35 Wolf Cut Hairstyle Ideas That Will Make You Look Super Trendy This Season

Wolf cut hairstyle

The wolf cut hairstyle is trending and everyone who's anyone is rocking the hair trend. Even celebs can’t get enough of the wolf haircut style as it gives off a stylish edge that is personalised to suit every hair type, hair texture, and face shape. Check out this list of different kinds of wolf cut hairstyles to find the right one for you.


Wolf Cut Hairstyle Ideas To Try in 2024


Wolf cut hairstyles are a mix of two popular current haircut trends, aka the shag haircut and the mullet. Both these trending hairstyles feature a mix of layers and bangs. While the mullet is a short haircut, the shag haircut can be short, long, or mid length. When put together, it results in unique wolf haircut looks.

1. Classic Wolf HairCut

Classic Wolf Cut


This is what the classic wolf cut looks like. The length of this is shoulder-grazing and can be identified as a texturised lob or a medium-length layered cut.


2. Wolf Cut On Medium Hair

Wolf Cut On Medium Hair


Medium length is ideal for wolf cut hairstyles to look more wearable and versatile.


3. Wolf Cut On Long Hair

Wolf Cut On Long Hair


Wolf haircut hairstyles on long hair have a magical quality. This cut adds movement and bounce to long hair.


4. Wolf Cut On Short Hair

Wolf Cut On Short Hair


Wolf haircut styles look super cute and chic when adapted for shorter hair lengths too. This bob style is proof.


5. Wolf Cut Long Bob

Wolf Cut Long Bob


Bookmark this wolf-cut hairstyle because it is trending in 2023. This rendition of the trend features a mix of wispy and choppy layers on a long bob hair length.


6. Wolf Cut Mullet

Wolf Cut Mullet


As the wolf cut hairstyle originated from the mullet which is a retro style, this wolf cut mullet hairstyle puts a spin on retro and current trends. Be warned: this hairstyle is not for the faint hearted!


7. Medium Length Wolf Cut On Curly Hair

Medium Length Wolf Cut On Curly Hair


If you’re wondering how the wolf cut hairstyle would look on curly hair, feast your eyes on this. As you can see it’s a perfect match.


8. Short Wolf Haircut On Curly Hair

Short Wolf Cut On Curly Hair


Wolf cuts on short curly hair are very chic too. That natural texture and volume paired with those layers and bangs makes for an avant-garde hair look.


9. Wolf Cut For Fine Hair

Wolf Cut For Fine Hair


The wolf cut hairstyle looks amazing on fine hair too but note how the layering techniques are smoother and not overly texturised. Even the fringe is longer to make the hair look fuller.


10. Wolf Cut For Thick Hair

Wolf Cut For Thick Hair


Since thick hair has a lot of room to texturise and play with layers, this hairstyle features cascading layers with curtain bangs to suit thicker hair types.

11. Wolf Cut On Wavy Curls

Wolf Cut On Wavy Curls


If you have a mixture of curly and wavy hair textures, this wolf cut hairstyle is perfect for you. It enhances your natural hair texture and helps eliminate frizz too thanks to the genius layer work.


12. Wolf Cut Without Fringe

Wolf Cut Without Fringe


Don’t want bangs? No problem. The wolf cut hairstyle looks just as good without a fringe too. You can opt for face framing tendrils instead that hit below your cheeks or on your jawline.


13. Wolf Cut With Under Dye Hair Colour

Wolf Cut With Under Dye Hair Colour


Try the wolf haircut hairstyle with the under-dye hair colour trend for a seriously trendy hair makeover. The combination of the two hair trends is a match made in heaven.


14. Wolf Cut With Money Pieces

Wolf Cut With Money Pieces


Another cool hair colour trend to try with the wolf haircut hairstyle is money pieces. Money pieces have only two face-framing tendrils on either side of a parting coloured in a lighter shade to highlight your visage.


15. Soft Layered Wolf Cut

Soft Layered Wolf Cut


Opt for softer layers for a more wearable wolf cut that is fluid and silky.


16. Texturised Wolf Cut On Straight Hair

Texturised Wolf Cut On Straight Hair


Texturised ends and piecey bangs will add dimension to wolf cut styles on straight hair.


17. Texturised Wolf Cut On Wavy Hair

Texturised Wolf Cut On Wavy Hair


For wavy hair, more layers and uniquely cropped fringes according to the face shape will help create a more texturised wolf cut hairstyle.


18. Polished Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Polished Wolf Cut Hairstyle


If you want to try the wolf cut hairstyle but don’t want it to have obvious layers that are super disconnected, ask your stylist to connect the layers and maintain a uniform length for a seamless and polished look.


19. Wolf Cut With Rounded Layers

Wolf Cut With Rounded Layers


Add bounce to your mane by opting for the wolf cut hairstyle with rounded layers. Bottleneck bangs or curtain bangs work best with this haircut.


20. Disconnected Wolf Cut Hair Style

Disconnected Wolf Cut


In this style, there is an exaggerated disconnect between the hair ends, the mid layers, and the fringe. This haircut will look best on straight hair as it instantly adds texture and lift.


21. Pixie Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Pixie Wolf Cut Hairstyle


When going in for a pixie cut, make it trendy for 2023 by opting for wolf cut layering techniques that have longer, wispy layers at the front.


22. Wolf Cut Hairstyle With Choppy Micro Bangs

Wolf Cut Hairstyle With Choppy Micro Bangs


Pair your long layered wolf cut with choppy baby bangs for a chic and edgy look. The bangs can be cut straight as well if desired.


23. Boyfriend Bob Wolf Cut Hairstyle

Boyfriend Bob wolf Cut Hairstyle


This androgynous wolf cut hairstyle looks similar to the boyfriend bob but also has evident mullet features that make it trendy and chic.


24. Wispy Wolf Cut Hairstyle On Short Hair

Wispy Wolf Cut Hairstyle On Short Hair


Don’t want to rock a very short pixie but aren’t interested in styling a bob? Try this wolf haircut look that is at bob length but looks like an overgrown pixie haircut. It’s a win-win option, especially with those wispy layers adding movement and volume.

25 . Blue Hair Wolf Haircut Style

Blue Hair Wolf Haircut Style

One of the most amazing short wolf cut is this blue hair wolf cut short hairstyle. The blue colour is a pretty colour that captures people’s attention and makes you stand out from the crowd. So if you want to try any simple yet funky wolf haircut style, let this be your inspiration. 

26. Rainbow Wolf Cut Short Hair Style

Rainbow Wolf Cut Short Hair Style
This is another cool wolf haircut style that’s an eye-catching combination of modern & expressive colours. To achieve this look, all you got to do is strategically place your colours on your hair. So get this wolf haircut & say hello to a new style of doing up your hair.

27. Red Wolf Cut Short Hair Style

Red Wolf Cut Short Hair Style
Red hair is the perfect colour that spreads bright & bold vibes. This colour complements almost all haircuts and hairstyles. You can style this haircut in different styles like curtain bangs, fringes, etc. Add this fiery red short wolf cut haircut style to your lookbook and step out in style.

28. Wolf Haircut With A Touch Of Bold Pink Streaks 

Wolf Haircut With A Touch Of Bold Pink Streaks
If you’re someone who just can’t get over the pink colour, you gotta try this wolf haircut right now! This hairstyle looks incredibly cool, and versatile, giving your hair a perfect volume. You can personalise this hairstyle with any colour of your choice in place of pink. So express your feelings in the best way and flaunt your wolf haircut style like a queen!

29. Orange Wolf Haircut Style

Orange Wolf Haircut Style

There cannot be a better combination of a fully painted orange wolf haircut style! This haircut style spreads happy vibes all over and suits all lengths and textures. 

30 . Shaved Sides Wolf Haircut Style

Shaved Sides Wolf Haircut Style

Another wolf haircut style is this shaved sides drama that you can create to make your look unique and smart. Shaved sides on this wolf haircut look quite edgy and create an impressive look. 

31. Warm Blonde Pixie Wolf Cut For Women



If you’re someone who likes to keep it minimalistic on hair, give this wolf cut for your short hair a try! This wolf haircut turns your bulky thick mane into a gorgeous and delicate frame for your face. You can opt for light colours or highlights to bring a cool vibe to your fresh hairstyle.

32. Ash Blonde Layered Wolf Cut Style For Medium Locks


It is not always important to go for basic wolf-cut hairstyles to make your hair appear thicker, as longer choppy layers and curtain bangs will also work in this direction. So if you want to bring more texture and dimension to your hair colour, you can go for an ashy blonde shade, which goes well with shadow roots.

33. Short Wolf Haircut with Vivid Colour Bangs


The choice of your hairstyle speaks a lot about your personality. So if you’re someone who likes the hairstyle to look all fun and playful, give your hair a new and modern shape with this shag wolf cut for your short hair. You can ask your hairstylist to add some colour accents to frame your face and you’re ready for the ultimate summer season!

34. Tapered Wolf Cut For Medium Hair With Contrasting Colours



The combo of short layers on the top with tapered wavy ends in contrasting shades of jet black and silver makes this wolf haircut look wow! If you have straight hair, give your locks some movement with either a flat iron or your tongs.

35.  Fluffy Wolf Haircut


This voluminous and textured wolf cut is a popular choice amongst women who love their hair to look and feel free-flowing. You can add a beautiful fluffiness to your hair by using heat styling and blow-drying. You won’t believe but the process of it is great for achieving different textures and creating curls, waves or straight hair. The more volume, the better this wolf haircut style softens your features and frames your face!

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Don’t overthink it! The wolf cut hairstyle is super versatile and trending this season. Try it out now and be sure to look bomb.

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