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Hair Serums For Women: Buy Hair Serum Online for Women & Men To Make Way For Good Hair Days!

Our fight with climate, changing weather conditions, and chemical products are never-ending. Nevertheless, hair routines have been revolutionized and hair serums have come into the picture to sort most of your hair concerns. So, now when you think about why your hair still looks undernourished even after applying the most expensive shampoos and conditioners, chances are that your hair needs more care and investment of time.


Hair serum is the best way to deal with your dull and lifeless hair by giving you healthy and lustrous hair. To combat all your hair problems, our hair serums for women and men will help you get an enhanced hair type with the right potion of shine, smoothness, and glow! From hair serum for hair growth & hair serum for heat protection to hair serum for frizzy hair & hair serum for dry hair, MyGlamm has all the best hair serums online at the most affordable price rates! Welcome your good hair days and get home a hair serum for women and men right away! To give power-packed answers to all your questions, we have delved into a variety of information to pick the most fitted hair serum for you! So why wait for it? Shop for hair serums online RIGHT AWAY!

Benefits Of Using Hair Serum/ Why Should You Use Hair Serum?

With every day’s busy schedule and lifestyle, we always tend to look for quick solutions. And when we get to know about that one magic product that transforms our dull and frizzy hair into silky and smooth tresses, we look forward to trying it! But before you indulge yourself in buying our magical hair serum, let’s know the benefits of hair serum!


Controls and combats frizz and flyaways: Yes, frizz and flyaways are real killjoys! Now imagine blow drying your hair and stepping out of your home with those tiny flyaways. Yes, we know that feeling! So next time if you face such a problem, look for a hair serum for the best results.

Adds shine to your hair: Who doesn’t want shiny and lustrous hair? Don’t worry! Buy hair serum online and make your hair look nourished and soft just the way you always wanted! If you want to get rid of your dull and dry hair, try using our best hair serums for women and men that will instantly transform your hair into gorgeous tresses without making it look greasy!

Protection from pollution and humidity: Have you ever thought of the endless efforts you put in to protect your hair and still fail to do it? Well, it's because of the humidity and pollution outside. In that regard, MyGlamm has the best hair serums in India that can help you address to an unimaginable degree. Our hair serums are formulated specially to tackle the harmful environmental elements and protect your hair from those factors!

Reduces Hair breakage: On one hand where hair shampoos clean the dust particles from your hair, a natural hair serum on damp hair coats the cuticles and strengthens them to reduce hair breakages. Our best hair serums in India also work well to protect hair’s quality from the sun’s UV harmful rays!

How To Apply Hair Serum?

Hair serums play an essential role in adding extra shine to your hair and controlling frizz. But before you buy a serum for soft hair, scroll down to know how to use a hair serum!


  • Apply your hair serum to clean and damp hair.

  • Add 1-2 drops of your hair serum to the palm of your hand, warm in between your hands for 5 seconds.

  • Then apply to your hair, and work from the ends up to the middle of your strands. Try to spread the hair serum evenly with your hands and avoid applying it to your roots or using too much of it as that can make your hair look greasy.

  • Also, be gentle while applying it and avoid pulling through your hair which can cause serious damage.

  • Once you are done, use a wide-tooth comb to gently distribute the serum evenly from the middle of your strands down to the ends.

  • Post that, you can style your hair in the way you want!

Best ingredients to look in a Hair Serum

It's wise to look for the best ingredients in hair serums, as that’s the major factor to decide the kind of impact it will have on your hair. Let’s learn about the ingredients that should be there in the hair serums!


Onion Seed Oil: This hair serum is infused with onion seed oil - a superfood ingredient known for calming and soothing hair, and promoting hair growth while preventing hair fall. The Onion seed oil also acts as a natural conditioner preventing your hair’s dryness and controlling frizz. Hence, using an onion hair serum is the best practice for your tresses.

Moringa Oil: Moringa Oil hair serum helps fight frizz and dryness, and strengthens your hair follicles from root to tip. Moringa oil also improves the shine and softness of the hair.

Argan Oil: Argan oil hair serum helps fight frizz and protects hair from UV damage and heat styling.

Shop For Best-Selling Hair Serum Price Online At MyGlamm

Your very own beauty destination, MyGlamm is all set and ready to not just make you look gorgeous but have flawless and smooth hair too! Shop for heat protectant hair serums and sulphate-free hair serums that are infused with the best ingredients that you’d love to try! Our natural hair serums fight frizz, protects hair from damage by adding strength & shine to it! We have cruelty-free hair serums, chemical-free hair serums, and paraben-free hair serums as well and everything is of the best quality too! These great hair serums for all hair types are never going to disappoint you, instead will make you visit our website again and again!

Buy Best Hair Serums, Other Hair Care & Beauty Products Online At MyGlamm

MyGlamm is an ultimate online beauty shopping destination that has changed the definition of beauty by selling its luxurious, & most useful products at affordable price rates in India. The store doesn't just have best hair serums but a wide selection of amazing makeup and beauty products too! If you are looking for a one-stop place to learn about different beauty hacks and new makeup tips, then you should not miss checking out our blog section. We also have a reward program that has been carefully created to give you the benefit of having an amazing shopping experience with us! Also, if you are keen to learn some more new makeup techniques and want to recreate the magic of your favourite celeb look, you should check out MyGlamm’s Youtube Channel for all the trending updates curated by our team of great beautiful women! Hurry up now and download the best cosmetic shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ and start shopping! Get ready to join the beautiful MyGlamm family and have an awesome shopping experience. Trust us, you will keep coming back!!



What does serum do to your hair?

Hair serum adds shine to dull hair, prevents heat damage, reduces tangles & frizz too. They also make your hair look lustrous & healthy.

Can I use hair serum daily?

It’s better to avoid using hair serums daily. The best time to put on your hair serum is when you have clean and freshly washed hair.


Is serum better or hair oil?

The functions of both hair oil and hair serum are different from each other. So you cannot compare both and find out what’s better than the other. 


Can I leave hair serum overnight?

Yes you can leave some overnight serums on your hair.


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