Edgy & Chic Mushroom Haircut Styles To Try Out This Season

mushroom haircut for women

Mushroom haircuts were popular back in the day but they are back in action thanks to a resurgence in popularity of the ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s fashion and beauty trends. Usually short and typically with a fringe, mushroom cut hairstyles are chic and meant for those who have the confidence to rock bold hair trends. If you wish to try out a mushroom haircut for girls, check out this list of haircut inspo before making the cut.

Mushroom Cut Hairstyles

Mushroom haircuts are very experimental and therefore there are a few unique styles you can try out. Styling a mushroom cut hairstyle is also great when done with light and vibrant hair colours or even basic haircare products like shampoos, conditioners, and styling gels.

  1. Pixie Mushroom Haircut


This short-cropped pixie mushroom haircut is a versatile haircut that everyone can try out. It has a clean micro fringe in the front and center which gives the illusion of a mushroom as it is connected in a curve with the rest of the hair. As you can see curly hair types can rock this mushroom haircut and so can straight to wavy hair types.

  1. Fluid Pixie Mushroom Haircut

Fluid Pixie Mushroom cut


This elegant pixie mushroom haircut is longer than the first one but it is still a boy cut that has lots of movement. There is loads of volume added to the front and crown area so that the hair looks fuller while the sides are trimmed to a shorter length.

  1. Mullet Mushroom Haircut


The mullet haircut was popular in the ’80s and now it’s back with a bang (literally). The modern mullet is characteristic to the old school version but with a whole lot of style. This mullet mushroom haircut features a choppy fringe which can be customised according to your face shape and hair texture. While the fringe is fuller, the sides are typically shorter (or buzzed if you’re going old school) and the back of the hair is longer but with loads of layers and texturising.

  1. Mushroom Bangs


This is a beautiful mushroom haircut style for long hair. Allow your hair lengths to grow and only shape it up with a light trim while you go all out with a bold fringe. This fringe style gives the effect of a mushroom cut as it is a blunt, full-bodied fringe that is styled smooth.

  1. Mushroom Bob Haircut


This is a cute and trending haircut style that you can definitely opt for to upgrade your hair game this season. It is a clean rounded bob haircut. The shape of this haircut makes it look like a mushroom cut hairstyle which is both, cute and edgy.

  1. Curly Crop Mushroom Hair Style



This is quite a funky mushroom haircut for female that’s perfect for your curly hair! While this mushroom cut for women suits wavy and curly hair, this is amazingly cute and classy hairstyle.

  1. Spiky Mushroom Cut For Ladies


Spikes are cool and can be a beautiful mushroom haircut for women. It works best especially if you’ve got thick and wavy hair. Trust us, some textured spray and a bit of hair gel, and you’re sorted!


  1. Asymmetrical Mushroom Hair Style




If you want to go for something unique & interesting, this mushroom haircut is for you! This mushroom hair style is a little messy but looks voluminous. 


  1. Blonde Mushroom Haircut



This mushroom cut hairstyle has this scissor cut at the back of the head that looks super gorgeous! You can too try this mushroom cut for a fab yet simple look!


  1. Mushroom Haircut With Very Long Bangs 


Mushroom haircut with very long bangs covers the eyes and backside hair of the head. This makes the whole hairstyle look conventionally bold!

  1. Mushroom Cut for Girls With Side-Swept Bangs



If you’ve got straight hair with no volume, this mushroom haircut for girls should be your pick! The side-swept bangs on your mushroom haircut are a great cover for your large forehead. This hairstyle not only puffs up your face but also gives your face an elongated illusion and makes the lines of your face appear sharper.

  1. Mushroom Cut For Girls With Long Hair



If you think only short mushroom haircut girls can rock, it’s time you think again! So even a long hair mushroom cut adds an element and edge to the hairstyle. You can also get your hair coloured in different shades to add an oomph factor to this mushroom cut for girls.

  1. Extra Short Mushroom Cut



Are you ready to go for a super-short mushroom cut with extra short finish? Then this choppy fringe cut style is for you! This mushroom cut is for all those people who don’t like the feel of extra fuss on their forehead. 


  1. Asymmetrical Shaved Mushroom Cut For Girls



This asymmetrical shaved mushroom cut style is quite brave and edgy. I suggest going for it only if you are extremely sure about it! 

  1. Micro Mushroom Haircut For Girls



This mushroom cut style is for those who don’t want to sport a big mushroom cut on their head. It is best suited for people who have a small, thin, or heart-shaped face.

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These are the different mushroom haircut styles that you can try out this season and look trendy AF in. There is a mushroom cut hairstyle for every type of hair texture to indulge in.

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