10 Curly Hairstyles For Short Hair That You’re Going To Love

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For years curly hair has always been viewed as a bit of a task to manage. However, with the right hair products by your side, it can actually be styled as well as its other counterparts. Curly hair is all about embracing the curls –– whether it’s long or short, defined or frizzy, you need to be aware of how to tame it enough to give it style. When it comes to going short with curly hair, people often tend to run in the opposite direction, mainly because they are afraid that you can’t style it much. Let’s change that opinion for you, shall we? These short curly hairstyles are nothing less than stylish and the options are galore. Scroll down to get inspired by the plethora of short curly hairstyles for women. 

Short Curly Hair Styles For Women 


Don’t be afraid to take the leap and chop off those curls a little! These short curly hairstyles will give you the push you need –– don’t worry there are several ways in which you can style them, without any hassle. Scroll down for more!

Top Notch

Top notch curly hair

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Your lack of length shouldn’t stop you from pulling your hair back into a bun. Remember you still have volume –– apply a little serum and pull your curly hair into high top knot bun. This short curly hairstyle is perfect for those who want the curls off their face. 

Half N Half

half & half short curly hairstyle

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For this short curly hairstyle, you might want to define your curls with the right products. Ensure that you use a hair conditioner that’ll soften them and give them a more defined look. Start by braiding the front of your hair all the way to the crown and then pull it back into a half ponytail. This works on really short hair as well. 

Side Scrunch

Side scrunch curly hairstyle

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If you want to keep it simple, then this short curly hairstyle is for you. After you use hair shampoo, make sure you add a little hair serum to give it a little shine. Now scrunch the curls and part your hair to one side. You can even throw in a hair accessory or a pretty hairpin to give it an elegant touch.


Headband It

Headband short curly hairstyles

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Play around with accessories like headbands and hairbands! These can really jazz up any short curly hairstyle –– you can either go full-on glam with something blingy or opt for a cute satin bow instead if you want to keep it simple. 


Into A Pony

Pony short curly hairstyles

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The bigger the hair, the bigger the pony –– that’s what makes this short curly hairstyle the perfect go-to for any occasion. A curly fringe adds more dimension to your face and gives your hairdo a little bit of an uplift. 

Fringe Friendly

hort curly hairstyle

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Add a whole lot of drama, volume, and definition to your hair with this short curly hairstyle. Scrunch in a little hair oil to hold the curls and give it a bit of a bounce and your simple hair is ready to go! 


Short & Sweet

 short & sweet curly hairstyles

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Feeling a little experimental. Go for a really short curly hairstyle –– give it an edge by opting for an undercut near the sides and the back. 


Retro Glam

Retro glam short hairstyle

This short curly hairstyle screams the 50s! Think volume and definition, while keeping your curls in place. You can even throw in a hairband for that cute-sy and quirky vibe. 


Big Hair Don’t Care

U-cut shape curly hairstyles

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Do you remember the U-cut a lot of children opted for when you were a kid? This is the short curly hairstyle version of it. This A-cut shape gives your curls a playful touch and is rather easy to style on a daily basis.


Messy Mane

Messy mane curly hairstyles

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Curls are all about finding that balance between messy and tame! Throw your hair up in a bun or a pony, and allow a few strands to hang out and frame your face. Tie a satin scarf like a headband to add a little pizzazz to your look. 


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