Nude Lipstick

Nude Lipstick

Buy The Best Nude Lipsticks Online In India And Get Ready To Slay Like A Queen!

We’ve all grown up witnessing lipstick shades most commonly in red, brown & pink hues. But today, times have changed & nude lipstick shades have stepped in. With its increasing popularity, these nude colour lipsticks aren’t going anytime & anywhere soon. There is no denying women slay like a queen when they wear their favourite nude shade lipstick & put on their best outfit. Whether you want your look to spell confidence & power or come out as totally sexy, our collection of the best nude shade lipsticks will help you out! 


From nude pink lipsticks to nude brown lipsticks, we’ve got a whole lot of the prettiest nude shade lipsticks for you. The best part? The nude lipstick price at MyGlamm will leave you giving an amazing shopping experience without doing a hole in your pocket! So get ready to try your hands on our exclusive range of nude lipstick shades!

What Are The Different Types Of Nude Lipstick?

If you didn’t know nude lipsticks have different types, you should go through our brief guide. We’ve listed below some of the most popular types of nude colour lipsticks for you:

Creamy Nude Lipsticks:

Creamy finish nude lipsticks are simply perfect for everyday wear. They are quite hydrating on the lips and do not need an added lip balm layer underneath. 


Matte Nude Lipsticks:

If you’re tired of touching up your lipstick throughout the day, you can go for smudge-proof matte nude lipsticks. Nude lipsticks in matte finish tend to stay longer on the lips and leave a beautiful tint as they fade away. 


Glossy Nude Lipsticks:

Glossy nude lipsticks have the power to make your lips look plumper, healthier and glossier. These lipsticks come in a wide variety of cool and warm-toned nude shades to suit your different skin tones.

How to Choose Nude Lipstick Shades

Nude colour lipsticks suit every skin tone. You just have to pick the right shade according to your skin colour, outfit, and occasion. So to help you out with it, we’ve prepared a brief guide on how to choose the best nude shade lipstick.

Nude Lipstick for Light or fair skin tone:

People with a fair skin tone have a cooler undertone. Opt for nude matte lipstick shades like dusty baby pinks, blush corals, and dusty rose beige. Never wear shades like beige, light brown, or pastel as they can end up making your face look lifeless.

Nude Lipstick Shade For Normal skin tone between light to dusky:

People with this skin tone have warm or neutral undertones. So for this skin tone, opt for nude shade lipsticks like beige, caramel, and dusty brown with rosy undertones.

Nude Lipstick For Dark skin tone:

For dark skin tones, opt for the best nude lipstick shades like berry mauve, chocolate brown, or even two shades lighter would also work. 

How To Use Nude Lipsticks

So now that you know how to choose the perfect matte or nude liquid lipstick shade, let us help you with steps on how to use nude lipstick.


Step 1: Start by applying concealer close to your natural lip colour. You can use your fingertips to apply moisturiser or concealer.


Step 2: The next step is to use a lip liner either in the same colour as your long-lasting nude lipstick or a shade darker.


Step 3: The third step is to apply your favourite nude colour lipstick shade suiting your skin tone.


Step 4: The last step is to contour the lips that’ll let your lips look fuller, plump, and stand out. Then apply the bronzer below your lower lip. To finish off the look, you can opt for a highlighter on Cupid’s bow!

Tips For Wearing Nude Lipsticks

Who doesn’t want to achieve a perfect look in their favourite nude lipstick shade!? Everyone does. So, let us help you with some amazing tips for wearing nude lipstick shades like a pro!

  • Make sure you exfoliate your lips every night with any natural ingredients-infused lip scrub. 

  • To give your lipstick something to stick to, dab on some foundation or lip primer after exfoliation.

  • In case you choose a moisturising nude lipstick that you want to apply as a matte shade, then place tissue paper over your pout and dust off some translucent powder. This will help you get that instant matte finish.

  • Never forget to use a lip liner in the same shade or a shade darker.

  • Along with wearing nude colour lipstick, focus on other parts of the face too such as wearing blush or bronzer.

Best Nude Lipstick Shade Price List

Always on the lookout for the best liquid or nude matte lipsticks but often find the price disappointing you!? Check out our list of some of the best nude shade lipsticks with price details!



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Q: How do you find your perfect nude lipstick?

The best way to find your perfect nude lipstick is by knowing your skin tone and choosing the shade according to it. For a fair skin tone, go for colours like dusty baby pinks, blush corals, dusty rose beige, etc. For normal skin tone between light to dusky, opt for colours like beige, caramel, and dusty brown with rosy undertones. Whereas for dark skin tones, going for berry mauve, chocolate brown, or even two shades lighter would also work.

Q: Does nude lipstick suit everyone?

Well, this depends on how correctly you choose the shade, way of applying, occasion, & outfit ofcourse. If you’ve met all these conditions, it’ll surely suit you as nude lipsticks are amazing and versatile!

Q: Can I use a nude lipstick shade like a blush?

Absolutely! Nude lipsticks can double as a subtle, natural-looking blush. Simply dab a small amount of the lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it out for a healthy, radiant glow.

Q: Which is the best nude shade lipstick for a dusky skin tone?

When it comes to finding the perfect nude lipstick for a dusky skin tone, the key is to look for shades with warm, golden undertones. These hues will complement the richness of your complexion and create a harmonious, radiant look. Some of the best nude lipstick options for dusky skin tones include terracotta, caramel, and honey-infused shades.

Q: How to select the best nude shade lipstick for medium to fair skin tone?

For medium to fair skin tones, you'll want to look for nude lipsticks with a slightly cooler undertone. Shades with a pinkish or beige base can create a beautiful, natural-looking pout.

Q: Does everyone look well in nude lipstick shade?

While I believe that everyone can pull off a nude lipstick shade with the right undertone and application, it's important to keep in mind that our features and skin tones can play a big role in how a particular nude shade will look on us. The key is to experiment and find the specific nude that complements your unique features best. Don't be afraid to try on different shades until you land on the one that makes you feel the most confident and beautiful.