30 Shag Haircuts For Women To Bring A Bout Of Texture To Your Locks

Shag Haircuts for Women

Try this year's trendiest haircut trend. The shag haircut has taken over the trend charts and it is what all the ‘It girls’ are rocking. This shag hairstyle trend is all about bringing out one’s natural hair texture and adding volume or movement to the mane. Most shag haircuts for women are very low maintenance and that means you don’t have to waste much time or effort in styling them. The shag hairstyle trend suits all hair types - even frizzy and unruly locks. It typically features bangs and loads of layers from the crown to the ends. If you’re curious to know more about this haircut trend, check out this list of the various shag hairstyles that you can sport this season.

Trending Shag Haircuts For Women


Check out the trending shag haircut hairstyles and how they would look on different hair types and hair lengths.


1. Classic Shag Haircut

Classic Shag Haircut


This is the classic shag haircut trend that has been trending in 2024. This style of shag haircut is typically medium length and texturised with layers.

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2. Curly Shag Haircut

Curly Shag Haircut


If you’re wondering how the classic shag hairstyle would look on curly hair, here it is. The curly shag haircut is celeb-approved and very chic.

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3. Long Layered Shag Haircut

Long Layered Shag Haircut


While the shag haircut usually has shorter layers all over the mane, this shag haircut featuring long layers is just as stylish but with a more elegant appeal. It is ideal for long haired beauties.

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4. Voluminous Shag Haircut

Voluminous Shag Haircut


The layers used in the voluminous shag haircut style are cut in a way that makes the hair appear fuller and fluffy. This shag hairstyle has many short layers along the lengths.

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5. Vibrant Coloured Shag Haircut

Vibrant Coloured Shag Haircut


The shag haircut is elevated with a mix of vibrant hair colours. This colourful shag haircut highlights the layer work perfectly and uses careful colour placement for a trendy look.

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6. Long Bob Shag Haircut

Long Bob Shag Haircut


The lob haircut gets a whole lot of texture thanks to this long bob shag haircut style. This haircut style is versatile and low maintenance.

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7. Shag Haircut With Mohawk

Shag Haircut With Mohawk


A rendition of the shag haircut that is not for the faint-hearted, this style features a mohawk at the top for an edgy look. The bangs are kept choppy but in a straight line as the mohawk gives more height and texture at the front.


8. Curly Shag Haircut With Mohawk

Curly Shag Haircut With Mohawk


The shag haircut with mohawk on curly hair is slightly tweaked but is still as edgy. Here there are more layers created on the sides to bring out the natural curly hair texture.

9.Short & Wispy Shag Haircut

Short & Wispy Shag Haircut


Another celeb-approved shag haircut style is this wispy bob with gorgeous wavy layers. This chic haircut is perfect for anyone with wavy hair who wants to go short.

10. Shag Haircut With Micro Bangs

Shag Haircut With Micro Bangs


If you want a ’80s inspired shag haircut, try it with micro bangs or baby bangs. It can be rocked on any hair length and any hair texture.


11. Shag Haircut With Curtain Bangs

Shag Haircut With Curtain Bangs


Especially suited for straight to wavy hair, this is a shag haircut with a retro spin. The curtain bangs style is very ’70s inspired and makes this haircut style super rock n’ roll.


12. Choppy Layered Shag Haircut

Choppy Layered Shag Haircut


This type of shag haircut is great for making your hair look thicker. It has a beautiful femine quality thanks to its long, fluid layers with textured ends.


13. Soft Layered Shag Haircut

Soft Layered Shag Haircut


For a more polished effect but still featuring layers for movement and bounce, this soft layered shag haircut is a good choice.


14. Pixie Bob Shag Haircut

Pixie Bob Shag Haircut


Combining the pixie hairstyle with a short cropped bob, this shag haircut style is super punk and trendy. It’s a great haircut for those of you who want to go all out and experiment.


15. Boyfriend Bob Shag Haircut

Boyfriend Bob Shag Haircut


The boyfriend bob shag haircut is an androgynous haircut style that works well on all hair types. It features cleaner and longer fringe styles.


16. Mullet Shag Haircut

Mullet Shag Haircut


If you’ve always wanted to experiment with a boy cut hair style, try this mullet shag haircut trend. It is short cropped with longer sideburns and ends. The classic mullet originated in the ’80s and this is a modern version of the hair trend.


17. Curly Pixie Shag Haircut

Curly Pixie Shag Haircut


The pixie haircut just got more chic with this curly pixie shag haircut style. This shag hairstyle is a great choice for any personality and works for both formal and casual avatars.


18. Shag Haircut On Long Hair

Shag Haircut On Long Hair


Shag haircuts are usually medium length but they look just as good or even better on long hair too. 


19. Round Layered Shag Haircut

Round Layered Shag Haircut


This shag haircut is at a shoulder grazing length and has rounded layers in a step cut technique. The layers are widely spaced for a disconnected look that is both, edgy and punk.


20. French Bob Shag Haircut

French Bob Shag Haircut


A cute hair look that puts on the classic French bob haircut with bangs. Thick and choppy layers are added to boost volume and wavy texture making this bob style very low maintenance and super chic.

21. Fiery Red Shag Haircut

Fiery Red Shag Cut Hairstyle



Want to go all experimental & fiery in your look? Try red then! Go for this shag haircut hairstyle in red colour & let your hairstyle draw the attention of people!

22. Brown Shag Haircut For Women

Brown Shag Haircut For Women



One of the coolest shaggy hairstyles is this brown shag haircut for women.The golden baby highlights on mid-length hair simply take your look from good to best!

23. Purple Pink Shag HairCut Style

Purple Pink Shag Cut Hairstyle



This one shaggy hairstyle definitely has got some vibe in it. The purple-pink shades with lilac tips make your basic haircut look ultra stylish.

24. Mermaid Shag Haircut For Women

Mermaid Shag Haircut For Women



We’ve always watched up hearing mermaid stories & now it’s time you style something like this mermaid shag haircut style. Wavy locks with minimal bangs will make you look like the dreamy self you always wanted to be!

25. Wet Shag Cut Hairstyle 

Wet Shag Cut Hairstyle



We’re loving how Ashley Graham has nailed the wet-look shag haircut style. It’s like she has taken an amazing asymmetrical approach with a basic parting of the hair.

26. Shag Haircut With Baby Bangs

Shag Haircut With Baby Bangs



If you’re looking for a funky shag haircut style with low maintenance, this is perfect for you! Baby bangs with this shag cut complement really well together.


27. Voluminous Curly Shag Cut Hairstyle

Voluminous Curly Shag Cut Hairstyle



If you’re in doubt about how those extreme curls will look on your shag haircut, here’s a picture proof! Finish off this hairstyle by spraying a finishing product to combat any frizz.

28. Centre-Parted Shag Haircut style

Centre-Parted Shag Cut Hairstyle



Combining the centre-parted shag cut with curly hair makes an easy yet manageable combination! To add some extra shine to this shag haircut style, you can spray some shine spray on it.

29. Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle
Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle



This shag hairstyle is perfect to bring in those rebellious & edgy vibes to your look. 

30. Split Dye Shag Haircut

Split Dye Shag Haircut



Who knew a shag haircut would turn out to be so versatile, right!? The split-dye hairstyle with this cut is a perfect option for those who love to play up with their look. Depending on how dramatically you want to create the look, choose your colours accordingly!

How to Style Shag Haircut

The ultimate beauty of a shag hairstyle is its ability to suit almost any hair length and texture. So below are some of the tips to style your look. These tips will help you enhance your natural hair texture and style your shag haircut look:


Use a texturising spray: A modern shag haircut style plays with texture and creates a voluminous look. If you’ve wavy hair, applying a hair spray to it will enhance the natural texture of it. For thin hair, a mousse volumises your hair and minimises frizz. For curly shag hair, use a styling cream to define the layers of your choppy shag hairstyle. If you have naturally thick hair, spray a texturising spray and run your fingers smoothly through your locks.


Blow-dry your bangs: For your straight shags or shaggy bobs, hairstylists recommend using a blow-dryer and round brush to blow out bangs to create the classic fringe look. If you’ve got a wavy shag haircut, use a curling iron to touch up your bangs and create a slight twist. 


Consider your hair type: If your hair type is curly or wavy, it is recommended to apply a curl cream and let it air-dry to play with your hair’s natural texture and volume. Apply a mousse or styling cream of your choice to damp hair before blow-drying for your straight hair. If you want to increase the volume of your fine hair, consider drying your hair and scrunching sections of your hair upwards.


Cut hair according to your face shape: Sideswept bangs and dramatic hair layers suit round faces since the different hair lengths elongate and soften the face. Even shag bobs and pixie cuts also suit a round face shape by framing the cheekbones. If you have a long face shape, soft waves and curtain bangs balance out angular features and create a face-framing effect.


Play with hair colour:  If you’ve got a shaggy layered bob, you can consider adding highlights to it that make these short shag haircuts look more dynamic. For long and medium-length shag haircuts, you can get a balayage to create an ombre look. Even for your shoulder-length hair, you can give ombre shags a try!


Use dry shampoo: On the days when you want to skip shampoo in the shower, you can apply a thin layer of your dry shampoo and massage it into your scalp. It helps to maintain the look of your shag haircut, particularly for short haircuts.

FAQs About Shag Haircut

What is a shag haircut?

A shag haircut has loads of layers which are meant to texturise your mane and give a messy effect with a whole lot of movement. It works for all hair types and is low maintenance. 


What is a shaggy lob haircut?

A long bob haircut with choppy, wispy, or rounded layers beginning from the crown to the hair ends is a shaggy lob haircut.


Is a shaggy and Wolf cut the same?

No, they are not the same but have similar features. Both make use of unique layering techniques to create edgy hair looks. You can check images of both wolf cut hairstyles and shaggy cut hairstyles for clear ideas.


If you’re ready to rock a bedhead look that is grungy and full of texture, try a shag haircut trend RN. Go on and book that salon appointment.


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