15 Fringe Haircuts That Are Quirky, Fun & Edgy

fringe haircuts

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New job? Get a fringe! Had a bad breakup? Opt for a fringe! Need a quick makeover? You guessed it right, fringe it is. The fringe haircut (other than going extremely short) can instantly give your look the makeover it requires to look different and stand out. It has the ability to correct the shape of your face, hide a large forehead, and give your already cool and edgy hairstyle a fun and quirky touch. You’d actually be surprised as to how the right fringe can instantly make your face look younger. Whether you choose to go with a full blown fringe or side bangs, there are so many renditions of this fun haircut that one can incorporate into their looks. From choppy layers to poker straight locks, scroll down to see 15 of the hottest, coolest, and trendiest fringe haircuts you can try out without hesitation today!

Fringe Hairstyles 


A lot of people get scared when it comes to getting a fringe haircut, and it’s totally understandable. But, there’s no need to worry, especially when you style your hair in the right manner. Whether you’re looking for side bangs, fringes, or curtain bangs, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 15 fringe haircuts you can dive into today.

1. Curly Hair Bangs

curly fringe hairstyle

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This gorgeous fringe haircut is perfect for curly or wavy hair. The messy curls add some volume, while giving your hair shape and texture. Remember to add some hair oil to the ends to give your curls a little shine and bounce.

2. Wavy Hair With Bangs

Wavy fringe haircut

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If you’re looking for the perfect fringe haircut, then this one is meant for you! The straight front bangs, paired with the highlighted waves makes for a great go-to for anyone with hair like this.


3.Curly Hair With Bangs & Ponytail


curly fringe haircut with ponytail

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Amp up your boring ponytail with this fringe haircut perfect for those with curly hair. Twirl your front fringe to give it a little bit of volume and texture and scrunch your ponytail for that messy effect.


4. Side-Swept Bangs


Side swept fringe haircut

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Pull your straight hair back into a ponytail and let your side-swept bangs steal the show. This fringe haircut is great for that medium length hair that is straight. You can even add a few accessories to this look to jazz it up a little.


5. Wispy Fringe For Long Hair


fringe haircut for long hair

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Looking to amp up your layered hair? Then this long fringe haircut is perfect for you. The wispy fringe blends well with the layers and also adds a youthful look to your face. Throw in an ombre hair colour at the ends, and you are good to go!


6. Straight Layers With A Fringe


Straight hair fringe haircut

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Get inspired by this Gigi Hadid fringe haircut that uses layers paired with a poker straight fringe to amp up and add texture to your hair.


7. Wavy Hair Fringe Hairstyle With Highlights


wavy fringe haircut

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Go for wispy bangs with your wavy long hair! This wavy fringe haircut is great if you want to add volume to your hair. Just remember to use the right kind of hair care products when caring for your locks. The right shampoo and conditioner can go a long, long way.


8. Wispy Curtain Bangs With Heavy Layers

fringe haircut with heavy layers

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This fringe haircut is great for those with thin and fine hair. The heavy butterfly haircut adds layers and volume to the hair, while the medium curtain bangs give it shape.

9. Blunt Lob With Bangs


Blunt lobo fringe haircut

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The hairstyle with fringes is perfect for those with short hair, this haircut is apt for those who want to take the leap of faith and chop the length.

10. Wispy Bangs With Messy Hair


messy hair fringe haircut

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This messy fringe haircut is apt for those with a lot of layers. The bangs blend well into the rest of the hair, giving it dimension and texture at the same time. You can wear this hairstyle in a ponytail or a bun, whatever tickles your fancy. Remember to use a hair conditioner though—we want messy not unruly.


11. Mess Bob Haircut With Fringe


mess fringe haircut

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If you have short hair and are shying away from getting the perfect fringe haircut, then this may put your worries at ease. This uber short lob hairstyle paired with side curtain bangs, makes for a great go-to for those who wish to go with this length. You can even style this hairstyle with messy beach waves or even wear it poker straight.


12. Long Curtain Fringe With Light Layers

fringe haircut with side layer

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Volume but not over-the-top, this fringe haircut seamlessly blends your bangs into the rest of your layers. Pair it with some deep highlights and your hair will get the makeover it deserves.

13. Butterfly Haircut With Side-Swept Fringes


Fringe cut with butterfly hairstyle

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Go for a gorgeous butterfly hairstyle and pair it with long and wispy fringes that leave your hair with a bounce. Make sure to blowdry your fringe haircut outwards, for that wispy and messy effect.


14. Messy Waves With A Light Fringe

messy fringe haircut

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If you’ve got dramatically wavy hair, then this messy fringe haircut is meant for you. The layers accentuate your hair type, add volume and texture, and paired with the lightweight fringe, it gives an overall youthful vibe to your look.


15. Straight Cut Lob With Fringes


Straight cut fringe haircut

Image courtesy - Pinterest


If you do want a rather dramatic chop, then this celebrity-favourite bob fringe haircut. The blunt haircut is great for those looking to amp up their boring look. It works particularly well if you’ve got a long face.

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A fringe haircut is the perfect way to give yourself a makeover without going all out! Pair it with choppy layers, or go straight and simple, no matter what you choose this hairstyle is sure to get head’s turning. 


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