Loose Powders & Fixers

Loose Powders & Fixers

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Loose powder is an essential part of one’s makeup routine. It serves multiple purposes like skin balancing, oil control, minimising fine lines, etc. Makeup fixers shield makeup from sweat and water and increase the longevity of makeup. MyGlamm is the best place that you can trust for the best makeup setting sprays, makeup fixers, loose powders, setting powders, translucent powders, and makeup fixing powders with your eyes shut.


At MyGlamm, we bring to you some amazing loose powder makeup, makeup fixer sprays, and setting powders with skin-friendly ingredients like Vitamin C, E & Aloe extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, etc. These loose face powders and fixing powder makeup give the skin a flawless finish, set makeup for long, blurs imperfections, and improve the appearance of the skin. We’re a cruelty-free makeup brand that’s free from toxic chemicals and ingredients.

What is Loose Powder?

Loose powder is the same as a pressed powder but in a loose form.  These are finely milled in texture, great at absorbing oil and keeping the makeup intact for a long time. Moreover, it also keeps the skin looking matte and bright.

Loose Powders Uses 

We’ve listed down some of the best uses of loose powders and trust us, you’ll be in surprise!


  • Loose powders are used at the end of your makeup. A few light dabs make your concealer and foundation stay in place for a long.

  • Loose powder makeup brightens up the face. It’s a great way to touch up your face!

  • You can use loose powder makeup to avoid clumping of eyelashes.

  • If your lipstick looks too shiny, try some loose powder and you’ll achieve beautiful matte lips with no fuss.

  • Harsh and sharp lines after applying your eyeshadow? Dust on some loose powder, blend it well and see - no harsh lines and no ugly marks.

How To Choose Loose Powder?

Now that you know the different uses of loose powders, you’d want to know how to choose the best loose powder, right? Be it skin type, skin tone, or suitability, the questions are many. So let’s dive into some important factors you should consider while choosing the best loose powder makeup. 


  • Make sure you choose a loose powder from a well-known brand.

  • Look for the perfect loose powder shade suiting your skin tone.

  • Opt for loose powder makeup with natural ingredients and free from toxic chemicals.

  • Choose a loose powder that suits your skin type, be it oily, dry, combination or natural. If you’re looking for a loose powder for oily skin, look for loose powders that are oil-absorbing or mattifying. If you want a loose powder for dry skin, opt for the ones that are hydrating without drying out the skin.

Benefits of Using Loose Setting Powder

Loose powder is surely a game-changer for you. This makeup product acts as a topcoat for your foundation and keeps the base products in place without shine. Here’s a list of some benefits of loose powder:

Makes Makeup Last Longer


The excess oil secretion melts face makeup and loose powders slow down this process. So, one of the best reasons to use loose powder makeup is it keeps your makeup in place for long periods. 


Evens Out Skin Tone


For the ones who have an uneven skin tone, loose powders come to the rescue. So a good quality loose powder evens out the skin tone and makes your skin look smoother.


Absorbs Excess Shine On The Face


Loose powder is quite absorbent. It absorbs excess shine on your face and mattifies your skin. And yes, it prevents your face from looking cakey.


Fixes Makeup Mistakes


Loose powder makeup fixes makeup mistakes. For example, if you put too much blush on your face, loose powder tones it down. 

Best Selling Loose Powder Price List

When you look at our loose powder price range, you won’t be able to say no. Let us help you introduce our loose powders with their details and respective price rates.

MyGlamm POSE HD Setting Powder - Ivory: An amazing translucent fixing powder that gives you flawless skin & even skin tone. From blurring imperfections to moisturising skin and setting makeup for a long time, this setting powder perfectly brightens up your face. All these benefits are available in one product only at ₹384!?

Glow To Glamour Shimmer & Fixing Powder: A 2-in-1 shimmer and fixing powder smoothes your skin, sets the foundation in place, adds a shimmery finish and refines skin’s appearance. All these qualities are available only at ₹597 in this product!

Buy Makeup Setting Spray & Makeup Fixers Online

Be it your foundations, concealers, or whatever product comes under makeup, makeup setting sprays & makeup fixers keep your makeup intact for long hours. It’s literally a saviour if you want your makeup to stay in place for a long time. You can trust our makeup setting sprays and fixers for flawless makeup without letting it melt!

What is Makeup Setting Spray?

Conditions like weather & sweat can ruin and melt your makeup. But all thanks to the best makeup fixer sprays that let the makeup stay intact for long hours. These makeup fixer sprays fight against humidity, pollution, and other external factors irrespective of any skin type. Best part? Not only do these makeup fixers increase the lifespan of your makeup but also create a smooth base and hydrate your skin.

Uses of Makeup Fixing Spray

Makeup fixer sprays preserve your look throughout the day. Not only this, but they also prevent your makeup from looking cakey. To know more about the uses of these makeup setting sprays, scroll and find out!


Provides Intense Hydration To The Skin


When you use makeup, your skin tends to become & look dry and patched. To prevent any damage, makeup fixing sprays come into the picture. These makeup setting sprays offer intense hydration to the skin leaving it look smooth and supple.


Keeps The Makeup In Place For A Long


If you don’t want your makeup to dry or fade out in less time, makeup fixer sprays are for you.  These makeup setting sprays ensure a beautiful matte finish on the skin without smudging or fading. So using the best makeup fixer spray ensures makeup stays in place for a long time.


Eliminates The Need For Multiple Touch-Ups


Once you are done with your makeup, all you need to do is spray some makeup fixer and it’ll keep your makeup in place for the whole day. Just a few spritzes prevent sebum production and melting makeup. These makeup-setting sprays eliminate the need for multiple touch-ups on the skin. 


Offers A Dewy Glow To The Skin


If you’ve noticed lines after your makeup, you can bid them goodbye with the best makeup fixer spray. This amazing product adds a dewy glow to the skin and leaves your skin looking fresh. 

Buy Translucent Powder Online


Translucent powders are colourless and non-pigmented and sheer in texture. As they have no colour in them, they do not promise to offer any kind of coverage to your skin. Be it brightening your face, keeping face oiliness at bay or giving you a finished makeup look, translucent powders are quite multi-purpose!


Buy our exclusive range of translucent powders online that sell ‘quality’ what they promise!

Different Ways Of Using A Translucent Powder

Prevent Runny Eyeliner

After applying your liner on your upper lid, go over it with translucent powder using a thin eye-shader brush. This will help it stay put all day.

Plump Up Your  Eyelashes

Once you apply a single coat of mascara dust a little translucent face powder over lashes using a shadow brush. Now, finish off with another layer of mascara. 

Catch Eyeshadow Fallout

After doing your foundation, dust powder under the eye area, will act as a protective barrier. Then do your eye makeup. The loose powder helps capture all of your eyeshadow fallout and does not cling to your base. Once you’re done sweep off the loose powder using a fluffy powder brush and voilà—good as new!

Set Your Concealer

Whenever you use a concealer to cover your dark circles or to simply brighten up your under-eye area, use a translucent powder to set it in place. Concealers most often than usual feature a very thick formula that tends to crease post a few hours of application, so to avoid that, it’s best to set it in place using a setting powder. 

Fixes Lipstick

Another interesting use of a translucent powder is it fixes lipstick and increases its longevity for long hours. So primer your lips, swipe on your lipstick, blot with tissue paper, re-apply your lipstick, and dust off some translucent face powder over the tissue, leaving a light layer of it on your lipstick. This process ensures a long-lasting finish with no multiple touch-ups.

Buy Setting Powder Makeup Online

Among all the makeup products available online, the one that’s given the least importance is a makeup setting powder but once you know and understand the importance of loose or setting powders you will never dare to ignore it again. The key to a long-wearing makeup does not rely solely on the foundation you’re using, it also depends on how well you’ve set your foundation in place using a setting powder makeup. Aside from this setting, powders also help to create a soft-focus look, to set your eyeshadow concealer in place and to soften your bronzer just in case you’ve gone in with a heavy hand - one product, multiple benefits. MyGlamm is here to give you that flawless base with its best setting powders makeup online.

Makeup Setting Powders For Different Skin Types

When we talk about different skin types, there are 3 basic categories viz. Normal, dry and oily. Like any other makeup product for example foundations - loose / setting powders too, are formulated differently for different skin types, therefore, we need to choose one that suits us. Make sure you read what the product has to offer before you buy one. For those with normal skin, choosing loose powders makeup is no ordeal, as one can wear any kind of loose powders.


If you have dry skin, the light-deflecting, moisture-infused loose powder works better than anything else while on the other hand, a talc-based translucent loose powders makeup works best for oily and combination skin types. Talc-based powders offer an ultra-soft finish, they minimize the visibility of lines and wrinkles and give you an all-day shine-free look.

Buy Fixing Powders Online

Face powder as the name suggests is fine and soft like baby powder gives the finishing touch to your makeup hence, sometimes it’s called finishing or fixing powder. Fixing powders makeup does the job like its name, it fixes your makeup, gives an even look and makes your makeup stay in place without creasing.


Fixing powder is a must especially if you’re going for a heavy makeup look, for example, bridal makeup. Parties and functions call for a makeup look that lasts longer, therefore, in times like these always carry a fixing powder along. They come in compact sizes (along with a puff) and are so easy to use, just dab, dab, dab. 

How to Use Fixing Powder

Below are the steps on how to use a fixing powder:


Step 1: Apply your foundation first. If you want to wear a primer and concealer, or if you wish to contour your face, be sure to apply those as well. Make sure that everything is well blended. You can apply blush, highlighter, bronzer and eye makeup after using a fixing powder.


Note: Apply your fixing powder while your foundation is still damp.


Step 2: Apply your face powder with a makeup sponge, a powder puff, or a powder brush. Always remember that you need to pick the applicator based on what you’re anticipating to achieve with your fixing powder. If you want to use a lot of products to get full coverage, opt for a makeup sponge. And if you have oily skin and you want a velvety matte finish, use a powder puff instead. In the case of a powder brush, note that these are meant for lightly dusting the powder all over your face. It gives you a soft, glowy complexion instantly.


Step 3: Use an appropriate amount of fixing powder makeup. The goal is to apply enough powder to give your skin a velvety finish, but not so much that your face starts looking cakey. To achieve the right look, make sure that your makeup applicator (beauty blender/sponge, brush or powder puff) is evenly coated with the powder and then tap off the excess. This step is crucial even when it comes to eyeshadows. 


Note: To get a dewy finish, you need to go light on the powder whereas if your skin is oily go a little heavier on the powder.


Step 4: If you have oily/combination skin focus on your t-zone as you apply the fixing powder and if you’re trying to set your concealer in place, using a small fluffy brush apply just a tiny amount to set that. Make sure that you apply it to your neck as well.


Note: Be careful around your hairline, as the powder may be difficult to get out of your hair.


Step 5: One of the best techniques for setting your foundation using a fixing powder has to be the press and roll motions. If you’re using a makeup sponge or powder puff, refrain from using wiping or dragging motions. Instead, gently press and roll the powder onto your face to avoid moving your foundation or concealer.

Note: Brushes tend to allow for a lighter application, so you shouldn’t need to worry about this if you’re applying your powder with a brush.

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