Struggling With Tangled Hair? Here’s How You Can Detangle It With Ease

tangled hair

Is tangled hair a constant struggle in your life? Sometimes it may feel like no matter what you do your hair always gets knotted and tangled even after having detangled it just a few minutes ago. If that’s the case, the problem probably lies with your detangling method. There are specific ways to detangle hair that work better than others. You just need to know how to detangle hair the right way to get long-lasting results and avoid hair damage. Read on to find out exactly how to detangle extremely tangled hair easily anytime, anywhere.


What Is Tangled Hair?


Strands of hair that wrap around each other and get intertwined into one another causing knots, the hair is tangled.. Even a single hair strand can form knots. Tangled hair can also be referred to as knotted hair or unruly hair.


Cause Of Tangled Hair


Tangled hair can be caused due to improper or lack of hair care. It can also be caused due to friction while sleeping. Tangled hair can also be caused due to dry or damaged hair. Frizzy hair types experience more knots because the hair is dry and unruly. Damaged hair is also dry and brittle and can easily form knots.


How To Detangle Hair

How to detangle hair


These steps to detangle hair will also reduce damage and keep your hair healthy. Read on to find out how you can detangle your hair in a pain-free and damage-free way.


Detangle With Conditioner

The best way to detangle your hair is in the shower while applying hair conditioner. After you’ve rinsed hair shampoo out of your hair, apply conditioner liberally to your hair lengths and then use your fingers to remove knots. Simply comb through your hair gently with your fingers and then rinse out the conditioner.


MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Passion Fruit & Olive Conditioner

This hair conditioner is the best for detangling hair and making tangled hair more manageable. It reduces frizz and softens hair while making it smooth and bouncy. It also leaves a deliciously refreshing scent. 

Apply A Hair Serum

A hair serum is one of the easiest ways to detangle tangled hair no matter where you are. Simply warm up some hair serum in between the palms of your hands and apply it to your hair lengths. Now gently use your fingers to detangle knots followed by using a comb or brush.


Try A Hair Oil

Using hair oil regularly will help reverse hair damage and smoothen your hair so that it isn’t prone to knots. You can massage your scalp and hair with hair oil to coat the strands from root to tip and then detangle with a wooden comb for easy detangling and no breakage. Then wash your hair after an hour.


MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Onion & Moringa Hair Oil

Repair hair damage and detangle your hair with ease by using this onion and moringa-enriched hair oil. It strengthens the hair from root to tip and adds immense shine and smoothness.


Use A Wide-Toothed Comb

Ditch your regular comb for a wide-toothed detangling comb. There are different types of combs available in the market for tangled hair and wide-toothed combs are the best of the lot.


Sleep With Braids

Tangled hair can be caused due to friction while sleeping too. To avoid that, comb and tie your hair in a braid before going to sleep. This way you can wake up to tangle-free hair in the morning once you untie the braids.


Switch To Silk Pillowcases

Another great way to prevent tangled hair is to switch to silk pillowcases. The material of a regular pillowcase can make the hair dry and tangled whereas silk pillowcases are smooth and reduce friction. Expect to wake up to smooth and manageable hair after you make this switch.


Indulge In A Hair Mask

Another way to get tangle-free hair is by repairing hair damage and getting rid of frizz with the help of a hair mask. This haircare product is a boon for unruly hair and once applied to the hair, you can also easily detangle your hair before rinsing it out. Even after rinsing out the hair mask and blow-drying your hair, you will find that your hair is smoother and more manageable with reduced signs of damage.


MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Mangosteen & Avocado Hair Mask

Applying this hair mask is going to be the favourite part of your hair care routine. It deeply moisturises and smoothes hair with powerful natural ingredients like mangosteen and avocado. It makes hair more manageable and eliminates frizz.

How To Avoid Tangled Hair

If you want to avoid tangled hair altogether, you will need to take precautionary steps. 

  • Always tie your hair while travelling. This helps protect your hair from the harsh wind which can cause your hair to form knots. 

  • Shampoo and condition your hair twice a week or whenever you feel your hair is sweaty.

  • Use hair care products that are free of harmful chemicals like sulphates and parabens.

  • Avoid excessive heat styling. This can damage your hair and can make it prone to forming knots.

  • Always use a heat protectant spray before using any heat styling tools to prevent heat damage.


Is It Easier To Detangle Hair Wet Or Dry?

You can detangle your wet or dry but make sure to do so only after having applied a hair care product. If you’re detangling wet hair, apply a conditioner or leave-in conditioner before detangling with a comb. If you’re detangling dry hair, apply a hair oil or hair serum before detangling with a comb.

Is Tangled Hair Bad?

Tangled hair can lead to breakage and hair fall. It can also make hair look unkempt. Not detangling your hair can cause damage. 

How Do You Detangle Hair Painlessly?

Apply a hair smoothening product and use your fingers to gently detangle knots before using a comb or brush. This reduces breakage and also makes the detangling process pain-free.

Does coconut oil detangle hair?

Coconut oil can protect and strengthen the hair strands and improve their elasticity. It also works as a smoothening agent which makes it easier to detangle. With improved elasticity, there is less breakage from detangling too.

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