Braided Hairstyles Are Taking Off RN, Here’re The Types Of Braids To Bookmark

types of braid

We love a hairdo that doesn’t require heat-styling and is low-maintenance, long-lasting, and versatile - is that too much to ask?! A tall order, yes, but thanks to braided hairstyles, it is not impossible. ICYMI, braided hairstyles are all the rage right now. They’re hella cute, look great on everybody, and most importantly, you switch ‘em up depending on the occasion and your mood. Braids check all the boxes, which is why they are a classic go-to for any situation. Anyway, lucky for us, the trendsetters of Instagram have served up a surplus of jaw-dropping iterations, and we’re 100% smitten. 

If you are yet to be converted, keep scrolling for the coolest types of braids to copy right now. 

Types of Braids

If you find yourself constantly crushing over braids, you’re about to be hella inspired by these cute types of braids.

Simple 3-Strand Braid

3 simple strand braid

This is the simplest type of braided hairstyle but it looks cute-AF. All you need to create this simple hairstyle is: to brush out all the knots and tangles. Divide your hair into 3 equal sections. Flip the right section over the middle section. Next, flip the right section over the middle section. Keep repeating the aforementioned steps until you’ve braided till the end. Secure the ends with a hair elastic.

Rope Braid

rope braid


If you wish to take your hairstyle game up a notch, try this Bebo-approved rope braid and get ready for a wave of compliments to come your way. All you need to do is: pull your hair into a ponytail, then middle part your hair, and divide the ponytail into two separate sections. Twist both sections and then wrap them together with a rubber band. For some extra glam, spritz a shining spray.

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French Braid

french braid

French Braid is one of the chicest types of braid. Brunch out all the knots from your hair. Pick up the front section of your hair and divide it into three sections. Simply braid it in a stitch. Second stitch onwards, add a 2-inch section of hair from outside the braid to each of the side strands before flipping it over the middle strand of the braid. Once your French braid has reached the nape of your neck and you’ve run out of hair to add to it, simply braid the rest of the way down and secure the ends with a hair elastic. You can tug apart and loosen the braid to make it look more voluminous. 

Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid

An incredibly woven look with a major wow factor, the fishtail braid appears to be one of those advanced-level braided looks that only a hairstylist can pull off. But once you know how to get it done, you can ape it in a matter of minutes. Start with unwashed hair and smooth hair into a side ponytail. Split the ponytail into two equal sections. Cross small pieces of hair over the center. Keep crisscrossing down the braid. For texture, brush up the braid with a fine-toothed comb. Tie the end with a clear elastic. For a relaxed look, pull to loosen the braid.

Dutch Braid

dutch braid

The dutch braid is really great for any hair type. Those with straight or wavy hair can wear it overnight for pretty wearable braids come morning. For those with curly hair, Dutch braids are a great protective style to couple with a treatment like hair serum or hair oil as well. Plus, though this style works beautifully on dry hair, it can be done on wet hair before sleeping for luscious waves come morning.

Pull-Through Braid

pull through braid

Meet the braided hairstyle that’s flooding our IG feeds at the moment. Enter, the pull-through braid. All you peeps with fine-textured hair listen up! This gorgeous braid will make your hair look super voluminous. The pull-through braid will take your look from regular to remarkable in a matter of minutes. It involves tying your hair into a bunch of ponytails and pulling them through each other to create a braided effect.

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Reverse Braid

reverse braid

Reverse braid is exactly what its name suggests it to be. This quirky braid starts from the nape of your neck and goes up your head to create a stunning look for your bun. It can also be sported under a ponytail and is perfect for workouts and sports practice.

Waterfall Braid

waterfall braid

Out of all the chic hairstyles filling up our IG feeds these days, intricate braids tend to be the one style that stops us in our tracks most often. The specific look we've been wanting to learn the most, however, is the waterfall braid. This romantic braid has a whimsical feel with draping pieces that make it appear to be more challenging than it really is - but it's super easy to DIY. 

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What are the most popular braids?

The most widely known braids include regular braid, fishtail braid, French braid, and dutch braid.

Which braids last the longest?

African protective styles and twisted braids like cornrows and box braids last the longest. Since the section of hair is weaved into these styles and the ends are sealed with hot water, these braids last from one to three months.

What is a regular braid called?

A regular braid is commonly known as a 3-strand braid as you weave the braid with your hair divided into three sections. 

What is a dragon braid?

The dragon braid is a dutch lace braid that's also pancaked. The style gets its name from its resemblance to the scales seen on the back of a dragon. The 3-D look is fun because portions of the hair stand up, creating a fun, eye-catching look.

What are micro braids?

Micro braids are thin protective braids that are smaller than regular-sized cornrows, twists, and other African braids. 

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