Lip Glitter

Lip Glitter

Buy Best Lip Glitters Online in India!

Flaunt your fabulous sparkly pout with lip glitters brought to you by MyGlamm. Lip Glitter is an unexplored makeup item in the category of lip makeup. If you are looking for lip shimmer or lip glitter dust that would add glamour to your lip makeup then our lip sparkle is something you can’t miss. You can have safe lip sparkles just by shopping online at MyGlamm because our products are cruelty-free and we have quality-tested products so you don’t have to worry about getting harsh glitter particles in the product. 

You can either choose loose lip glitter, lip glitter powder or lip glitter kit as per your preferences and requirements. For people, who follow a vegan lifestyle, we have got you covered too. We have vegan lip glitter or vegan lip sparkle that suits your makeup as well as lifestyle needs. Above all, you can buy lip glitter online without giving any second thoughts as we have the best lip glitter price and quality as compared to other online platforms.

How to Apply Lip Glitter?

Here’s how you can apply lip glitter in 3 easy steps:

Step 1 - Prepare your lips by using a gentle lip scrub to remove dead skin from your lips and to have a smooth base.

Step 2  - Take a lip liner and draw a perfect lip line to create your desired lip shape. Lining your lips help to apply lip glitter easily.

Step 3 - Either you can apply lipstick or lip gloss for the base and then apply your lip glitter just the way you apply your lip gloss, covering the centre area smoothly. If you think that there's an excessive amount of lip glitter applied then you can remove it softly with the help of a cotton pad but make sure while doing so you don’t ruin the rest of your application.

How to Remove Lip Sparkle?

Removing Lip Sparkle is tricky if you do not know the right way to do it. To remove lip glitter from your pout, you can use an oil-based cleanser or a cleansing balm, but be sure to gently rub the glitter off the lips. It will take time to remove the sparkle, but waxy or oil consistency products are the best way to remove glitter. Apart from this, you can use a good makeup remover that removes stubborn makeup residue easily. Go for an oil-based remover, that will help you to get rid of lip sparkle in no time. Also, you can follow these steps to remove lip glitter effectively using petroleum jelly.

Step 1: Take a small amount of vaseline and apply it to your lips and let it settle for the next few minutes.

Step 2: Take a cotton ball dipped in warm water and wipe on your lips with a circular motion.

Step 3: Now repeat the previous step, changing the cotton ball until the lip sparkle is gone completely.

Best-Selling Lip Glitter Price

Buy Lip Glitter Online at the best price that goes easy on your pocket. Take a quick glance at MyGlamm’s best-selling lip glitter price and other details from the comfort of your home or wherever you are now right now.

LIT Lip & Eye Sparkles- Our best-selling LIT Eye and Lips Sparkle comes in various shade ranges to get the glittery glow you desire. This LIT lip glitter gives an impeccable professional makeup finish with its sparkley-glittery texture that lasts long. And the best part is that it is free from preservatives, D5, oil, minerals and nano ingredients, which makes it completely safe to use on lips and eyes. Best of all, you can get this awesomeness for just ₹ 445. Isn’t that amazing?

Shop for Best Lip Glitters Online at MyGlamm

While there are many glitter eyeshadows and highlighters in the market, you need one glitter product that’s perfect for any part of your face. MyGlamm’s Lip & Eye Sparkles is just that. Our lip glitter is best offered online when it comes to quality, safety and price. MyGlamm takes pride in creating vegan lip glitter and other cruelty-free lip makeup products that are supported by PETA. MyGlamm’s Lip sparkle is here to weave the shiny magic that you need to slash the glam quotient in a party. So, be ready to get cheeky and adventurous with just the right balance of shine & substance and layer it on to get immaculate, glittery, saturated lips that are worth dying for.

Buy Best Lip Glitter & Other Beauty Products Online at MyGlamm

If you’re someone who loves experimenting with makeup and is always looking for a way to stand out, then our lip glitters are something that you’d LOVE! Our concentrated loose lip sparkles add a shimmery touch to your makeup look. So, if you are tired of your boring lipsticks and want to amp things up a bit then our lip glitter is perfect for you. Just a dab of these lip sparkles is all it takes to instantly glam up your entire look. Not just glitter you can buy our other beauty products that will complete your glittery glam look. 

You can check our look book to get ideas for your next fabulous makeup look. And you can find your own lipstick shade to match your look or skin tone. MyGlamm offers a wide range of beauty products, and you can find easy tutorials on MyGlamm’s YouTube channel to know the right way to use each product we sell.

We provide our customers with an easy online guide to shop for makeup products online. And to ease your shopping experience, even more, we also offer a cash on delivery option that allows you to pay for the product when it reaches your doorstep. So, go ahead! Download the best cosmetic app ‘MyGlamm’ and enjoy a seamless online shopping experience.

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