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The sky is the limit when it comes to enhancement of facial features. Makeup is the perfect way that helps you do that. The definition of makeup has completely changed & has gone beyond wearing it to only look fair. Today, women show more acceptance towards their facial features & skin tone & prefer to wear makeup to enhance their look & feel more confident. With this, people have also witnessed the evolution of makeup products. From thick kajals & red lipsticks to nude lips & contoured cheeks, there’s so much more!

At MyGlamm, our set of amazing makeup items save your time, effort & money. Sassy, bold & qualitative- the options are endless that you can try your hands on from our online store. So whatever the occasion, we’ve got the best makeup products that’ll help you experiment with your looks & make you look ready for your drool-worthy pictures!

How To Do Makeup?

Makeup uplifts confidence & makes women look attractively gorgeous. Here’s an ultimate guide of proper steps on how to do women’s makeup!

  • The first step is to cleanse the face with a mild cleanser. Try opting for a cleanser with gentle & natural ingredients. 

  • Follow up with a concealer to hide those blemishes, dark spots & circles.

  • Then, choose a foundation shade suitable for your skin type & tone. Apply it all over your face & neck and blend it well.

  • For your eyes, use an eye primer as the base for makeup. Then paint those eyelids with your favourite colour of your eyeshadow. Line your eyes on the top of it with eyeliner. Define your eyebrows, coat your eyelashes, & end it with applying a kajal.

  • Next, apply some blush onto the apples of your cheekbones.

  • Then use a bronzer to add a dimension to your face & highlight the high points of your face for that glow.

  • To finish off the look, line those lips with a lip liner & fill in them with your favourite colour of your lipstick.

Is Makeup Safe For Skin?

The safety of makeup depends on a lot of factors. If you choose makeup products according to your skin type, opt for branded makeup products, keep a check on the ingredients, & use them properly, it’s safe to use. Not only this, skincare & makeup habits also play an important role in the makeup staying safe on the skin.

Makeup Items: What Are The Must-Have Makeup Products?

Some solid must-have makeup items make the look go from basic to beautiful. Do you want to know what are those? Scroll down!

Primer: Another makeup product is a Primer that acts as a perfect base and lets you apply makeup items evenly. It also allows the makeup to stay for longer hours.

Concealer: You can use a makeup concealer to hide blemishes, dark spots & circles.

Foundation: One of the most important makeup products is a Foundation that acts as a base & gives an even skin tone.

Bronzer: To add a perfect dimension & warmth to the face, you can use a bronzer.

Blush: Almost every woman’s favourite is a blush that gives flushed cheeks & rosy tone to the face.

Lipstick: A good lipstick shade adds colour to the lips & completes your look.

Lip Liner: A lip liner helps to precisely outline lips in shape & make lipstick last long.

Mascara: An integral part of eye makeup is a Mascara. It coats the lashes & makes them appear voluminous.

Eyeshadow: To paint your eyelids & make eyes appear beautiful, eyeshdows are the best companions. 

Eyeliner: An eyeliner defines eyes & you can also use coloured ones instead of basic black eyeliner.

Kajal: If any makeup product can make your eyes look prettier & bigger, it’s one and only kajal.

Highlighter: For adding a perfect glow to the high points of your face, a highlighter comes to your rescue!

Makeup Remover: A makeup remover is a cosmetic product that removes makeup efficiently.

Makeup Categories:

Let us help you with some of the best makeup categories for you to understand & enjoy a colourful makeup world!

Lip Makeup: 

Let your lips look & feel beautiful & healthy with our range of lip makeup products. Our lip makeup online offers pretty colours, non-harmful ingredients, intense payoff & long-lastivity. From different textured lipsticks to lip liners & lip balms, we’ve got an exclusive range of everything you can imagine under lip makeup. So stock up on these lip makeup products online & get ready for those pout-ready selfies! 

Face Makeup:  

Want to create magic on the face?  Face makeup online shopping will help you do that and make everything fall into place. MyGlamm is a one-stop shop where you can do online shopping for makeup products of the face like primers, foundations, blush, concealers & the list goes on. We've got the best makeup products that are rooted in innovation, contain natural ingredients, keep your makeup in place & uplift the face too.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup online products range from mascaras, kajals, and eye liners to eyebrow pencils & glitters, and the list goes on. Take a dig into the world of our eye makeup & define your eyes like a queen. So because your eyes deserve the best, we want you to try your hands on our products & up your eye makeup game.


Nail Makeup: 

Do you ever pay attention to how your nails can make or break your overall makeup look? Yes, nail makeup not only elevates your nails but take your whole look to the next level. So get your nails painted with our set of matte, glitter, & hi-shine nail polishes.

Makeup Kits & Combos

Who doesn’t like to have it all in one place!? Well, all of us do! To give every woman the makeup kit & combo of their dreams, we’ve stocked up all in one place. So buy makeup online in kits & combos & wear makeup at ease, create pretty looks and pamper your face & nails!

Makeup Accessories

Makeup glams up your face & it’s accessories help you do it better. Find some of the most amazing & efficient makeup accessories from our destination & level up your makeup game. From eyeshadow brushes to lip brushes, our makeup accessories spell great multi-functional quality & spectacular packaging too.

How to Choose Makeup Products

Buying makeup products without a clear understanding can be a tedious experience and a wrong decision. So to help you choose makeup products in the best way, we’ve made the process simpler for you. Read on:


Decide Your Needs: The most important factor that helps to choose a makeup product is determining your needs. If you choose makeup products that don’t suit your needs,it is a waste of time and money. So make sure you consider your skin type, concern, brand, skin tone, and any specific feature or ingredient of your choice(if).


Budget: The second most important thing to keep in mind when choosing makeup products is budget. Make sure you have a clear budget in mind to ensure buying makeup products without digging a hole in your pocket. Look for products from trusted websites and avoid buying products from unverified or suspicious sources.

Check Product Reviews: Pay attention to reading product reviews to know about the product in real life. Make sure you don’t read too many reviews as it may leave you confused.

Cruelty-Free or Non-Toxix products: Try looking for products that are cruelty-free, non-toxic and dermatologically tested.

Our MyGlamm Top Makeup Products

We take absolute pride in introducing you to a range of our top makeup products along with their respective price rates!

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MyGlamm’s women’s makeup products are irreplaceable & deliver more than what they promise. These makeup products are easy to use, spell quality, contain magical ingredients and offer many more things. Be it long-lasting lipsticks, high-coverage compacts, voluminous mascaras or high-shine nail polishes & eyeliners, MyGlamm gives you the best online shopping experience. Best part? We’re also a cruelty-free & vegan beauty brand!

Buy Best Makeup Products Online at MyGlamm

MyGlamm’s makeup products make every woman’s shopping experience full of quality & at ease. Not only makeup products but we also have a great range of skincare, haircare, & sanitizing products in one place. So browse through our luxury range of makeup products online & upgrade your beauty routine. You can find different skincare & makeup hacks in our blog section. A reward program gives the customers a great experience. MyGlamm’s youtube channel updates you with trending details curated by our team of great beauty experts. So what next? Download the best online makeup shopping app ‘MyGlamm’ & start your shopping journey with India’s #1 beauty destination!

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Q: Is makeup safe for skin?

Yes, makeup is safe for the skin as long as you keep certain factors in mind: 

  • Make sure you buy makeup from a well-known and trusted brand.

  • Choose makeup that suits your skin type and concern. 

  • Use makeup that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and has feel-good ingredients in it.

  • Take care of your skincare needs and use products accordingly. 

  • Trust quality more than quantity.

Q: What is nude makeup?

Nude makeup is more of a natural makeup and offers subtle shadow and light instead of over-contoured faces. Nude makeup is simple, classy, and requires use of minimal makeup products.

Q: What is natural makeup?

Natural makeup is basically light makeup with natural colours and shades on eyes, lips and cheeks. Doing natural makeup creates a naturally flawless look.

Q: How often is safe to wear makeup?

If you follow a healthy skincare routine, choose products from well-known brands suiting your skin type and use makeup in the right way, it’s absolutely safe to wear makeup everyday.