Hi-Shine Lipgloss

Hi-Shine Lipgloss

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Lipsticks are fun and fine but there’s something extra special about a hi-shine lip gloss. This understated lip product does so much for glam and your face in general. A lip gloss can make your lips appear fuller than they really are, and thanks to the Kardashians for all that inspiration but, we do love the big lips now. Your favourite lipsticks can often make your lips look flat, due to their type of pigment and colour, but a hi-shine lip gloss won’t disappoint you. Get set to give your lips a voluminous touch with MyGlamm’s range of hi-shine lip glosses online! Because the beauty world is once again shifting its obsession to shiny lip gloss.

3 Ways To Use Hi-shine Lip Gloss

While the glossy lip already has our seal of approval, here are other ways you can use your hi-shine lip gloss

  1. Use your hi-shine lip gloss as a highlighter: Want the best beauty tip ever? Always keep thinking about how you can multitask your makeup staples. Use your finger to dab a little lip gloss under your brow bone and cheekbones just as you would do with a highlighter and voila! Watch your skin glow with perfection.

  2. Use your hi-shine lip gloss to add shimmer to your eyes: Dab your shiny lip gloss on your eyelids and make them pop! Like your makeup to give a dewy finish? Try this amazing hack to turn your hi-shine lip gloss into an eye shimmer.

  3. Use your hi-shine lip gloss to prep your lips for smooth application: Turn the whole deal around, instead of putting lip gloss over your lipstick, apply the gloss as a base. Slather on your lipstick after and feel the difference! This will elevate your lipstick.

Best Selling Hi-Shine Lip Gloss Price

Want to buy hi-shine lip gloss? Wondering the price? Goodness comes easy with MyGlamm. Here is our top selling hi-shine lip gloss price and details:

Manish Malhotra Hi-Shine Lip Gloss- This is one of our best-selling hi-shine lip glosses that has become everyone’s absolute favorite. This hi-shine lip gloss comes in 6 gorgeous shades that looks amazing on Indian skin tones. The hi-shine, non-sticky and long-lasting formula of this product is winning everyone’s heart. Best of all, the price of this shiny lip gloss is just ₹1050. Isn’t that a great deal?

Shop For Best Hi-shine Lip Gloss Online At MyGlamm

Shiny lips? We all love them. Non-stickiness, that’s how you need the formula of your hi-shine lip gloss to be. Shop for the best shiny lip gloss online at the comfort of your home. And not just that, if you’re looking for more than a perfect lip gloss, we have more lip products you’d absolutely love. Try our lipsticks, explore our lip care section! 

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