Step Cut Vs Layer Cut: Will Step Cut Hair Or Layer Cut Hair Suit You? Let’s Find Out!

Step Cut vs Layer Cut

Are you intrigued by hair cutting techniques? It’s always good to know your stuff especially when you want to explain to your hairstylist the haircut you are looking for. Step Cut for long hair & short hair vs Layer Cut is the most common conflicting choice you have to make as these two styles are the basis of most haircuts. There are a few distinguished differences between step cut hair and layer cut which will determine how the end result will look. And so, we are here to help you make the right choice by explaining it to you. So, without further ado, scroll down to know about step cut hair and layer cut!

What Is A Step Cut Hairstyle?

step cut


A step cut has widely spaced layers along the length of the hair. You can clearly notice how the hair is trimmed at different levels and at different intervals on your hair lengths, even if it is masterfully blended out with other hair cutting techniques. Step cuts were popular in the eighties and nineties and are now back in trend thanks to the Y2K trend resurgence. If you want to know what is a step cut hair type and how it actually looks, you can refer to the shag haircut that has been trending all year. In step cut usually two-step layers are the most popular choice as it offers just the right amount of movement to the hair while maintaining enough volume (not too much) to look shaped and healthy.

Who Should Opt For a Step Cut Hair?

Those who have thick wavy hair can opt for the step cut hair as it will allow them to enjoy cascading wavy layers that are beautifully defined. Step cut works as a great choice for thick hair because it cleanly reduces volume without too much texturising. Even straight hair and curly hair can opt for step cut or layer cut and it will give off a totally different yet alluring effect. Straight hair will instantly look more texturised, edgy, and full of movement as the steps are more visible on this hair texture. Curly hair can look surreal with the step cut hair as it adds different levels so that the curls are refreshed and bouncy while neatly levelled into shape.

What Is a Layer Cut Hairstyle?

layer cut


The main focus of a layer cut is to enhance one’s natural hair texture and make it look voluminous and bouncy without the layers being visible. Layer cut uses angled hair cutting techniques for each section so that the layers are not choppy but rather well-blended into the hair length. Layer cuts add volume to the hair and give the illusion of naturally thicker strands. It is a classy hairstyle that is more elegant than edgy. There are different types of layers like rounded layers, wispy layers, and long layers, all of which enhance hair texture naturally. If you wish to understand what is a layer cut, take a look at long hairstyles that look thick and voluminous with visible face framing tendrils at the front.

Who Should Opt For Layer Cut?

Anyone who wishes to enjoy a somber hairstyle that is full-bodied and voluminous can opt for layers. Layers can be customised for every hair length. You will find layer cut is best suited for those with thin hair types irrespective of hair textures like straight, wavy, or curly.

What Is The Difference Between Step Cut Hair And Layer Cut Hair?

The difference between step cut and layer cut is visible when you understand what the end result looks like. We help you understand the notable differences between the haircut styles with the help of the table below.


Step Cut

Layer Cut

What does the haircut look like?

The haircut features widely spaced horizontal layers on the hair lengths that are prominent.

The haircut features texturised layers across the hair lengths that are more blended in and not prominent.

Which hair type is it best suited for?

Step cut is best suited for thick hair types that are wavy or curly.

Layer cuts are best suited for thin hair types like straight or scanty textured hair which require more volume.

What are the end results?

The hair looks edgy and bouncy with distinguished levels.

The hair looks more voluminous and full-bodied.

How are the layers spaced out?

The layers in step cut are widely spaced so that they are visible and dress the mane with levels to cut out excess volume.

The layers are customised according to the hair type and are texturised to blend into the natural flow of the lengths in order to make it voluminous.

How to style the cut?

Step cut looks amazing when straightened or with loose curls.

Layer cut looks best when styled curly or wavy.

Which Is Better – Step Cut VS Layer Cut?

Both step cut and layer cut are equally amazing haircut styles to opt for. The difference between step cut hair and layer cut hair is that step cuts are more visibly trimmed to look edgy and out there while layer cuts are focused on enhancing your natural hair look with blended out layers. It all depends on what kind of hair aesthetic you are looking for.

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So, what is the verdict of step cut vs layer cut you ask? Well, we love them both. Both of these step cut or layer cut haircut styles are versatile and suitable for all hair types, it just depends on which one you prefer over the other.

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