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If you think you are all ready to walk your ramp and slash the runway with all your ravishing looks, wait a second! Have you applied bronzer? No? Then you are missing the glam and golden side of your look. Bronzer brings the bronzy shade to your face that defines your face cut and gives you a perfect edge. Bronzer powder brings a warm glow and unique dimension to your face. Hence, you can’t miss including it in your makeup. Bronzer makeup when done the right way brings a sunny side to your personality with soft tan touch. You can choose from a range of various bronzer colours that suit your look and experiment at the same time. So don’t forget to shop at MyGlamm to buy the best quality bronzers online.

Types of Bronzers

Buying a bronzer depends on your skin type, tone and the type of bronzer you’ve selected to use. Once you get to know about different types of bronzers, you can easily invest in buying a bronzer palette that’s perfect for you. Bronzer in makeup plays an important role when you want to have that chiselled face. Here are different types of bronzers that you need to know before buying one. 

Powder Bronzer

As the name says, this bronzer comes in powder form and is the most commonly preferred bronzer. It's a classic form of bronzer that suits all types of skin. Apply a little amount and blend it well to attain the desired look.

Cream Bronzer

Cream bronzer is best suited for dry skin types because of its creamy texture. It helps in adding subtle yet long-lasting bronzy touch to the sides of cheeks and to other parts of the face where you want to create a shadow-like effect. Use your fingertips or an angled blending brush to get the desired outcome of a cream bronzer.

Liquid Bronzer

Liquid bronzer is somewhat similar to cream-based bronzers, the only difference is that a liquid bronzers consistency is thinner. It is easy to apply just like a liquid foundation and gives you a flawless bronzy finish.

Matte Bronzer

If you need a matte finish in your makeup? You can try a matte bronzer. It works well for different types of skin. It’s mostly used for contouring. It goes well to create definition and depth to your face. You can use it to contour the sides of your cheeks, forehead and even your nose.

Shimmer Bronzer

Shimmer bronzer goes well when you want the focus on your temple, cheekbones or even collar bones as these are the areas where light hits directly. This bronzer gives you the required warm glow of sunlight. It’s best to use while you are looking to have a summer glow and subtle shine. The benefit of having a shimmer bronzer is that you can use them as a bronzer and highlighter at the same time. But you can avoid this bronzer for contouring.

Sheer Bronzer

Sheer bronzer suits perfectly when you are looking for a natural bronzy glow. This bronzer is less pigmented and focuses more on giving you a sun-tanned look. Best to use when you are outdoors, rest sunlight will do its job.

How to Apply Bronzer?

Bronzing powder is worth including in your makeup kit but you need to know how this product is applied correctly. Choosing the right bronzer depends on your skin tone and so, always choose a bronzer that is one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Next, the brush comes into important consideration, as the quality and thickness of your brush will determine the shade you will get, also, blending has to be done well therefore, select a furry angled brush with a rounded top.

Take a small amount of bronzer over the brush and begin applying on the forehead, below cheekbones and under your jaws and blend it properly.  Begin with light and slow application and blend with circular strokes. Remember, to start always from top to bottom which ends below the jawline.

Best-Selling Bronzer Price

MyGlamm brings the hand-picked best-selling bronzer to your fingertips. Have a look at our bronzer price and other details.

POSE HD Bronzer Duo -  This HD Matte Blurring Bronzer gives you a warm brown tone to give you defined and sharp looks that’s way better than instagram filters and comes naturally. What’s good about it? It’s a duo bronzer that softens imperfections creating a natural contour. It offers a high definition look with it’s matte finish, which is light and long lasting. Try the Pose HD Bronzer that comes at an affordable price of Rs. 699.

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Craving that warm vacation glow but have nowhere to go? Now you can get it at home! Just a light sweep of a bronzer on the high points of your face can create a strong definition and adds a natural, healthy-looking glow. A bronzer should be applied in the areas where the sun would naturally hit your skin. To keep your bronzer looking natural, pick a shade that is two shades darker than your skin tone.

Bronzing products come in different formulas: creams, powders, gels and liquids. Some bronzing products are used all over the body and others are just for the face.

At MyGlamm we build products using advanced optical technology that blurs imperfections. Our makeup products are soft with a gliding texture for effortless blending, its lightweight formula ensures all-day comfort. Bronzers at MyGlamm are free from parabens, D5, mineral oil, and nano ingredients, so you can make a pick without worrying about harmful ingredients. 

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Isn’t it immensely satisfying to know that no animals were harmed for your beauty routine? We’re PETA Approved! The makeup you see here is free of animal-derived ingredients and 100% vegan. FYI, cruelty-free refers to products that are not tested on animals whereas vegan, on the other hand, refers to products that do not contain animal-derived ingredients. 

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