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Eye Sparkle or Eye Glitter, you name anyone, it does the same job of adding a sparkling touch to your glam look. MyGlamm offers you the best glitter eyeshadow that will enhance the oomph factor in your look. Using glitter for your eye makeup is an absolute choice when you want to get the extraordinary look or when you want to be the centre of attention. Be it parties, weddings or any occasions, looking best is not just an option but a desire to stand out of the crowd. Just like a bronzer is good for highlighting those cheekbones and jawline, glitter for eyes plays the same role. MyGlamm eye glitters or eye sparkles come with a very safe formula that every beauty guru approves of. So, If you are looking for the best loose glitter eyeshadow online, then you are at the right place.

How To Apply Loose Eye Glitter?

Trying new eye makeup products requires the right technique to use it. Therefore, here's a quick method to apply loose eye glitter. Just follow each step below one by one carefully.


Step 1

Clean your eyelids using a cleanser and then moisturise your lids well using a gentle moisturiser

Step 2

This one is an important step since you want your eye glitter to stay back for long. Use a good primer to prepare the skin base for eye glitter application. It will be good if you use eye glitter primer instead of a regular one, as a regular primer will not be enough to hold back the glitters.

Step 3

Once you are done with the application of primer, apply the base eyeshadow you have selected. Remember, your eyeshadow shade should match the eye glitter you have chosen.

Step 4 

Here comes the step of glitter application. Either you can use your finger to apply glitter or precise brush to apply them perfectly on lids. Now take a small amount of glitter and slowly dab on your lids. Start from the center and proceed toward sideways to complete. Give it some time to settle out, do not look down and keep your eyes close.

Step 5

Clean up the extra traces of glitters around the skin by dabbing a small piece of cotton, this will take away extra glitters

How To Remove Eye Glitter?

Removing glitter makeup is something we think is a difficult job, but it isn’t. You need the right trick and tips and you are there. Here are the details and steps for you to follow. Before you begin just a small point you need to know, do not wash your face directly without doing removal steps.

Step 1

If you have glitter makeup remover, you can use it to take away the glitter or else you can use regular makeup remover. 

Step 2

Take a small piece of cotton and add a few drops of remover. Now dab the cotton over your glittery eyes. Repeat until you have all the glitters removed. Remember don’t rub to remove the glitter, otherwise, it will hurt the delicate eyelids.

Step 3

Now wash your face with a cleanser and pat dry. If you find any glitters stuck around, then you can take scotch tape and place it on eyelids and gently remove it, this shall remove the extra glitters.

Best selling Eye Glitter Price

MyGlamm offers glitter eyeshadows at a price that soothes your pocket. You can buy our best selling LIT Lip & Eye Sparkle at just Rs. 445 that comes in 6 different colour shades which looks gorgeous on the eyes. The glitter particles in this eye sparkle are so tiny that it’ll not be harsh on your lids and will give a smooth finish to the eye makeup with minimum fallout. Free from preservatives, D5, oil, mineral oil and nano ingredients, this eye glitter is the safest one you can get at such an affordable price.

Shop for Best Selling Glitter Eyeshadow Online at MyGlamm

Experimenting with different styles and trying new trends in makeup can be hesitant if you don’t know the right makeup products. Glittery eyes cannot be missed by a makeup artist or fashionista when they are creating the best glam look. If you want to top the game of glamorous looks, you need to add glitter eyeshadow to your eye makeup combo. MyGlamm presents the best products in the segment of glitter makeup for eyes. Once you get your hands on our eye glitters, they’ll be your favourite product to use in your party makeup looks. You just need to master the way to apply loose eye glitter and you are all set.

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MyGlamm offers the best beauty products in every segment along with glitter eyeshadow. We are proud to say that our products are cruelty-free and support the green movement. At MyGlamm, we create products that are 100% safe and don't cause any harm to the skin. We have all the beauty products and skincare products that you need to complete your makeup look and to take care of your skin. 

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