20 Gorgeous Butterfly Haircut Ideas For All Hairstyle To Bloom Into In 2023


Meet the hottest hairstyle of 2023, the butterfly haircut. Where layers meet the classic 70s shag, this haircut seems to be trending with a contemporary spin of course. The hairstyle essentially comprises feathered layers that leave your hair with a soft and waterfall-eque flowy appearance. The reason why it’s so popular is because of its ability to fit into any hair type, texture, and length. Its name actually comes from the fact that it looks like the wings of a butterfly when styled. Scroll down to see the different ways in which you can wear the butterfly haircut for short hair, medium hair, & no matter what your hair is like.

Different Types of Butterfly Haircuts


Why do people love the butterfly haircut so much? Well, because it’s a combination of both short and long layers that create that butterfly effect. Check out some of our picks—from short to long, curated just for you.


1. Butterfly Haircut For Short Hair


butterfly haircut for short hair

Image courtesy - Instagram

This butterfly haircut for short lengths is all about creating texture along with a whole lot of volume. It’s sexy yet subtle and gives your hair more definition.


2. Butterfly Haircut For Short Hair With Fringe


butterfly haircut with fringe

Image courtesy - Pinterest


This butterfly haircut for short hair involves shaggy bangs that are inspired by the 70s. It’s less layered, however, the fringe adds the dimension your hair requires.


3. Butterfly Haircut With Light Layers


Butterfly haircut with layer

Image courtesy - Pinterest


The face framing layers present in this butterfly haircut makes for the perfect go-to for short hair. It adds a whole lot of volume to thin hair too!

4. Short Butterfly Haircut With Highlights

Short Butterfly Haircut With Highlights


Short hair with simple highlights will make your face look like no less than a diva. This butterfly haircut on short hair is surely a game changer for your hair locks!

5. Butterfly Haircut For Medium Hair With Highlights


butterfly haircut with highlight

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Wispy layers paired with hints of brown and plum make this butterfly haircut super defined. This is what adds that softness to the look!


6. Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs


butterfly haircut with bang

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Softening your features, curtain bangs can literally change the shape of your face. With shorter layers at the top, paired with longer layers at the end really add to this hairstyle.


7. Straight Butterfly Haircut


straight butterfly haircut

Image courtesy - Pinterest

This is a classic butterfly haircut suited for medium length hair. The intensity of the hair colour paired with the voluminous layers, makes this haircut apt for those with thin hair. Use a volumising shampoo to help boost those layers a little more.

8. Purple Butterfly Cut Hair

Purple Butterfly Cut Hair


If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with bright funky looks, maybe you should give this purple butterfly-cut hair a try. Enjoy this haircut style and add that oomph factor to your look!

9. Pixie Butterfly Haircut

 Pixie Butterfly Haircut



If you’re looking for a playful and youthful look, you can go for a pretty-pixie butterfly haircut. Add some gel or spray to your hair locks, and let them shine.

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10. Side-Swept Butterfly Haircut For Medium Hair

Side Swept Butterfly Haircut For Medium Hair



This side-swept butterfly haircut style is best for medium hair and leaves you looking like the real boss lady. It is a haircut style that doesn’t require too much maintenance. Get your hairlocks highlighted in a chocolate brown shade for some extra elegance on your hair.

11. The Punk Butterfly Haircut

The Punk Butterfly Haircut



For everyone who wants to try out something bold and rebellious, go for a punk butterfly cut hair without a doubt! Feel free to go for vibrant colours, asymmetrical cuts and a lot of confidence!

12. Curly Butterfly Cut Hair

Curly Butterfly Cut Hair


It is time to embrace your natural curls and rock this butterfly haircut in style. This butterfly haircut enhances the texture and natural bounce of your hair. Go for this haircut style and turn heads with your look!

13. Butterfly Haircut For Long Hair

butterfly haircut for long hair

Image courtesy - Pinterest

A gorgeous take on the butterfly haircut especially for long hair, the side swept bangs soften the look while the long layers add volume. Make sure to use a hair mask once a week to retain your hair’s natural shine.

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14. Long Butterfly Haircut Ombre

long butterfly haircut with ombre

Image courtesy - Pinterest

Throwing in an ombre hue at the ends of your butterfly haircut allows the layers to look more pronounced. The right hair conditioner will help get rid of any frizz—which’ll essentially keep the ends soft and nourished.

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15. Long Butterfly Haircut With A Fringe

long butterfly haircut with fringe

Image courtesy - Pinterest

This butterfly haircut with a dense fringe is apt for those with thicker hair. For this look, we recommend using a texturising hair spray to add texture to your locks.

16. Long Butterfly Layers For Wavy Hair

butterfly haircut for wavy hair

Image courtesy - Pinterest

A butterfly haircut is great for those with intense black wavy hair. The layers add texture and dimension. Feel free to experiment with texture—we recommend using a hair serum or hair oil to add a little bit of shine to the ends of your hair.

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17. Long Layers With Butterfly Haircut

Long Layers With Butterfly Haircut



Try long butterfly layers on your hair locks and steal the show. You can use a blow dryer cream to style this look leaving your hair to look fuller and shinier.

18. Soft Messy Butterfly Long Haircut Style

Soft Messy Butterfly Long Haircut Style



This soft messy butterfly long haircut style looks perfect on wavy, natural hair. You can apply a soft curl cream to style hair better and make it look neater.


19. Butterfly Haircut On Bright Ginger Hair

Butterfly Haircut On Bright Ginger Hair



Adding layers to your butterfly cut hair enhances your hair colour. It is sexy and makes hair look more free-flowing!

20. Sleek Black Butterfly Haircut

Sleek Black Butterfly Haircut



Women who are looking for a perfect office hairdo, give this sleek black butterfly haircut a try!  Don’t forget to dab on some serum to make your hair locks shinier and perfect-looking.


Clearly, the butterfly haircut is the most loved haircut of 2023. Its ability to fit into different hair types, textures, and lengths is what deems it the hottest haircut of the year, hands down!

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