Add Volume Or Layer Your Long Hair With These Chic Haircuts ‘Coz The Options Are… Lengthy AF!

Haircut for long hair

You can twist it, braid it, pin it up, or let it trickle down your back with waist-grazing tresses. Apart from its length, long hair attracts a lot of attention because it may mellow down sharp characteristics considerably better than shorter hair.

Alright, we understand that "how do you keep up with it?" can be really aggravating after a while. So, unless you're on a mission to advertise a magical hair remedy, you're probably not going to enjoy answering the same rhetorical question every day. Instead, how about changing the subject to "how did you style it?" It's time for a hair makeover, and we've compiled a list of legitimate head-turning haircuts for long hair along with our favourite hair shampoo, hair oil and other hair care products. Trim and style your way to major hair envy.


Trendy Haircuts For Long, Luscious Locks


We understand if you want to update your hairstyle but aren't ready to make a drastic change. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by a longer mane, consider your hair type and texture while selecting a cut or style. Check out these new trendy haircut ideas for long hair that will be popular in 2022.

Beachy Waves


Beachy Wave haircut for long hair

You don't have to be on a vacation to pull off this hairstyle. If you have fine hair, like supermodel Gigi Hadid, a beachy waves haircut is a terrific technique to add oomph and volume. Instead, add layers to frame your face. To bring out the natural waves in your hair, use a high-quality hair styling mousse.


Side Bangs


side bangs for long hair


A short side bang complements sleek, straight hair flawlessly. If you don't have the same texture, you can recreate a professional blowout at home with a blow-dryer and a flat iron.


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Take your pick from these stylish haircuts for women that are trending this season and be sure to slay the style game. There is a haircut that every hair texture can revel in.

Face-Framing Layers


layer cut for long hair


Face-framing layers are the key to making limp hair appear thicker. Opt for tousled ends that will complement the square-shaped face well. If you don't have natural waves, you can achieve the effect by rolling your hair with a curling wand.


Step Cut


step cut for long hair

This elegant women's hairstyle is timeless. A step cut has significant layers running down the lengths of the hair. Try a layer step cut for medium length hair to look totally fashionable.


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Feathered Ends For Thick Hair


Feathered ends - haircut for long hair


While blunt ends make fine strands appear thicker, folks with thicker hair may prefer feathery ends to make hair appear lighter. Angles beginning at your chin will frame your face and shape a dense mane.


Straight Cut


Straight cut for long hair


Katie Holmes’ blunt haircut is both adorable and trendy. It is one length and finishes beneath the shoulders. It appears to be fresh and crisp.


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U haircut for long hair


Want to maintain your volume yet add some shape? Consider a U-cut for your long tresses. To enhance the texture and depth of your hair, add a few highlights. You may add some more power by teasing the crown.


Thick Fringe


Thick fringe haircut for long hair


This is an excellent alternative for women who are happy with their current length and do not want to get their hair messed up with any kind of trim. Among the several long hairstyles available, a thick fringe would look best here. However, there are numerous fringe trims that are popular. We recommend that you consult with your hairstylist beforehand before chopping those locks.


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Long Curtain Bangs


long curtain bangs for long hair


We've spoken about how fringes with layered hair frame the face; similarly, curtain bangs highlight facial features. Curtain bangs frame the face and draw attention to the cheeks, while the remainder of the layers in the hair can rest near the end of the length.

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Pick your favourite from these trendy haircuts for long hair and you'll be sure to slay the style game. Every hair texture can enjoy a different haircut. Try it out now!


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