Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Buy Best Body Lotions Online at Minimum Prices in India

Skincare begins with using the right products, and the first and the most essential of all is a body lotion. Indians have this common misconception that body lotions are meant for winters alone but that’s not at all true. To date, we’ve seen women go nuts over makeup and shop till they drop but very rarely do we see women who invest in good skincare products. Why do we ignore our skin so much? Your skin is a reflection of how well you’ve been looking after it and if you notice its age, you’ll understand where you’ve been going wrong all this time. When it comes to soft and supple skin, the only thing we can think of is body lotion products - especially during winters when our skin tends to get dry due to extreme weather conditions. 


MyGlamm brings to you the best body lotions for dry skin & body lotions for oily skin under the skincare range, specially formulated to give your skin the love it deserves. Body lotions by MyGlamm are made using natural skin-loving ingredients such as nutgrass oil, tea tree oil, cucumber, and rose extract.


Just as we human beings need food and water for survival, our skin too needs its daily dose of nourishment to look and feel healthy. And that’s where the role of the best body lotions comes into the picture. MyGlamm’s Body Lotions feature a rich, creamy texture that absorbs quickly and moisturizes your skin from deep within. So, have a look at what all MyGlamm has to offer you!


Benefits of Using Body Lotion

Whether you are a man or woman, you need body lotion. All body lotions come with unique benefits and features as per the skin type. Scroll to find below some of the benefits of body lotion:

Benefit 1:

Body lotions for dry skin help in keeping your skin hydrated and prevent dehydration. It also helps in retaining natural moisture and gives glowing skin.

Benefit 2:

Body lotions rejuvenate dry areas and help in getting rid of rough patches and spots.

Benefit 3:

Body lotions give you long-lasting benefits of using them regularly and thereby help you in resolving anti-ageing and wrinkle issues.

Benefit 4:

Body lotions smoothen calluses and help in getting rid of dead skin easily.

Benefit 5:

Body lotions give your body a good fragrance and leave you feeling good and fresh.

Benefit 6:

Lotions not only give glowing skin but also help soften rough areas of your body, the ones that need more attention like after shaving or waxing.

Benefit 7:

When you massage using body lotion, it also relaxes your skin, thus improving blood circulation.

How to Apply Body Lotion

You’ve got yourself a body lotion of your choice, but do you know how to apply it? The best time to apply body lotion for oily skin or dry is only after a warm shower. And after you pat dry your skin, follow the below steps on how to apply body lotion:


  • Start applying the body lotion after 8-10 minutes of showering.

  • Take a coin-sized amount of lotion on the palm of your hands, rub it for 5-10 seconds, and start applying lotion from the bottom up.

  • Distribute the body lotion evenly on each part of your body and go section by section.

  • The tip to apply body lotion properly is by moving your hands in circular motions and massaging gently.

Best Selling Body Lotion Price

MyGlamm brings to you the best body lotion price altogether for you to choose wisely and quickly at one glance. This price list is specially curated for you so that you don’t waste your time looking for a lotion online as per your budget.


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Shop for Best Selling Body Lotions Online at MyGlamm

You know by now how much you need body lotion to take care of your skin and make it healthier. When it comes to shopping for the best body lotions in India, you need not look anywhere, as MyGlamm has got everything you need. Body lotions are available as per your requirement whether you are looking for vegan body lotions or cruelty-free body lotions. We have taken care of all of it. We are proud to share that our products are PETA approved and hence, buying body lotions via MyGlamm is just supporting the beautiful cause. Buy body lotions online and get to enjoy that soft, supple and nourished skin in minutes.

Buy Best Body Lotions  & Other Skincare Products Online at MyGlamm

MyGlamm is India’s most favourite beauty and makeup destination that has changed the dynamics by selling top-notch products at minimal prices. We also take immense pride in selling and producing vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. We have a great range of the best body lotions in India and other beauty products. Our blog section will teach you about different beauty hacks, makeup tips, etc. We also have a valuable reward program where our customers can enjoy the benefits of shopping and referring others in their friends and family circle. Also, if you are excited to learn about different celebrity looks, then don’t forget to check out MyGlamm’s youtube channel for the latest updates by our amazingly talented team of beauty experts. So, download the best online cosmetic shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ right now! Welcome to the MyGlamm family!


What is body lotion used for?

Body lotions are used to prevent and treat dry skin, and minor skin irritations. It also seals moisture deep into the skin keeping it hydrated and supple.


What is the difference between body lotion and cream?

Body lotions are light in texture with more water content and less oil. Whereas, creams are a blend of water and oil, slightly heavier with more oil and less H2O.


Is Moisturiser better or lotion?

It depends on what skin type you have, the weather, and your preference, of course. Generally, people with dry skin types prefer moisturiser, whereas people with oily skin choose lotions. 

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