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Hygiene was always important to everyone but who knew this would become a necessity to maintain today!? Though some strict measures should already have been taken before considering the pollution, Indians have a habit to take things for granted most of the time. Anyways, the Coronavirus has hit the world badly and has led people to take things seriously and keep hygiene as a priority. Safety masks, sanitiser sprays, body disinfectant spray, hand sanitiser spray, have now become the new normal for everyone around the world. These hand sanitiser sprays, body sanitisers, and surface disinfecting sprays are real-time saviours today to protect from harmful germs leading to multiple diseases. Having a body disinfectant spray saves your body from getting in contact with any kind of germs around you. if you buy sanitizing spray for your hands, it keeps your hand clean and germ-free from any sort of bacteria and microorganisms. Where, surface disinfecting spray makes it an ideal product to protect the surfaces at the office, or home, from germs and bacteria. 


The sanitizing spray price and disinfectant spray price are quite affordable at MyGlamm and available in great quality, packaging, and properties. So, it’s high time for you to make cleanliness a priority and add a sanitiser spray to your bags! Your favourite beauty destination, MyGlamm promises to keep you safe and clean during this pandemic. So what to wait for?  Scroll down below to know more about our sanitizing spray & get yourself one!


How to Use  Disinfecting or Surface Spray 


Hand Sanitizer Spray: Hand sanitisers should only be used when your hands are clean. And then use the right amount of sanitiser on the palm of your one hand. Then rub both the palms of your hands thoroughly until it gets absorbed. And then allow your hands to dry without wiping or rinsing.

Surface Sanitizer Spray: You can start with cleaning the area you want to disinfect with a cloth, soapy water, or a cleaning spray. And then spray sanitiser in the area you want to clean.

Know The Benefits Of Sanitizer Sprays & Buy Disinfectant Spray Online From MyGlamm!


With the latest developments during the Coronavirus pandemic, one such development that changed the way of living & travelling is a sanitiser spray that promises to keep your body, hands, and surfaces free from any germs. Let us know the multiple benefits of the sanitiser spray for surface, disinfectant spray for hands, and best disinfectant sprays for the body!


  • Hygiene & Cleanliness: A sanitizing spray is mainly designed to kill and eliminate germs, bacteria, and microorganisms from the body, hands, and surfaces. 


  • Accessibility & Portability: The best part about these sanitizing sprays is that they are quite easy to use, highly portable, and convenient. These are the best alternatives for soaps that can be used during travelling and can be stored in a car or bag.


  • Ideal For Public Areas: In public places, germs are more likely to spread and infect people due to the crowd. Thus, sanitizing sprays are quite useful in places such as offices, hospitals, and classrooms, and are effective too.


  • Minimizes the chance of falling sick: Sanitizing your hands, body, and surfaces a few times throughout the day helps in killing germs that can cause flu, colds, and other illnesses, and reduces the chances of falling ill.


  • Long-lasting & Cost-Effective: With a shelf life of 2-3 years, these hand sanitiser sprays, surface sanitiser spray, and body disinfectant spray are relatively inexpensive too.

Choosing the right & the most effective Disinfectant Spray For You:


Sanitizing spray is available in liquid, foam, and easy-flowing formulations. But buying these surface sanitiser sprays, body sanitiser sprays, and disinfectant spray for hands are quite typical and should be bought with full precautions. Let us know how to buy the most effective sanitizing sprays with proper guidelines!


Moisturizing Ingredients:

Before buying any body, hand, or surface disinfectant spray, you should check if they have ingredients such as Aloe or Vitamin E that help your hands remain soft, and also reduces redness, itching, or irritation.


60 Percent Or More Alcohol Content:

You should always consider buying a sanitiser spray that has an alcohol concentration of at least 60% or more that remains effective at killing germs.


Bottle Type:

You should try searching for sanitisers available with a pump, instead of conventional squeeze bottles as they are inconvenient for children to use.


Does Not Contain Chemicals & Scents: Before buying a sanitizing spray, buy one that is free from parabens, petroleum ingredients, ammonia, and synthetic fragrances. And if your sanitiser is scented, then it means that it is packed with toxic chemicals.

Should Not Contain Dyes Or Artificial Colors:

A sanitiser spray should not contain any artificial colours or dyes.


Top-Selling Sanitizing Spray Price

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