Stylish Haircuts For Women That Are Topping the Trend Charts In 2024

stylish haircuts for women


Stylish haircuts for women are something to always be on the lookout for because trends are ever changing. This season, the hair trends are vivacious and oh so flattering for all kinds of hair textures. Check out these amazing new stylish haircut trends that are going to be everywhere in 2024.


Trendy Hair Cuts for Long Hair

Long Layers

Long layers are the perfect haircut for long hair. They make the lengths look shapely and allow for movement. The layers are blended well so that they don’t stick out.


Long Step Cut

This haircut will add more dimension to long hair. Step cut has prominent layering techniques that are bold and add a unique shape to the mane.


Layered Ends

This haircut for long hair is simple yet chic. It allows your long hair to appear thicker and at one length as the layers are minimal and are visible only at the ends. The ends are sectioned and layers are created only to allow for movement and bounce.


Straight Cut

Perfect for straight hair, this one length long hair cut requires you to only touch up your ends to avoid split ends. Trim the edges into a straight line and let that smooth hair shine.


Feathered Cut

This haircut is reminiscent of retro trends. It features face framing layers that are rounded at the back and curtain bangs for an even more flattering effect.

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Stylist Hair Cuts for Medium Hair


Soft Shag

This haircut style for medium hair is a gorgeous choice as it allows you tot wear your natural hair texture be it wavy or frizzy or curly. It has loads of choppy and wispy layers that are tailored according to your hair type and even has a customised fringe.

U-Shaped Cut

This medium length haircut for women is full bodied and makes hair look more thick. It has minimal layering and is shaped in a U. The hair is shorter at the face in order to create a lovely framing effect.


Step Cut

This stylish hairstyle for women is a classic. The step cut features prominent layers across the lengths of the hair. For medium length, try one a layer step cut to look utterly stylish.


Straight Cut

This blunt haircut style for women is adorable and edgy. It has a clean one length that ends beneath the shoulders. It looks cool and sharp.


Layered Cut

This stylish haircut for medium hair is a great option for anyone who likes to wear their hair done with minimum heat styling. It has many long triangular layers across the mane to add volume and a gorgeous shape.


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Stylist Hair Cuts for Short Hair


Hacked Bob

This haircut for short hair is trending in 2024. It is a straight cut bob with choppy ends for some edgy texture. This one length bob is ideal for wavy hair types.


Layered Lob

This long bob is texturised with layers to boost volume and  encourage movement. The length ends right at the collarbone and is a versatile haircut style for women.


Italian Bob

This bob haircut is super short and cute. The length ends at chin level and soft layers are incorporated through the haircut for a weightless effect. This haircut is easy to style and is fairly low maintenance.


Rounded Bob

This haircut for short hair is great for a sophisticated look. It has minimal layers and look smooth and voluminous. The edges are rounded so as to make your hair shape look curvy and fuller.


Wolf Cut

This haircut is a mix of the shag cut and mullet. Wolf cut hairstyles have many prominent layers that make your mane look edgy and stylish. The fringe is also choppy and customised according to your hair type. All hair textures can try out this cut.


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Take your pick from these stylish haircuts for women that are trending this season and be sure to slay the style game. There is a haircut that every hair texture can revel in.

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