Buy Best Lipsticks Online in India with Unique Lipstick Shades & Textures

One of the most common makeup essentials you’ll find in any woman’s bag is lipsticks. We are practically married to our favourite lipstick shades, so much so that we wear the same lip shade from days in the office to nights on cocktails. But it’s time to expand your lip makeup wardrobe with MyGlamm long lasting lipsticks to include a colour for any vibe (or Instagram post) without breaking the bank.

Full lip colour can do so much to your entire look. Be it going for a sultry look with dark lips and bold eyeshadow or a fun and flirty evening with punchy pink lips - the right lipstick colour can boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. Aside from picking the best lipstick combos & offers, you also have so many types of lipsticks online. From glossy nudes to bold matte lipsticks with creamy textures to amazing colour options like pink, purple, red, mauve, orange, coral, peach, maroon, brown, nude and many more are available in stick, crayon and liquid formulations - the options are endless.

Plus with so many lipstick textures and finishes, it’s impossible not to find a lipstick to your liking. If you’re looking to buy lipsticks online then MyGlamm is your best bet. Choose from our wide selection of matte lipsticks, creamy matte lipsticks, lipstick crayon, liquid lipsticks, high shine lipsticks and end your search for the next best lipstick in India here.

How To Apply Lipstick Correctly? Choose Lipstick Shades & Colors

You think you slather your lipstick shades on and it’s done. Well, ladies… Here's a secret, that’s a job half done. To apply your lipstick colors correctly and fabulously, allow us to give you some cues. Add these steps to your daily routine to transform your beauty game.

  1. Always begin by applying a lip balm. To achieve a glamourous pout you need to prepare a smooth base. A nourishing lip balm will not only make your lips soft, but it will also make sure your lipstick colour lasts all day long. And hey, who wants dry, chapped lips anyway?! 

  2. Apply a concealer. If you worry about an uneven lip tone, give your lipstick colour a base to hang onto. Applying concealer to the lips will help your lipsticks deliver long-lasting colour. 

  3. Always line your lips. This will help prevent your lipstick colour from bleeding. Lip liners will help you achieve a more defined pout. Trace over your natural lip line and that’s it! It is after this step that you should apply your lipstick. 

  4. Always blot your lips once you’re done. Do this by gently squeezing lips together over a tissue. Blotting will keep your lipstick colour in place. 

Ways To Use Lipsticks As Different Makeup Products

Your lipsticks can be used in multiple ways, get set to save some bucks!


  1. Use your lipstick as a blush- This will give you the same effect as given by a cream-based blush. Pick the right shade, dab a bit of the lipstick on your cheeks and blend it well with your fingers.

  2. Use your lipstick as a bronzer- A brown lipstick colour can easily be used as a bronzer. Use it like you would use a contour stick to make your face look sharp and sculpted.

  3. Use your lipstick as an eyeliner- Have your liquid lipsticks lying around in a corner? It’s time to try vibrant eye makeup looks, by using it as an eyeliner.

  4. Use your lipsticks as an eyeshadow- Using lipstick as an eyeshadow will help you achieve a look that’s super durable and smudge-proof. Note: Blend it well!

  5. Use your lipsticks as a concealer- A red lipstick colour can help you conceal dark circles. Apply it as a colour corrector before you perfect your base for face makeup. Voila! Your concealer to cover dark circles is now handy.

Unexpected Lipstick Benefits That Every Woman Should Know Of!

Lipstick is one makeup product that’s almost every woman’s favourite, in fact, it’s an obsession! It’s wonderful how lipstick transforms your look from dull to diva when you apply the correct lipstick shade. So before you get your hands on another lipstick combo or even a single piece, we’d love to introduce you all to the benefits of lipsticks!

Hydrates Lips

Lipsticks contain ingredients that make the lips stay hydrated & moisturised. Moisturising elements in lipsticks range from Aloe Vera to Vitamin E. They prove to be quite effective lip products that prevent lips from cracking and drying.

Protects From UV Damage

Nowadays, many lipsticks are available in the market that come with a sun protection formula to keep the lips protected from UV Rays. Thanks to such lipsticks that make the lips look & feel better. So shield your lips from these harmful rays and make way for SPF lipsticks.

Boost Confidence & Sets The Mood

Swipe your favourite lipstick shade & set your mood right. Lipsticks have the power to boost a woman’s confidence & give a sense of power. Not only this, but they also make you feel refreshed & give you that all-powerful look.

Defines Lips

Lipsticks make your lips look more attractive and defined. From enhancing the shape to making lips look fuller, there are so many benefits of lipsticks.

Best-Selling Lipstick Price List

Who said good things don’t come easy? Have a look at our best-selling lipstick price list and bring home MyGlamm lipsticks online with absolute ease and at affordable prices.

Last Updated: 23rd July 2024

Shop For Best Selling Lipsticks At MyGlamm

Do you love matte lipsticks? Do you have a special place in your heart for shiny lipstick colours? Choose from a wide range of matte, glossy, liquid, and metallic lipsticks! No matter what formula you ache for, MyGlamm has it all. You dream of a shade and we have it - Use MyGlamm Shade Finder to surf through our huge range of lipstick colours. And not just that, we help you repair skin damage as well! Take care of your lips with MyGlamm lip care products. 

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At MyGlamm, you’ll find a wide range of the best lipsticks for Indian skin tones that provide luscious colour and intense coverage. Almost like, each shade is made specifically for you. Our crème de la crème lipstick shades come in a great selection of textures and finishes. Splurge out, ladies! Create bold, vivid looks or opt for something subtle with our long-lasting lipsticks that are available in various finishes. Want to recreate a celebrity makeup look? Want to learn more about a particular makeup product? Head to the MyGlamm blog right now! 

At MyGlamm we bring you the best of makeup online, featuring a wide range of high-quality products. Cute, sassy, smart, sexy, elegant - the options are unlimited when it comes to creating various looks with our top-notch makeup products. So, don’t hold back - encash our ongoing offers and upgrade your vanity with the best of makeup! Sit back, relax and shop incredible makeup from the comfort of your couch, head on to the MyGlamm website or download our online cosmetic app.


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Q: What is the most popular color lipstick?

Some of the most popular colour lipsticks are nudes, reddish-pink, hot red, and coral.

Q: How do I choose a lipstick color?

To choose a lipstick colour, below are some of the factors you should consider: Always know your skin tone and undertone. Always consider your outfit’s colour and type. Determine the shape of your lips. Also, it’s the best to decide the lipstick colour according to the occasion.

Q: Which lipstick goes with every dress?

Beautiful red lipstick goes with every dress. It completes any outfit and makes the look amazing.

Q: Is it OK to wear lipstick everyday?

Yes it’s okay to wear lipstick every day only if you take care of certain factors such as: Keeping the lips moisturised. Prepping up the lips properly. Buying a branded lipstick that’s enriched with natural feel-good ingredients.

Q: Can lipsticks cause lips to darken?

As long as you’re prepping your lips before lipstick application, buying branded lipstick with healthy ingredients in it, and applying & removing it correctly, your lips are prevented from darkening.

Q: What are the benefits of wearing lipstick?

There are many benefits of wearing lipstick such as: It makes you look confident. It completes your look and makes you look beautiful. It makes you feel good about yourself and allows you to step out in swag. It moisturizes, protects, and hydrates your lips. It defines your lips and brightens your smile too.

Q: Which lipstick is best for daily use?

Any lipstick that’s branded, contains feel-good ingredients, and is chemical-free is absolutely best for daily use. One lipstick that’s the best for daily use is MyGlamm’s LIT creamy matte lipstick