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The real truth is our hands get exposed to a lot of things on an everyday basis. Hands are basically like super tools making our lives easier. There’s no doubt that our hands do so much for us. Be it from helping us manage our house, stepping out for work, or casually hanging out, the list is quite a long one. But don’t you think we neglect our hands way too much more than any other body part? Well, yes! So just like any other body part, our hands too need a bit of extra love and care. That’s when hand creams come into the picture! Hand creams not only protect the skin from drying out but also reduce the appearance of ageing signs. To make a difference to your unprotected and damaged skin, our collection of some of the best hand creams in India will help you out! Our hand creams for women not only slay in killing germs but also help your hands stay protected and moisturised. 


As compared to other brands, the hand cream price at MyGlamm won’t leave you disappointing and will give you the best quality instead. So what are you thinking about!? Get ready to level up your skincare routine and add some of these best hand creams for dry hands. 

How To Choose Best Hand Cream For Dry Hands


Whatever concern your skin might have, there’s always something for everything. Hand creams are many in the market today, but which one’s the best for you is quite a difficult question. To choose the most ideal hand moisturizer, some below factors should be taken into consideration. So before you move ahead and blindly pick any hand cream, we’d suggest you go through these factors. Trust us, this will definitely help you choose the best moisturizing hand cream for your skin!

Skincare Type: 

The first and foremost important thing to consider while choosing the best hand moisturizer is knowing your skincare type. These hand creams are made with ingredients and properties, especially for specific skin types. For oily and normal skin types, water-based hand smoothing creams are good. Whereas a thick hand cream is perfect for a dry skin type. So, whatever your skin type is, choose according to it for the most effective results.


When you buy hand creams online or offline, it’s important to pay attention to their ingredients. Ingredients play an important role in maintaining the effectiveness of hand cream. Look for natural ingredients such as tea tree extracts, cocoa butter, tulsi oil, neem oil, lemon oil, cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, etc.

Sun Protection

Our hands get exposed to a lot of things such as objects, pollution, harmful rays of the sun, etc. To protect your hand, it’s best to choose a hand cream that has properties, giving sun protection and saving the skin from the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. 

Best Selling Hand Cream Price

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MyGlamm WIPEOUT Germ-Killing Hand Cream: Enriched with natural ingredients such as tea tree extracts, neem oil, lemon oil, eucalyptus oil, etc., this hand cream not only kills germs but also treats dry skin, softens hands, fights infections, heals irritated skin, and soothes the skin too. The best part!? You get all these benefits in one hand cream only at ₹ 127!

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Have you ever thought about how ignorant people become when it comes to taking care of their hands? Well, here’s some good news we’d like to share with you. No matter how many skin care products you buy, hand cream is a must every person should have. At MyGlamm, we offer a complete range of the best hand creams giving you great quality with service. Not just that, our hand creams contain natural ingredients such as rosemary oil, neem oil, tea tree extracts, lemon oil, tulsi oil, etc. We are a vegan and cruelty-free brand that not only promises but leaves you with a worth-remembering and a beautiful shopping experience with us!

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