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The world has become a busy place where we sometimes fail to take care of the most important things. In an environment where pollution is at its peak, sun rays are like crazy, and changing weather comes like normal, our feet go through a lot of wear and tear every day. So, just like taking care of your hairdo, face skincare, and the outfit is important, why do we ignore our feet? Well, you might have got quite a fancy collection of skincare products, it’s incomplete without an antifungal foot cream today. Foot creams are bliss in current times to treat your feet most kindly. From keeping feet germ-free to softening feet, foot creams are truly magical giving you a plethora of benefits. 

At MyGlamm, we’ve all sorts of foot creams for fungus, and moisturising creams to level up your current skincare routine. Be it any skin type, there’s a foot cream for everybody. MyGlamm is the best destination for skincare and makeup that’s here to amp up your routine and shower products in the best quality and most authentic way. So, before we move ahead, we want to give you a quick sneak peek of the best foot creams we have for you!

How To Use Foot Cream

Foot creams are like those super tools that not only protect the skin but also leave them healthy and beautiful looking. And now that you know the power of foot cream, we want you to know how to use a foot cream:

  • The best way to start applying a foot cream is by washing your feet with warm water first.

  • Then, take some coin-sized amount of foot cream, dab a few dots, and massage it onto your feet in circular motions. Massaging it softly, especially on the pressure points, improves blood circulation and promotes faster healing.

Best Selling Body Foot Cream Price

Price is one of the primary reasons for the way people shop. MyGlamm brings you some of the best foot creams under one roof. Take a glance at our exciting range of foot creams with the product details:

MyGlamm WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Foot Cream: Infused with the natural goodness of feel-good ingredients such as cocoa butter, tea tree oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, this foot cream not only keeps your feet germ-free but also softens and soothes the skin. Adding to this, this foot cream purifies the skin and reduces redness and irritation. All these benefits in one-foot cream? Yes, and that too only at  ₹ 127!

Shop For Best-Selling Foot Creams Online At MyGlamm

It’s not just an exclusive collection of the best foot creams, there’s a lot we’d like you to experience with us at MyGlamm. MyGlamm is one of the most favourite brands for men and women, it’s PETA approved, cruelty-free and vegan too. Our foot creams are power-packed with natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, rosemary oil, lavender oil, etc. We’re sure you’ll all have an unforgettable experience and keep coming back to us for more, more, and more!

Buy Foot Cream & Other Skin Care Products Online At MyGlamm

MyGlamm is India’s favourite shopping destination for men and women, both. We do not only have the best foot creams but a wholesome pandora of other luxurious makeup and skincare products too. Over the past few years, we’ve made sure to serve you as our own family and deliver you the best products in time. If you are on a hunt for a place to learn some amazing beauty hacks, we have a special blog section for you. To up your shopping level, you should definitely check out our reward program. If you’re thinking to recreate any of your fav celeb's looks, you should surely watch MyGlamm’s youtube channel for the latest updates by our team of well-versed beauty experts. So why wait for? Check out and download the best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ and get your shopping carts filled with our products and warmth, of course! Stress less, shop more, and yes, don’t forget to look glamorous with MyGlamm!


What does foot cream do?

The foot cream is an essential skin care product treating all your feet' skin woes. From soothing the skin, and treating cracked feet, to protecting your feet from germs, a foot cream plays many roles.

How often should you use foot cream?

You should use a foot cream every day, at least twice plus whenever your feet get dry. You can use it once after your morning shower and once before going to bed.

Should I put socks on after applying foot cream?

Yes, you can put socks on after applying a foot cream to seal in the moisture. The best way to go about it is to wear a pair of 100% cotton fabric socks.


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