Buy Best Sindoors Online in India For A Flawless Traditional Look!

We all have grown up watching our mothers apply sindoor & wondering what it is for, right? Sindoor is one imperative cultural practice that women have been following for ages. Sindoor, also known as vermilion, becomes an essential part of every woman’s daily grandeur signifying their married life. And since women have to apply it every day, MyGlamm is here to spoil them with choices of sindoor types, colours, & formulas. So what are you waiting for? Tap the add to cart button & say hello to a new definition of liquid sindoors that we have for you online!

How To Apply Sindoor? 

Sindoor is an integral part of face makeup for married women in Indian society as per Hindu rituals. And since married women are supposed to apply sindoor as a part of a tradition, why not do it in style? So if you are intrigued about how to apply powder or liquid sindoor on your forehead in style, we’ve done our homework for you. Below are some amazing ways to put sindoor in unique styles! 

  • Initially, you have to decide the type of parting and hairstyle you would like to keep. Keeping that in mind, you can either go by the basic way of applying sindoor on your forehead in the mid part or put a little dot for your side part hairstyle.

  • Make sure to always apply sindoor with the help of a stick to avoid untidiness. 

  • To add some extra beauty to your look, pull off a traditional outfit with a tiny bindi making your liquid sindoor look more elevated.

  • Rocking liquid sindoor with your western outfit would surely add a pinch of modernity to your overall look.

  • You can also play up with colours as per your outfit. Choose from different hues of reds, orange, maroon, or anything that you’d like. 

Why You Should Apply/Buy Sindoor

In Indian society, sindoor is an important ritual that every woman follows. According to Hindu mythology, women put powder or liquid sindoor on their forehead for their husband’s good health and long life. In today’s modern times, few married women apply sindoor as a part of tradition while some do it to elevate their overall appearance and feel happy.

Shop For The Best Liquid Sindoor Online at MyGlamm 

Your favourite online beauty destination is all set to make every married woman look classically modern with our liquid sindoors online. We have the best liquid sindoors online that are free from Lead & Mercury and are instead infused with feel-good ingredients making them perfect for everyday use. We are also PETA approved, cruelty-free, and vegan, so you can use our sindoor and other products without any guilt. We’ll make sure you visit us again & again to enjoy our ultra-glamorous products and you’ll know every penny is worth it!

Buy Sindoors & Other Beauty Products Online At MyGlamm

MyGlamm is India’s favourite online beauty store that has taken the beauty game a notch higher. The store doesn’t simply have safe & beautiful liquid sindoors online but a wide collection of other beauty & makeup products too. Over the past years, we’ve made sure to deliver impeccable product quality without making you go heavy on your pocket. If you are looking for a destination to know about beauty hacks and trending makeup tips, then you should not miss out on checking our blog section. We also have an interesting reward program that allows you to have a memorable shopping experience with us. Also, if you are keen to learn about some unique makeup techniques and want to recreate your ideal celeb look, you should check out MyGlamm’s Youtube Channel where the content is curated by our team of talented beauties! Download the best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ & keep shopping!

FAQs For Sindoor


Q - Which liquid sindoor is best?


MyGlamm’s Pure Love Sindoor is the best liquid matte sindoor. Available in two colours, red and maroon, this sindoor is free from harmful ingredients such as mercury and lead. It’s the best for so many good reasons such as it offers high coverage, gives an amazing matte finish, has a beautiful sandalwood fragrance, is smudge-proof, and most importantly has a long-lasting formula.

Q - Does sindoor cause hair loss?


Just like any other skincare or beauty product, you should choose sindoor by paying full attention to detail. From the brand, ingredients, to formula and every other thing contributes to making a sindoor safe for you. So always buy skin-friendly sindoor from a well-known brand having feel-good ingredients that do not include mercury and lead. This will make sure you don’t experience hair loss or any other skin allergies.

Q - What is the formula for sindoor?


MyGlamm’s liquid sindoor is made up of Sorbitol, Sodium Benzoate, Glob Gum, Colours, Water. This formula of this sindoor is long-lasting. And what makes our sindoors unique is they are free from from hazardous ingredients like Lead, Mercury and other elements such as Sulphur, Silicone, and Mineral Oil.

Q - Which brand is best for sindoor?


It's always important to choose a reputable brand that uses natural, high-quality ingredients. One such brand is MyGlamm. MyGlamm is the best sindoor brand that doesn’t uses hazardous ingredients like Lead, Mercury and other elements such as Sulphur, Silicone, and Mineral Oil in their liquid sindoors. MyGlamm’s liquid sindoors are quick-drying, long-lasting, smudge-proof, water-resistant and sweatproof. 

Q - Where can I get sindoor?


You can get liquid sindoors at India’s best sindoor brand online: MyGlamm. All you have to do is go through their website or app, search for liquid sindoor online, add to your cart and get it delivered to your home.

Q - What is the difference between Kumkum and sindoor?


Kumkum and sindoor are closely related but distinct cosmetic products. Kumkum is a red powder made from turmeric and lime, often used for religious and auspicious purposes. Sindoor, on the other hand, is a vermilion-based powder that is specifically associated with married women and various Hindu rituals.

Q - How to style sindoor?


Sindoor is typically applied in the parting of the hair or on the forehead, often in a small, round dot or line. The amount and placement of sindoor can vary based on personal preference and cultural traditions. Some women also incorporate sindoor into their hairstyles or accessorise it with other traditional jewelry.


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