Bridal Makeup Kit

Bridal Makeup Kit

Buy Best Bridal Makeup Kits Online in India & Make The Task Easy For Any Bride!

Earlier wedding makeup meant something different than what it does today. Nowadays, a bridal makeup kit box isn’t about having zillions of products that you usually wouldn’t wear and end up looking somebody unrecognizable. Instead, it’s about precisely choosing the right type of products that makes you look like your most gorgeous self.  Bridal makeup kits come in handy when you need to get dolled up for your wedding occasions. You would, of course, not want to take a chance when it comes to your special day ‘Makeup’; therefore, bridal makeup kits are necessary. Whether you would like to alter your eye makeup, add shimmer to your lips, touch up your cheekbones, we have the best ready-made Dulhan makeup kits that will serve your needs the best.

At MyGlamm, the prices are quite affordable, making the bridal makeup set worth buying without compromising on the quality. So, before you indulge in buying one, know the best bunch of bridal makeup sets to buy & keep with you for special occasions.

What Are The Basic Yet Important Items In A Bridal Makeup Kit Box?

Every woman’s makeup choice depends on the occasion and preferences. And to help you with that, we are ready to make your journey of compiling the best bridal makeup kits for girls easier. So, scroll down to skim through the complete beauty checklist with all the latest wedding makeup kit items to ace your favourite wedding or celeb looks!


No bridal makeup kit is complete without a trustworthy primer. Of course, you want your makeup to last long and look flawless. And to get that, you need to have a primer in your bridal beauty stash. For skincare woes, there’s a primer for that. A bit of discolouration; there’s one for that too. A silky-textured primer gives soft skin while reducing the appearance of pores, wrinkles and redness.


Who needs photo filters when the best concealers can save your day and time? Concealers are a must-have in your bridal makeup kit to hide dark spots, pigmentation and redness on your face. So, add a good quality concealer to your bridal makeup kit and see the magic.


Never underestimate the power of a good foundation. The perfect one helps you ace your makeup base, while the wrong pick can ruin the whole makeup look. Therefore, it’s important to use a foundation that matches your skin tone and suits your skin type. 

Setting Powder

A setting powder is a must for the complete Dulhan makeup kit to make your makeup set in place. Where a compact powder lightly covers the imperfections and fights off the extra shine, on the similar lines, a translucent powder sets your makeup without adding extra coverage to the base. All this makes setting powder of your choice a must-have in your bridal makeup kit box.


A little flush of colour on the cheeks adds a lot to the makeup look. That is why a bridal makeup kit needs the right kind of jovial colours to add that bridal touch to your look. Using a blush simply brightens up your face and makes it glow. 


Any good bridal makeup kit is incomplete without a highlighter. The pigments of the highlighter attract light, leading to a lit-from-within look enhancing your features. The perfect way to complement your bridal lehenga or designer suits is by highlighting the temple bones and cheekbones. Before we advise you to keep it in your bridal makeup set, we know you would have already kept it!


Do you know what the best bridal makeup kit is? A kit with lipstick that adds a finishing touch to your look. You should always carry extra ones and keep them in your beauty stash in times of need. From nudes to plums, pick the best one for yourself.


Mascaras darken, thicken and intensify your natural eyelashes. It’s a must-add in every woman’s bridal makeup kit box to get the desired length and volume to make eyelashes appear fuller. You can opt for waterproof mascaras to avoid your bidai waterfalls!

Eyeliner & Kajal

Eyeliner & kajal are the most basic yet important makeup products in every bridal makeup kit box. While you want to keep your makeup kit qualitative, you don’t want it to weigh too heavy. So, instead of keeping multiple pieces of eyeliner and kajal, try keeping your favourite shades of them handy. And then you are all ready to rock your bridal eye makeup!


Last but not least, don’t forget to keep your eyeshadow palette to create a combination of basic, bold and sultry bridal makeup look. An eyeshadow palette will complement your bridal look and is a must-have for post-wedding parties.

Which type of makeup is best for wedding?

There are different types of bridal makeup and which type of makeup is best for your wedding depends on your skin type, tone, concern and most importantly how you want your look to be on the wedding day. Some of the most popular and best-known makeup types for weddings are HD Makeup,  Airbrush Makeup, Matte Makeup, Mineral Makeup and Natural Makeup. Whatever makeup type you choose, make sure you have everything in your wedding makeup kit that’ll help you achieve your dreamy look hassle-free.


 Can we do bridal makeup at home?

Yes, why not!? You can do your bridal makeup at home by only keeping a few things in mind. The two most important things are:

  • Think of your look in advance and make sure to keep everything needed in your makeup kit for your bridal makeup. 

  • Book a makeup and hair professional in advance for your final wedding day.


How long can bridal makeup last?


Your makeup artist will try her/his best to make your bridal makeup last throughout the entire wedding ceremony and a few hours after that too. However, the longevity of bridal makeup depends on a few factors such as the type of makeup look chosen, techniques and products used, and your skin type and concern. In general, it should last between 8-10 hours but it can last longer with in-between touch-ups and proper care. You need to look for a wedding makeup kit with quality products to make your bridal makeup last longer.


When should I start my bridal makeup?

It is always a good idea to keep your makeup kit for bridal makeup ready in advance and start the makeup a bit early before your decided time.

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