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Body Spray and Mists

Body Spray and Mists

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A good smell speaks a lot about an individual’s personality. It adds an oomph factor to one’s overall look in a crowd. Boys' & girls' body sprays are a great addition to a beauty closet. These body mists for women & men not only make the clothes good-smelling but also leaves you feeling refreshed & excited. Whether you are in your sweaty gym clothes, prepping up for random outings, or stepping out in an uber-chic outfit, body sprays for women & men always come to the rescue. With the increasing popularity of gents' & ladies' body sprays, there are high chances of you falling into a dilemma choosing the best body mist for women or men. So, to make things easier for you, MyGlamm welcomes you to a wide array of perfume sprays that’ll help you feel on top of the world. MyGlamm doesn’t let you shy away from trying a luxurious collection of our perfume body sprays that’ll help you amp up your scent game. So what are you waiting for? Scroll, read, & start adding some of the best body sprays into your shopping carts!

How To Choose Best Body Mist For Women

There are numerous options available in the fragrance industry today. Out of so many, you’d definitely be wondering how to decide and choose what’s best for you. From some of the strongest scented body sprays to milder ones, we have everything ready for you in advance. Trust us, if you spray the right dash of aroma, you’ll find people coming in asking for the body spray you’re wearing. So let’s dig into finding how to choose the best body spray for females in India.

Check For Ingredients: 

Before choosing the best spray for women, it’s very important to check for ingredients. And if you want to try hands-on the best body spray in India, look for one which contains natural ingredients and essential oils. Additionally, look for the ones which are free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils and sulphates.

Choose According To Skin Type: 

Skin types play an important role in deciding which body spray to choose. Be it oily, dry, combination, or normal skin type, choose the one that’s ideal for your skin type to avoid any negative effects.

Consider The Budget: 

There are so many different types of body sprays available in the market today. Be it expensive or cheap price, everything depends on your budget. It depends on every individual’s choice to decide what body spray price will be right for them. So do decide the budget in mind and then go for it.


Try Before You Choose: 

Sample body sprays are of no harm, instead, they help you choose the best one for you. It’s upon every individual how they want to smell. And once you feel that heavenly feel on your body, you know that’s the best body mist in India and for you!

How To Use Body Mist

Now that you’ve got yourself a nice body spray, it’s time you also know the correct way to use it. So, let’s move forward and understand how to use men's & ladies' body spray!


  • It’s best to use a body spray or body mist directly onto the skin right after taking shower. 

  • For a long-lasting fragrance, apply it directly to the pulse points, including your wrists, behind ears, and neck. 

  • Another way to keep the fragrance long-lasting is to apply some neutral scented hand cream and then spray the body spray. 


The tip is to allow it to completely dry before wearing your dress.

Best-Selling Body Spray Price

Get ready to take a quick glance at our best-selling & amazing collection of body sprays with features mentioned along with the product. This will help you know how well these sprays will help you out!


MyGlamm WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Body Spray: Enriched with antimicrobial lemon and clove oils, the MyGlamm’s WIPEOUT germ-killing body spray kills germs, gives long-lasting fragrance, and moisturises the skin. All this is available only for ₹ 127!


MyGlamm LIT XOXO Fragrance: Enriched with good ingredients and properties, this body spray is available in 4 different shades. The best part about this body spray is that it’s got different shades with multiple notes attached to it. Guess what? This fragrance spray is available only at ₹ 395!

Shop For Best-Selling Body Spray Online At MyGlamm

MyGlamm is here to offer something to everyone. We’re ready to level up your scent game and awaken your senses leaving your skin feel fresh. We have a great variety of the best body sprays that’ll suit your skin type. Our body sprays are enriched with feel-good ingredients like antimicrobial lemon and clove oils, and fragrance notes too. We are a cruelty-free and vegan brand, giving you the best experience that’ll never leave you disappointed!

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Can I use body spray on clothes?

No. Body sprays and mists should ideally be applied on the skin before wearing clothes. 

Can body spray be used on skin?

Yes, body sprays can definitely be used on the skin. For effective results, spraying right after a shower is considered to be the best.

How do I smell good all day?

There are many ways you can smell good all day such as: applying neutral scented hand cream before using body spray on the damp skin, wearing body spray on the pulse points, choosing branded body mists, and of course, taking a bath every day and wearing clean clothes.

How long do body sprays last?

The lasting effect of a body spray or mist depends on the brand and way of application. Generally, it lasts up to 4-5 hours.

Which is the best body spray or perfume?

The best body spray or perfume is MyGlamm’s LIT XOXO fragrance. It’s just the best as it contains amazing ingredients, and is available in different shades with fragrance notes in it. 


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