Nail Polish Sets

Nail Polish Sets

Best Nail Polish Sets Online From MyGlamm To Glam Up Your Nails

Gorgeous nails lead to gorgeous looks. Almost every woman loves to beautify themselves by applying a splash of nail paint on their nails. While being lustrous and shiny, nail polish sets keep your nails and their surroundings conditioned and soft. Do you know what the best thing is about owning a nail polish set? Well, you certainly have more options in affordability. If you’re looking for a nail polish set, be it glossy, matte, or gel, you’d find an awesome nail polish set that meets your requirements only at MyGlamm.


Buy nail polish sets from MyGlamm in multiple coordinated shades that look stunning and suit any skin tone. Get salon-worthy nails at the comfort of your home in the coolest and trendiest shades. At MyGlamm, we believe in bringing you the best and most affordable prices so that you’d never have to adjust on your wishlist again. So, to discover some of the top-selling and pocket-friendly nail polish set boxes that we have for you, continue scrolling through!

What are the Types of Nail Polish Sets Online?

At MyGlamm, shop for professional and long-lasting nail polish gift sets in various finishes and colours, including high shine nail enamels, glitter, and metallic, to give you the best nails ever.

Glitter Nail Polish sets

If you are someone who looks for nail polish sets that add a bit of glitter to your nails to make you look glamorous then glitter nail polishes are your best bet. Most often than not, they feature glitter in a clear gloss polish, making it the perfect summer beauty fix.

Glossy Nail Polish Sets

Of course, you want your nails to shine through; after all, you invest your time and money in it, right? So, if you are looking to add some glossy effect to your nails, glossy nail polish sets are perfect for you. They make nails look attractive, unique and let them shine out in the crowd. 

Matte Nail Polish sets

This nail polish set is an ideal option for women who prefer their nails to look shine-free. Well, it’s a favourite type for many because of its classic type texture, making it complement any occasion. And to save that extra penny from buying single shades, buy s nail polish set in matte texture to give your nails a classic look.

Best Colour Scheme For Nail Polish Sets

It’s time to take the manicure moments seriously and invest in trending colour schemes of nail paint sets. You might be obsessing over some colours one day and some other the next day. To help you with the best colour schemes, scroll down to skim through some gorgeous nail paint colour schemes to stock.

Neon shades

What better time to experiment and play up with shades, right? Neon shades have been gaining a lot of popularity for many years now. Neon shades won’t push you to boredom, instead, they make your nails stand out in the crowd. So, choose the best one that compliments your look from neon green, neon yellow, neon orange to neon pink.

Neutral shades

For women who don’t prefer doing too much to their nails, neutral shade nail polish sets are perfect. These colours make a great choice to match any of your outfits, having a lot of different colours. They also look good with simple outfits made up of neutral colours.

Bold shades

For people who want to ditch simple cliche colour schemes and go bold, nail paints with bold colour schemes do wonders on the nails. It’s safe to say that bold shades have become the need of the hour as everyone’s trying to do something unique, especially when it comes to little things such as nails.

Metallic shades

Metallics are one of the most eye-catching types of nail paints of all time. Women have gone ga ga over this as it creates a gorgeous monitor for your nails. If you, too, want to fabulously shine and impress the people around, pick metallic shades.

Nude shades

Are you also obsessing over nude shades for a long time? Well, we know it before you answer it all. Nude shades complement every outfit and give your personality a subtle and sophisticated touch. They have now been in trend for a very long time and are in no mood to leave us anytime soon. Isn’t that great? Keep shopping nail polish sets in nude shade colour schemes.

Best-Selling Nail Polish Sets Price Table

Always on the lookout for the most amazing nail polish sets? But often find the nail polish set price disappointing you? Check out our most popular and trending nail paint combo sets!

Last Updated: 12th July 2024

Shop For Best-Selling Nail Polish Sets Online At MyGlamm

Your favourite beauty shopping destination, MyGlamm, is all ready to make your nails look all glammed up. From nude & neutral shades to bold & metallics, we have the best nail paint sets of high quality. We have 5-chip resistant nail polish gift sets that are free of parabens, glutens, D5, sulfate, silicone and SLS. In addition to this, we have nail polish set boxes that are cruelty-free and vegan to make sure your nails are all glammed up without any guilt. Our nail polish combo sets are worth every penny and will make you visit us again and again!

Buy Best Nail Polish Sets & Other Beauty Products Online At MyGlamm

MyGlamm is India’s most premium makeup and beauty destination that has cruelty-free and vegan makeup products. We don’t just have great nail paint sets but a wide selection of awesome makeup kits and individual products! If you want to learn about different beauty hacks, latest makeup tips, skincare tips, then you should head to our blog section. We also have an interesting reward program that gives you the advantage of having a better and discounted shopping experience. If you are interested to learn about some makeup techniques or want to recreate a celebrity look, then you should also check out MyGlamm’s youtube channel for the latest updates by our beauty experts.  So without further ado, download the best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ and start shopping! 

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