From Braids To Buns, Here Are 16 Hairstyles With Suits That’ll Be Perfect For Your Party!

Hairstyle With Suit

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Kurtis and suits are probably the most comfortable, yet stylish Indian outfits out there. No matter what the occasion, the variety of kurtis and suits will always have your back. And when it comes to styling them, you can either go down the simple route, or glam them up completely. Just as there are a multitude of options for the different types of suits out there, there are a whole lot of hairstyles with suits to go with them. Whether you want to let your hair down, pin it up, keep it simple, or dazzle the crowd, we’ve got you and your hair covered. Scroll down to check out and try the various hairstyles on suits for parties –– from shararas, to anarkalis, to everyday kurtis, let these looks serve as inspiration to all!


Hairstyles With Suits In Sharara Style


Shararas have made their way back into style this year. The modern take on this classic design makes it a lot easier to play around with, especially when it comes to your hair. So you can try these hairstyles with suits in sharara style!


Big Bad Braid Hairstyle With Suit in Sharara


Big Bad Braid hairstyles

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You can go for this great hairstyle on a suit for party. This thick braid may seem complicated, but it’ll add so much to your outfit. Add a few fresh flowers if you want to take this braid up a notch on your sharara.

Twisted Half Up Hairstyle With Suit in Sharara

Twisted Half Up hairstyles

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Instead of letting your hair down, take the half-up-half-down approach, but create a loose braid hairstyle with a suit. Curl your hair and add some hair serum to add shine.


Hairstyles With Suits In Palazzo Style


Palazzo suits seamlessly bring together the old with the new. Similarly, these hairstyles with suits in palazzo style fuse classic hairstyles with a contemporary.


Wave Away Hairstyle With Suit In Palazzo


Wave Away suit

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Go for beachy waves and tie it all in with a pretty headband. You can add a little hair oil to the ends so that it adds a bit of shine to your locks. Make sure to use a little and scrunch it in, to avoid your hair from looking and feeling greasy.


Long Long Braid Hairstyle With Suit in Palazzo


Long braid Palazzo Suit hairstyle

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If you’ve got really long hair, then this one’s for you! Instead of wearing a plain braid, tie in a thin ribbon through the braid –– this’ll add a whole lot of oomph to your hair. Make sure you let the front loose a little, so that it softens your hairstyle and frames your face.


Hairstyles With Salwar Suit 


Ready, suit, go! Have the perfect salwar suit, but an ordinary hairdo to go with it? Fret not! These hairstyles with salwar suits will add that X-factor to your entire outfit.


Traditional Bun Hairstyle With Salwar Suit

Salwar Suit hairstyle

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Braid and buns are always a good combo! This traditional hairstyle makes for a great pairing with your salwar suit.


Volume Volume Hairstyle With Suit

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This is a gorgeous hairstyle for when you want to up your salwar suit game. The curls, the accessories, and the volume, everything goes really well together.


Hairstyles For Kurti


The great thing about kurtis is that you can style it up, or tone it down –– no matter what you want, there’s always an option. Here are some hairstyles for kurtis.


A Simple Bun Hairstyle For Kurti

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If your hair is freshly washed, you might want to opt for this elegant hairdo. After good shampoo, blowdry your hair and throw it in a low bun. Pull out a few strands to frame your face and soften the look a little.


Scrunchie Heaven Hairstyle For Kurti


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If you usually tie your hair up in a bun, why not amp it up a little with a big scrunchie? Make sure you’ve used a hair conditioner, though –– this’ll prevent any flyaways from popping up.

Hairstyles With Anarkali Suit 


Anarkalis are the epitome of elegance in the realm of kurtis and suits. Here are a few hairstyles with anarkali suits. 


Wearing A Crown Hairstyle For Anarkali Suit


Image courtesy - Instagram


Wear a crown braid and wear it proud! If you want to give it a bit of an edge, add a few accessories or small flowers to add some definition. 


Loose French Hairstyle For Anarkali Suit


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Braid only part of your hair for this look. Keep the braid loose and let your hair fall naturally. You can wear a few fancy hair pins or a floral clip to give this hairstyle a whole new look. 


Hairstyles With Patiala Suit 


There was a time when patiala suits were all the rage. Making its comeback, this comfy favourite is now the ultimate glam outfit to wear anywhere and everywhere. Scroll down to see the different hairstyles with patiala suits.


Braid Parade Hairstyle With Patiala Suit

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Make a half and half crown braid and keep the rest of your hair in waves. Pin in some floral clips and real small flowers to mix up the hairstyle a little.


The Amped Up Braid Hairstyle With Patiala Suit

Image courtesy - Instagram


A fish braid is always a good idea when wearing a patiala suit. Give this hairstyle a bit of an upgrade with some accessories.


Simple Hairstyles With Suit


There are days when you just cannot be bothered to go with a full on hairdo. For times like that you need to opt for something simple, without giving up on the gorgeous factor. Check out these simple hairstyles with suits.


Pretty Tresses Hairstyle With Suit


Image courtesy - Instagram


Go with a subtle braid for this look. Let it sit across the crown of your head –– leave the rest of your hair as natural as possible.


Pin Up Hairstyle With Suit


Image courtesy - Instagram


Make the most of your bobby pins by creating a really beautiful design. Pin up one side of your hair and then let the other side down. 


Open Hairstyles With Suit


It’s finally time to let those tresses be, without compromising on your style. Just make sure you’ve got your hair care covered. Here are some open hairstyles with suits.


Big Bad Waves Hairstyle With Suit

Image courtesy - Instagram


If you’ve got long, long hair, then you might want to opt for this look. The Hollywood waves add a whole lot of volume to your look. Make sure to use a whole lot of hair care products to volumise those waves and keep them in place.


Sleek & Stylish Hairstyle With Suits


Image courtesy - Instagram


This sleek hairstyle makes for a great open hairstyle for suits. It’s really simple, requires little effort, but is oh-so glam!


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