Hi-Shine Lipstick

Hi-Shine Lipstick

Buy Best High Shine Lipsticks Online For A Glamorous, Pout Perfect Look

With the 90’s look stepping into the beauty industry once again, how can we not talk about high shine lipsticks? Are you feeling nostalgic yet, if not, hang on as we have a lot to talk about it yet. Super-slick lips aren’t just a trend from your youth, this look is also one of the major ’90s makeup trends that you’d see almost everywhere, right from celebs to ordinary people like us. Doesn’t this comeback urge you to relive your old days of having your makeup pouch stocked up with shiny lipsticks? It sure does right. Shiny lips are all about looking sexy, they aren’t old fashioned anymore.

There definitely has been a lot of alterations to this look because beauty is all about evolutionary makeup, something different yet the same. Similarly, in the case of high shine lipsticks - there has been a major shift in the formula. Shiny lips are perfect for nailing that barely-there makeup trend. Beauty has become bold once again and is ready to make people sit up and notice. And at MyGlamm we understand what it means to be in sync with what’s trending and bring you products that add a glamorous touch to your look.

High Shine Lipsticks Here To Stay

With the amount of love and acceptance that these high shine lipsticks have received, we don’t see this trend coming to a dead end yet. From runway models to brides - we’ve watched them rock the shiny lip look with pride. But always remember never opt for a nonchromatic look with glossy lips, it is not a good combination to work with, on the contrary nudes or light pinks are the best high shine lipstick shades that one can opt for. 

Shop For The Best High Shine Lipsticks Online At MyGlamm

It’s not like you needed more reasons to shop for a new lipstick, but with these insights, we have given you one more, and in the process helped you pick the right high shine lipstick. We recently launched the Manish Malhotra Hi Shine Lipsticks keeping in mind, the festive seasons in India and how much we love our lipsticks to stand out. Featuring intense colours and smooth, shiny textures it adds yet another dimension to your lips. The variety of shades you’ll get with this high shine lipstick is endless and is sure to be your new pout favourite that glides across like decadent butter. 

Your One-Stop Destination For All Things Beauty

Backed by one of Europe's largest natural beauty companies, We at MyGlamm collaborated with global experts and makeup artists to bring about exciting innovation in makeup to accomplish our single, focused goal – make looking glamorous effortless!

Innovation for ease is at the heart of our products. Conceptualized, formulated and developed by laboratories in Italy and Germany, MyGlamm’s makeup products have been created to simplify a woman’s makeup routine. Our multi-functional products have used innovation to not only reduce the number of products you need to carry in your handbag but to also cut down the number of steps you need to follow while applying makeup. So, whether you want a wheel applicator eyeliner for your eyelids, a mesmerizing eyeshadow pencil or five of your favourite products in one with our total makeover ff cream foundation palette, we are making sure that makeup is the last thing you have to worry about. We also have various makeup products ranging from our eye makeup & face makeup to lip products & nail products category that you can check out!

We provide our customers with a super easy checkout process, safe payment gateways, and trusted delivery partners that make sure the products reach our customers in the quickest time possible, and in the best condition. So, what are you waiting for? Fill your cart up to the brim and enjoy a seamless online shopping experience at MyGlamm.


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Q: When is the ideal time to sport high shine glossy lips?

Glossy lips are perfect for a hot date, a night at the club or if you're performing. They're very versatile too.

Q: How to mattify glossy shiny lips?

First, apply your old lipstick, and then line your lips with a matching lip liner. Take a tissue to your mouth and blot to absorb the gloss or shine. Next, take a cosmetic sponge, roll it in translucent powder, and press the sponge over your lips. Smack your lips together, and you're done.

Q: What’s the perfect way of applying a glossy and shiny lipstick?

Even though the lipsticks have a smooth texture, it is best to exfoliate your lips before application. Use the flat plane of the teardrop lipstick bullet to fill in your lips and the pointed tip to create a precise outline.