Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick

Buy Red Lipsticks Online In India & Look Elegant Like You Always Wanted To!

Red is the OG shade of all lipstick shades. Red shade lipsticks make you look elegant, powerful, bold, sexy, & best in every outfit. While there are many red color lipstick shades to choose from, we’re here to help you out with the best red lipstick shades out there! Be it for a regular office day or hitting a glam party, our red lipstick shades will make you look fabulous without a doubt! Red lipstick never goes out of style, uplifts the mood and is a must-add to the beauty arsenal. From dark red lipsticks, red matte lipsticks, and cherry red lipsticks to blood red lipsticks, we’ve got so many options for you. 


MyGlamm’s red shade lipsticks are here to make you not only look stylish but give you the confidence to step out in style. The red lipstick price at MyGlamm is quite affordable giving you an amazing shopping experience! So get ready to buy the best red lipstick & look your most stylish self! 

Best Red Shade Lipsticks To Choose From!

Red lipstick is a magic weapon that glams you in just a snap. MyGlamm brings to you an exclusive collection of red liquid lipstick shades and red matte lipsticks for you. Get ready to choose from our huge variety of red lipstick shades & make way for a stellar look!

Dark Red 

The dark red lipstick shade is one of the most elegant shades that change your look from this to that. Without a doubt, it goes perfectly especially for people with fair skin tones. If you're heading to a glitz & glam party, dark red lipstick shade will be your ultimate companion!

MyGlamm Recommends:

Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipstick - Radiant Red

The Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lipstick - Radiant Red is a dark red bright flaming shade. It’s a perfect accessory for every occasion. From offering a precise application, and UVB protection, to giving a creamy finish, this lipstick is worth a try!


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Brick Red

If you’re looking to try something on the coral side of red,  try this brick red lipstick. It is best suited for women who have a dusky or olive skin tone. So if you want to try hands on some coral fun, this brick red lipstick shade is perfect for you!

MyGlamm Recommends:

MyGlamm POSE HD Lipstick - Brick Red 

The MyGlamm’s POSE HD Lipstick in the shade ‘Brick Red’ is a deep brownish red shade that looks stunning on the lips. This lipstick has got a lot to offer such as giving an intense colour & coverage, a light feeling on the lips, and blurs imperfections too.


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Pinkish Red

Pinkish red lipstick shade has almost become every woman’s favourite lipstick shade option nowadays. It’s for women who love a combination of red & pink which is a beautiful blend indeed. This lipstick shade will not let you compromise on your love for red or pink both. We promise you’ll fall in love with this one!

MyGlamm Recommends:

MyGlamm LIT Satin Matte Lipstick - Jane The Virgin

A pinkish-red lipstick shade that has become almost every woman’s favourite. This lipstick gives a high immediate colour payoff and smooth application.


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Orangish Red

For a superb autumn vibe, this orangish red lipstick shade is the best one for you!  This is a perfect choice if you want to step out for a casual lunch or rock a daily walk. Do check this out!


MyGlamm Recommends:

MyGlamm’s K.Play Flavoured Lipstick - Apple Crunch

Apple crunch is a beautiful bold red shade with a hint of orange. From giving an intense colour payoff & high coverage to smooth application, this lipstick is a must-add to your makeup routine!


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Nude Red

You can own any room with this nude red lipstick shade. This shade is for you if you like keeping your overall look minimal and subtle.  Be it hitting the gym or going out for a lunch date, this red lipstick shade makes many heads turn around.

Blood Red

Love for red is never-ending. And when it comes to painting the lips in a bold & sexy way, blood red lipstick shade is your go-to option. 


MyGlamm Recommends:

MyGlamm LIT Creamy Matte Lipstick - Blood Mary

If you’re looking for a chilli red shade, this ‘Blood Mary’ lipstick gives a demi-matte finish, immediate colour release, and smooth application.


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Cherry Red

On the days when you want to go the brighter way, the cherry red lipstick shade is absolutely amazing for you! It makes you look bright, happy, and beautiful at the same time.


MyGlamm Recommends:

MyGlamm K.Play Flavoured Lipstick- Cherry Burst

The MyGlamm’s K.Play flavoured lipstick in the shade ‘Cherry Burst’ is a shade that makes one look super sexy. From giving an intense colour payoff, and high coverage, to a Crème touch finish, this lipstick is worth a try!


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Crimson Red

The crimson red lipstick shade is your go-to option if you want to play safe!  You can wear this gorgeous lipstick shade during the daytime and evening. To complete the look, apply winged eyeliner, and pink blush, and you’re all set to rock!


MyGlamm Recommends:

MyGlamm LIT Matte About IT  Lip Color- Crimson Calypso

MyGlamm’s LIT Matte About IT Lip Color in the shade ‘Crimson Calypso’ is a beautiful crimson red lipstick with orange undertones. This lipstick has got multiple things to offer such as it’s extremely hydrating, gives a satin-matte finish, and stays for long hours too.


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Things To Know Before Buying Red Lipsticks

Below are some of the few important factors to know and consider before buying red shade lipsticks:


  • The first & foremost thing to consider is to know your original skin tone. Depending upon it, choose your particular undertone to buy the aptest red lipstick shade.

  • For a fair skin tone, red lipstick with a coral, pink, and orange base will make your lips stand out. Women with dusky skin tones should go for true reds and reds which have a dark pink base. Lastly,  deep and berry-based reds suit dark skin-toned people.

  • If you want to instantly brighten up your face, go for vibrant red lipstick shades.

  • If you have chosen red matte lipstick for yourself, pick from cherry tomato reds and deeper ones too.

  • If dry lips are your concern, stay away from mattes and choose a creamy red lipstick shade.

Best Red Lipstick Price List

MyGlamm is all set to introduce you to an amazing range of red lipsticks! We’re absolutely delighted to share with you some of our best red lipsticks along with their respective price rates!


Shop For Best Selling Red Color Lipsticks Online At MyGlamm

Are you someone who has immense love for red lipstick shades in your heart? Well, if yes, we’d like to break some awesome news for you! MyGlamm is the best beauty brand that promises to deliver you the best red lipstick shades. Our red lipsticks will give you a dose of high-definition colour & let your lips do the talking for you. These red lipsticks are enriched with feel-good ingredients too. The best part? We’re a rock-solid cruelty-free and vegan brand giving you an awesome shopping experience!

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Red lipsticks have the power to make your look go from basic to fabulous! It’s always been every woman’s first love & there is no doubt about it. MyGlamm is your favourite beauty store & we promise to always make you feel amazing about our products. Our store doesn’t only have a great range of red lipsticks but other shades and products too. The blog section is all about different beauty and skincare hacks. A reward program is one fun part of us that gives the customers an interesting shopping experience. Do watch out MyGlamm’s youtube channel for trending updates curated by our amazing team of beauty experts. So what are you waiting for you lovely people? Download the best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ and flaunt your glam-sham looks!

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Q: What skin tone suits red lipstick?

Everything depends on your skin tone and undertone. If you know your skin tone and its undertone in advance, you’ll be able to choose an apt red lipstick shade and it will surely suit you!

Q: Does red lipstick suit everyone?

Red lipstick is one colour that suits everyone. It also depends if you choose the red lipstick based on your outfit, skin tone and undertone. 

Q: Is it OK to wear red lipstick during the day?

Yes, you can wear red lipstick during the daytime. Always make sure to choose the red lipstick shade that suits your outfit and skin tone ofcourse.

Q: How can I wear red lipstick without looking old?

You can wear red lipstick without looking old by not wearing too a dark shade, picking the correct formula, keeping yourself hydrated, etc.