Top 20 Haircuts For Girls Medium Length Tresses That Look Stylish AF!

medium haircut for girls

If there’s one kind of haircut that deserves a whole lot more praise, it’s got to be the medium haircut. Why? Because it’s one of the safest options that actually leaves you with a lot more choice of styles to work with. Giving you the best of both worlds, medium hair cuts for girls are actually quite popular. This stands true for the variety of hair textures, types, and of course hairstyles. Whether you choose to wear it wavy or straight, with a fringe or pulled-back, medium hairstyles make for a great choice –– especially if you want to go for a chop, but also don’t want to compromise on the length a lot. Scroll down to see the different types of medium haircuts for girls.

Different Types Of Medium Haircuts For Girls


From curly to wave to straight, no matter what your hair type or the style you want to go for, these medium haircuts for girls have got you covered. Here’s how you can transform that mane and give it a makeover, without compromising on the length and style.

1. Wavy Highlights

Wavy Highlights - Medium Hair Cut For Girls

 Image courtesy - Instagram

Play up your waves by adding a little dimension to it with highlights. Add some light layers to give your mane some volume. Always finish off with hair serum to keep those locks shiny and soft.


2. Sleek Lob

sleek lob - Medium Hair Cut For Girls

Image courtesy - Instagram

If you’ve got poker straight hair, why not opt for a sleek lob. Go for a medium length cut in the front and angle it upwards to a shorter cut towards the back. It’s easy to maintain and gives you style, without having to chop off your locks way too much.

3. Beach Waves

beach waves - Medium Hair Cut For Girls

Image courtesy - Instagram

Go for denser layers and add more volume to your wavy hair. When doing so, make sure to use the right hair care products that’ll hold those beach waves.

4. Wavy With Bangs

Medium Hair Cut For Girls wavy hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

If you’ve got dark, slightly wavy hair, why not play it up with bangs? This slightly retro hairstyle is perfect, especially if you add a few highlights that are subtle yet noticeable.


5. Side-Parted Straight

Straight medium haircut

Image courtesy - Instagram

This straight medium haircut adds a whole lot of character to your once boring mane. The light layers, paired with the side-parting make this one a little more interesting.

6. Choppy Layers

medium haircut with choppy layers

Image courtesy - Instagram

Go for some messy layers with your extra wavy hair. Pair that with a heavy fringe and you’re good to go! You can either wear the fringe covering your forehead or split it apart to frame your face a bit.

7. Curly Layers

medium haircut with curly layers

Image courtesy - Instagram

 Who said those with curly hair, cannot play around with layers. This medium hair cut for girls is great to add volume, without looking like a hot mess! Scrunch in some hair oil and your hair is all set.


8. V-Cut Layers

V cut layer for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

Chop chop! These angled v-cut layers are easy to maintain and also add a fun element to your look. You can even spruce it up with a few highlights here and there.

9. Messy Waves With Fringe

medium haircut for messy waves

Image courtesy - Instagram

 Looking for bed-head hair? This medium haircut is for you. A trendy and whimsical haircut that is great for hair with slight waves –– you can even pair this with a dense fringe.


10. Updated Tomboy Shag

Tomboy shag for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

This medium haircut is great for that transition phase where you’re growing your mane from short to medium. It involves wispy layers that are a little uneven and a cute set of bangs that add a bit of a youthful touch.

11. Romantic Curls

medium haircut look

Image courtesy - Instagram

 The movie star classic, this iconic medium haircut dates back to the 1950s. The cut is rather basic and only uses longer layers to create the shape. You can either pull it back in a half pony or wear it side-parted.

12. Short Bangs

Short bang medium hair cut look

Image courtesy - Instagram


This heavily layered haircut gives your almost wavy curls a lot more definition and volume. If you want to play it up a little more and give it an edge, then go for short bangs.


13. Sleek Style

medium haircuts for women - sleek style

Image courtesy - Instagram


This popular medium haircut gives you the best of both worlds –– long in the front and short at the back. The key is to keep the length blunt and uniform. Do not add layers. This style looks best on freshly washed hair, so double up on the shampoo and avoid the grease from layering up.


14. Volume Galore

volume galore medium haircut

Image courtesy - Instagram


Shorter layers, paired with side bangs makes for a really nice medium haircut. Add an ombre effect hair colour and this look will be perfect for anyone wanting to add more volume to their hair.


15. Blunt Cut

blunt cut for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


This fun haircut for medium hair goes back to the basics. A great style for straight hair, the razor finish and blunt ends makes it an interesting go-to.


16. The Angled-Cut

angled cut for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

 If you’re looking for a medium haircut to accentuate your natural waves, then this one's for you. The angled lob is perfect for creating volume, while adding style to your hair.

17. Scrunched In Curls

 scrunched in curls for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


Embrace your curls with this messy medium haircut. Keep your roots a little dark and go with a lighter hue on the ends. Remember to use a conditioner for this one, as it’ll moisturise your hair and keep those dry ends nourished.


18. Feathered Layers

forehead layer for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

 Go for feathered layers and pair it with long side-swept bangs. Style the ends of your hair to face outwards. 


19. Swoopy Light Layers

Swoopy Light Layers - Medium Haircut

Image courtesy - Instagram

 Keeping the shape of your straight hair, add a few very light layers to it. Frame your face with some dense bangs and this medium haircut will give your hair definition without playing around too much with its natural shape.


20. Flipped Ends

Image courtesy - Instagram


Layer away with this one! This medium hair cut for girls is great for when you need to add a whole lot of volume to your mane. Keep the top most layer short, so that it doubles up into seamless curtain bangs.


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Medium haircuts give your hair the right amount of length with the right amount of style. Let these top 20 medium haircuts for girls & looks inspire you to head out and get that much-deserved chop.

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