Lip Tint & Stain

Lip Tint & Stain

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Lip Tint can be your best friend when you don’t want to go too heavy on your makeup or when you don’t feel like getting that lipstick on. Lip stain is lightweight and comes in gel and liquid form that makes it easy to apply and just the way you like it. The difference between lipstick and lip stain is that lipstick is pigmented, thicker and has waxy consistency whereas lip stain is light, tinted and mostly comes in a watery or creamy form. If lipstick is your boyfriend then lip tint is your best friend. An interesting fact is that lip tint can also be used as cheek tint with just a smart application.

Types of Lip Tints & Cheek Tints Available Online

Lip gloss and lip balm have been in use for a long time and now here are lip tints that you need to explore more, why? Because lip tint is much in fashion trend and makes your job easy and quick. Let’s explore the types of lip tints available in the beauty industry.

Liquid Lip Tint

The liquid lip tint is considered tricky, as its consistency is watery. But if you follow the right steps of application you will find it easier. Liquid lip tints are mostly preferred by people as it is comfortable on lips, feels smooth and gives a pretty sheer look to the pout.

Peel-off Tint

This lip tint works great when you need a lip stain that lasts longer than half a day. It leaves a deep stain on your lips without causing any harm. You just need to apply a generous coat of peel-off tint on your lips, peel it after it is dried and you’re good to go. The colour pigment of these lip tints get absorbed into lips giving you rich and juicy lips.

Lip Tint Sticks

Lip tint sticks are basically the one’s where you get lip stain in stick form. It’s convenient for people who are fond of lipsticks and lip balm as you get to add a subtle hue to your lips with the ease of sticks. This type of lip tint mostly comes in a creamy rich texture that adds shine and subtle hue to your lips while making them look fuller.

Matte Lip Tint

Matte finish is trending in every makeup section and the category of lip stain is not behind. Matte lip tints can be the best alternative for matte liquid lipstick because it comes in a rich thicker texture than any other lip stain. Although it’s matte but its lightweight formula makes it all worth to wear. It gives a velvety finish giving you fuller plumpy lips.

Reasons To Invest In A Lip Stain

  • The very first reason to invest in a lip tint is that it comes in different formulas and adds subtle colour to your lips that lasts the whole day. Even though there are plenty of lip tints online, the most common ones are liquid lip tints, peel-off tints, and matte lip stains.

  • Another reason why lip stains are so loved by women is that it is a versatile product and easy to carry around. If you need a quick touch up, adding just a few dabs of lip stain on your lips and cheeks is all it takes to get that fresh no-makeup makeup look.

How To Use A Lip Tint?

There are various ways you can use a lip tint, depending on the coverage you need.


For a gradient look you’ll need to:

1)      Apply the tint on the centre of your lips

2)      Once you’re done, press your lips a couple of times to diffuse the colour

3)      Use a concealer to neutralize the outer corners of your lips


For a diffused look you’ll need to:

1)      Apply the tint to your lips excluding the edges

2)      Press your lips together to diffuse the colour


For a full coverage look you’ll need to:


1)      Outline the edges of your lips with the lip tint

2)      Fill in your lips with the lip tint, starting from the middle and move out to the corners


For a flush of colour on the cheeks:

When it comes to using these tints on your cheeks, all you need to do is smile and dab a bit of this cheek and lip tint on the apples of your cheeks and you’re good to go.

Best Selling Lip Tints Price List in India

MyGlamm brings you the best lip tint price together under one roof. Here have a look at our best-selling lip stain price range and other details.


Tint It Up - This lip stain gives you a natural, love at first sight flush. These are multi-use cheek and lip stains that come with a light texture that infuses your skin with a hint of healthy natural colour that lasts all day. The lip stain is buildable so you can get medium coverage with a few dabs of this cheek and lip tint, and you’re good to go! 

The top lip stain shades loved by our customers are Fever - a sheer true red shade, Fleur - a creamy rose pink shade, Frolic - a creamy peach-pink shade and Flushed - a sheer fuchsia pink shade & we’d highly recommend you to try these. Best of all, the price of these lip tints is just ₹695. Isn’t that amazing?

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MyGlamm offers the best lip tints online and you get to choose from a variety of formulas like cream-based and water-based lip stains that are perfect for any occasion. Our lip stains are price worthy and will give you the right amount of pigmentation along with the comfortable formula that settles on lips like it is your second skin. This multipurpose product is all you need in your bag to get that no-makeup makeup look when you’re in a hurry. Do check out our section of lip stains online because we have the kind of textures & shades that can amp up your look in seconds!

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Q: How long does a lip tint last?

A good lip tint lasts for the whole day (approximately up to 12 hours).

Q: What is the purpose of lip tint?

A lip tint is a beauty product that instantly adds a flush of natural colour to lips and cheeks, adds shine & glow, and gives a dewy look too.

Q: What is the difference between lipstick and lip tint?

Lipstick is a solid crayon-like cosmetic product that adds colour to the lips. Whereas a lip tint gives a sheer natural-looking colour to lips and cheeks. Lip tints have a liquid texture and they mostly have a sheer or matte finish.

Q: Do lip tint make your lips darker?

If you use good quality branded lip tints, take care of your lips, keep yourself hydrated & stay away from harmful addictions, and pay attention to the ingredients, lip tints won't make your lips dark.

Q: How can I naturally stain my lips?

Many DIY ways help you to naturally stain your lips and one of them is a berries lip stain. All you have to do is to mash 4 berries & extract juice out of them, apply that all over your lips and leave them to dry for a natural stain. And if you want a glossy stain, you can top it off with either olive oil.

Q: How to apply lip tint correctly?

To apply lip tint correctly, start by exfoliating your lips to remove any dry, flaky skin. Blot your lips to remove excess moisture, then apply the tint starting from the centre and working outward. For a more intense colour, apply a second layer. Finish with a clear lip balm or gloss and blot again to set the colour.

Q: Can I wear lip tint overnight?

While lip tints are generally safe to wear overnight, it's best to avoid doing so regularly. The long-wear formula can be drying, and the colour may transfer onto your bedding. It's recommended to remove your lip tint before going to bed and apply a nourishing lip balm instead.

Q: Is it safe to use lip tint?

Yes, lip tints are generally safe to use, as long as you choose a reputable, high-quality brand that uses clean, non-toxic ingredients. Always do a patch test before using a new lip tint to ensure you don't have any adverse reactions.

Q: Is lip tint permanent?

No, lip tints are not permanent. They are semi-permanent and will gradually fade over time, especially if you eat or drink. The longevity of the tint will depend on the formula, your skin type, and how you apply and care for it.

Q: Can I eat after lip tint?

You can certainly eat after applying lip tint, but it's important to be mindful of the types of foods you consume. Avoid greasy, oily, or highly pigmented foods, as they can break down the tint and cause it to fade more quickly.