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Everybody fantasizes about having long, Rapunzel-esque hair, and we work tremendously hard to achieve that goal. From switching to expensive shampoos and hair masks to extravagant hair treatments and spas, we do it all. But have you ever struggled while styling them? If you have, we are here to help our friends out. Picking a hairstyle for long hair that is appropriate for the occasion, as well as convenient can be a difficult task. Albeit, it doesn’t have to be! Today, we will be looking at gorgeous hairstyles for girls with long hair. Say goodbye to all your hairstyle problems by bookmarking this article for future reference. 

Types Of Hairstyles For Girls With Long Hair


There are myriad hairstyles one can try in the name of a trend. What we want are graceful hairstyles that match the occasion, mood, and our outfits. Here is a handpicked selection of hairstyles for girls with long hair that will solve all your hairstyle problems. 

Messy Low Bun



Messy buns have been in style since the mid-2000s and it doesn’t look like this hairstyle is leaving anytime soon. While the most common go-to hairstyle for every lazy girl ever is a high, up-top messy bun, a low messy bun is the perfect touch of elegance. A beautiful hairstyle for girls with long hair, a messy low bun requires you to simply twist your hair in a bun, which you can secure with a rubber band.


Middle Part Low Pony



This hairstyle for girls long hair is very trendy at the moment, and suitable for all occasions - business meetings, a fun day out with friends, or even a wedding event! A hairstyle that looks slicked and clean from the front, it can be made extra playful from the back. To achieve this look, part your hair from the middle, for the first two inches of the part. Then take all your hair and assemble them in a neat ponytail. Take a lock of your hair from the pony and wrap it around the rubber band to give it a chic effect. You can either leave your hair straightened or wavy with this hairstyle, as both the effects go with it.


Half Up Half Down



The half up half down hairstyle has made a re-entry in the beauty industry after its raging rule in the early 2000s. Specifically a great choice of hairstyle for girls with long hair, this convenient hairstyle will not only give you a glamorous look, but will also avoid your hair from coming in the way, or sticking to your lip gloss. 


Embellished Braid




An amazing choice for traditional occasions, this beautiful hairstyle will be a cause for non-stop selfies for you. Embellished low braid, with hair strands, picked out from the side spells graceful beauty. To get this look, low braid your hair as you generally would, and embellish it with a golden ribbon, or flowers for a dramatic effect. Make sure to leave out some face-framing locks to complete this look.


High Pony With A Side Part



If you’re in the mood for a modern hairstyle, this is your go-to pick. A high pony with a side part is the ultimate hair trend nowadays. This hairstyle for long hair is the trendiest and easiest to achieve. To get this look, leave some portion of your front hair before making a pony. After securing your ponytail, brush your front locks in a side part, behind your ear, and secure them with a hairpin. 




Which haircut is best for long hair?

A good haircut plays an important role in acing the perfect hairstyle for long hair. Some hair cuts like layers, tapered ends, and bangs come highly recommended by hair experts and hairstylists. These hair cuts give your hairstyle a glamorous factor that will have you looking like a diva wherever you go. 


How can I fix my long hair?

There are a number of beautiful hairstyles that offer an easy fix for long hair. If you are someone who gets hindered by their long hair coming on their face or distracting them all the time, try a high messy bun, a low pony braid, or a full French braid. These hairstyles for long hair are sure to give you relief from this problem and provides an easy and attractive fix. 


How can I make my long hair look stylish?

The key to keeping your long hair looking great at all times is taking immense care of your hair grooming. Many popular hairstyles for girls with long hair fail only because their hair is not well-groomed. To avoid this blunder, take good care of your hair and invest in the right hair care products for your hair type. 


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Did you find a favourite among these hairstyles for long hair? Looking beautiful does not have to be difficult. Try these easy hairstyles at home and discover your personal style.


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