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When you are in a hurry and want to pick something for the party that completes your party glam look, lip gloss is something you can go to. Lip gloss does the magical job of adding that extra shine over your lips or lipstick. Its smooth, silky formula keeps your lips buttery soft and the moisture protects your lips from getting chapped.

Lip gloss for girls is their perfect partner to be carried in their small purse or sling bag. It’s easy to apply, affordable, and comes in various shades and flavours. If you want to take your beauty game to the next level, then you must have a lip gloss that is made with a long-lasting formula and is highly pigmented giving that perfect tint to your lips. And your favorite online shopping destination for beauty ‘MyGlamm’ offers you the best lip glosses with long-lasting formulas and unique shades. 

If you are not fond of colour and tints, you can try clear lip gloss or when going for a party, glitter lip gloss would go. We have got you all sorts of lip glosses that you’ve heard of. From flavoured lip gloss to the clear lip gloss you’ll get it all here. Have a look at all that MyGlamm has to offer you!

How to Remove Lip Gloss?

Removing lip gloss is super easy and simple. You can try some easy ways and get rid of any lip stain. Here are a few ways to remove your lip gloss stain.

  • Coconut Oil- Yes, this oil has multiple utility benefits. It is used in face packs as nourishment for the skin, and it also works wonderfully as a lip gloss remover. Just dab a cotton pad with oil and clean the lip gloss tint.

  • Vaseline- It’s already something people use over before applying any cosmetic on their lips. A lip balm or vaseline works well as a lip gloss remover too.

  • Lip Scrub- Usually, the role of the scrub is to remove dead skin from the skin. But it also works well to remove lip gloss.

Best Selling Lip Gloss Price

Buy Lip Gloss online at MyGlamm for a reasonable price. Take a look at our best selling lip gloss price and details.

K.Play Flavoured Lip Gloss - This lip gloss comes in 12 yummy fruity flavours that will give you a major sweet tooth. It is a high shine lip gloss that gives a glossy finish & the highly pigmented formula makes it glide perfectly on the lips. What’s so great about the K.Play lip gloss range is the fact that they are enriched with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E. These 2 ingredients moisturize and hydrate your lips leaving them smooth and soft. Best of all, you’ll get all the awesomeness of this lip gloss in just ₹595.

Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lip Gloss - This high shine lip gloss can be used in two ways, you could either pair it with lipstick and amp up the shade or wear it alone and still shine bright. This glitter lip gloss is your ticket to stand out on any occasion, and at any time – day or night. A single stroke of this hi-shine lip gloss is all it takes to get glamorous, shimmery lips. And it lives up to its name; depending on the way the light hits you, with every move you make, the colour turns a shade. But that’s not all! This lip gloss is free of preservatives, nano-ingredients, mineral oils, D5 and is still priced at just 1050. Isn’t that amazing?

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Who doesn’t want a fuller, glossy pout? Forget about going under the knife, lip glosses are your shortcut to getting lustful lips. Confused? Well, lip gloss isn’t what you remember it to be - clear, sticky, and messy. The new generation of lip glosses that have taken over the runways and red carpets have long-lasting, non-sticky formulas, are highly pigmented, and leave you with a gorgeous shine.

Luckily, at MyGlamm we provide you with the best cruelty-free lip glosses online. These moisturizing lip glosses nourish your lips while adding a hint of colour and a whole lot of glam. It also plumps up your lips with the lustrous, shiny & hydrating formula. At MyGlamm, you’ll get a variety of lip gloss shades and formulas that suits all Indian skin tones perfectly. So, if you’re looking for different types of lip glosses, then you are in the right place. Be it pigmented lip gloss, moisturising lip gloss, high shine lip gloss, clear lip gloss, vegan lip gloss, glitter lip gloss, cruelty-free lip gloss, vitamin e lip gloss, or even a flavoured lip gloss, we have got you covered. 

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