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A face blush is a makeup wizard you have to own in your arsenal! From brightening your face and adding that pop of colour to adding an extra punch that makes you look more awake and even healthy, blusher gives a striking yet natural, woke-up-like this-today look. Those who identify with medium skin tones can bring out the glow by getting their hands on warm peaches and deep pinks, while those veering towards lighter skin tones can pick calm corals and soft pinks for the same effect.

Whether you’re applying it to a full face of makeup or just using it as a brightener to your natural skin, blusher is almost impossible to mess up! Moreover, you can do a lot with a face blush. This versatile makeup product is not only for your cheeks but can also be used in many other ways. You can dab your powder blush on as an eyeshadow and your cream blush on as lipstick. And you can even mix your shimmer blush with some moisturiser to create a tinted body lotion.

We get it, there are millions of options for blushes in the market, and that is why we have narrowed down the line for you. MyGlamm has versatile products with great formulations and textures that you would love to try. Here’s all that MyGlamm has to offer you.

Types of Face Blushes

Blusher or blush can highlight your best features beautifully. Who doesn't like rosy cheeks? We all surely do as it adds that pop of colour to the base makeup and brings back life to the pale face. But before picking a blush palette, read about different types of blushes and buy yours accordingly.

Powder Blush

This type of blush is most commonly used as it gets easily blended using a blush brush. One can find powder blush in a variety of shades such as burnt red, coral, pink, peach and orange. It stays and lasts for seven-eight hours giving you the best results. You can have a matte finish as well as shimmer chunks based on your preference.

Cream Blush

A cream blush comes in a creamy texture form that gives you a glowy and dewy finish. If you have dry skin or are fond of cream-based makeup products then you should go for cream blush. The benefit of cream blush is that it has essential oils and components that moisturize your skin while tinting your cheeks.

Shimmer Blush

A shimmer blush can be your ideal choice when you need to highlight your cheeks and make them look shiny and glittery. There are two types when it comes to shimmer blush, one that gives you soft shine and another one with more glaze and glitter. 

Liquid Blush

Just the name explains it all about liquid blush. The difference between liquid and cream blush is that one can get blended better than the other giving extra coverage. Also, the application method becomes easier just like foundation which can be done using fingertips. 

Stick Blush

Stick blush is similar to a cream blush in terms of the finish and texture. This blush is ideal for people with dry skin, and makeup beginners. Stick blushes are handy and can be used on the go.

How To Buy Blush Palette For You

Every skin is different and therefore needs special treatment for the best results. If you choose the right blush palette for yourself, it could turn out to be your BFF and otherwise a disaster! So without simply going by the popular choice, it’s best to put filters in and buy the best blush palette for yourself. Be it based on your budget, colours, skin type & tone, or blush price, choose wisely for the best results.


  • For fair skin: Opt for blush makeup colours like coral, light pinkish, and peach shades.

  • For medium skin: Choose blush makeup colours like deep peach, rich pinkish, and warm mauve shades.

  • For dark skin: Go for face blush colours like fuchsia, berry-like shades, warm brown or tangerine.

  • Always choose blush makeup that suits your skin type, colour and budget, ofcourse!

Why To Buy Blusher

Wondering why to buy a powder blusher or liquid blusher? Let us introduce you to some amazing benefits of face blush makeup. 


  • Blusher is one makeup product that adds some colour to your skin. Without it, your face may look dull and pale. Depending on your skin tone, choose a good blush shade and add that colour to your face.


  • It also adds a certain dimension to your face. It’s applied to the high points of your face and adds that little extra pop of rosiness on the cheeks.


  • Blush makeup gives a more awake appearance and makes your cheekbones appear more prominent.


  • Makes the complexion look more healthier and youthful.


  • It covers up imperfections and quickly changes your look with ease.

Best-Selling Blush Price List

One thing that affects our product buying experience is price. To make this process easier for you, we have curated the best blusher price list for you. Just take a look at the blush prices and details to make your pick.

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Your makeup kit is incomplete if it doesn’t have a blush in it. Just preparing the base makeup isn’t enough, adding a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks and a little bronzing helps to bring back life and some dimension to the face. One ought to keep a blush palette handy to be ready for the next date or party anytime. Just a few dabs from your best cheek blush and you are all set to show off your natural sunkissed glow. When it comes to choosing your perfect blush, you get so many options to pick from like peach blush, rose blush, matte blush, shimmer blush, coral blush and so on. At MyGlamm we offer unique blush shades, amazing textures and formulations that add a flush of colours to your cheeks with evenness. So, what are you waiting for? Check out best-selling blush online at MyGlamm.

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