while painting my nails?

2 minutes is the time period one should wait between coats while painting the nails.

Q: What is mirror effect nail polish?

Mirror effect nail polish is one type of nail polish effect that comes from applying a layer of regular nail paint and topping it off with a top coat. When it dries, the result is called the mirror effect of nail polish(glass-like effect). The finish of a mirror top coat is smooth and silky, having a plumping effect to increase the shine of the nail colour.

Q: What is the difference between nail enamel and nail polish?

There is no difference between nail enamel and nail polish as such.

Q: What is nail enamel used for?

The use of nail enamel is the same as that of nail polish. Nail enamel also helps in colouring the nails while giving protection and strength to them too.