21 Undercut Hairstyles For Women In Different Hair Lengths, Textures, & Designs!


Undercut hairstyles are probably the edgiest haircut styles of them all. Popularised in the mainstream media by the likes of Rihanna, the undercut hairstyle involves a hair buzzer and has both short and long hair lengths in one haircut. The whole idea is to have one side of your hair shaved while the rest of your hair is left longer, with or without layers. But the placement of these shaved sides is key. To help you understand more about this punky undercut hairstyle trend, we’ve listed out undercut hairstyle ideas for each hair length to get you inspired. Check it out.

Undercut Hairstyles


Undercut hairstyles are a hairstyle trend that rose to popularity in the early 2000s decade thanks to pop stars like Rihanna and PINK. This unique and edgy hairstyle trend involves using a hair trimmer or buzzer tool to shave a side or portion of your hair while the rest of your hair is left longer. The idea of a shaved side alongside longer hair lengths is what gives this haircut trend its name. The shaved side is similar to men’s hairstyles in which they use a trimmer to get a fade. Undercut hairstyles can incorporate fades too and you can even get cool designs like flowers, arrows, or more, on the shaved bits. Even experimenting with bright hair colour paired with different types of undercut hairstyles is a great idea. This edgy undercut hairstyle trend can suit all hair types and can be created on all hair lengths. So go ahead and experiment with this edgy and uber-cool hairstyle if you are in the mood to get a major makeover.


Short Hair Undercut Hairstyle


If you’re wondering what an undercut hairstyle would look like on short hair, we got you covered. Here are some unique and cool short undercut hairstyles.


Undercut Hairstyle On Graduated Bob


Alt : short hair undercut hairstyle - graduated bob


This is an elegant undercut hairstyle for short hair. It has a rounded graduated bob with the hairline shaved right above the nape area. This short undercut hairstyle has no visible layers and has a tilted length which is longer at the front and short at the back.


Mullet Undercut Hairstyle On Short Hair


Alt : Mullet - undercut hairstyle for short hair


This style combines the mullet hairstyle with the undercut on both sides of the head, above the ear. Typically, this mullet hairstyle has a fringe and longer hair at the back of the neck. Except, instead of the hair being short on the sides, it has gotten even more dramatic with the buzzer to get closely shaved sections on either side.


Short Undercut Hairstyle On Curly Hair


Alt : undercut hairstyle on curly hair


The undercut hairstyle looks good on curly hair as well. You just need the right kind of undercut hairstyle. This style with the bottom half of the hair buzzed with a fade is a good option for curly hair beauties.


Undercut Hairstyle On Asymmetrical Bob With Wispy Layers


Alt : undercut hairstyle to asymmetrical bob


The undercut hairstyle which has a shaved bit on one side while the rest of the hair is shaped into an asymmetrical bob is a chic trend to try out. This particular hairstyle also has wispy layers which add softness to the hairstyle, making it more wearable and easier to manage.


Undercut Hairstyle On Coloured Pixie


Alt : undercut hairstyle on sleek pixie haircut


The undercut hairstyle on a sleek pixie haircut that features a vibrant hair colour is utterly cool and stylish. You can opt for a close shave with the buzzer set on 1 or 2 so that the hair colour and pixie can shine as much as the sharp fade.


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Hidden Undercut On Straight Bob

Hidden Undercut On Straight Bob



Although this undercut haircut style is invisible, this hairstyle removes the weight from underneath and makes hair strands thicker and manageable for a pin-straight look. It’s quite long enough to allow for bold updos. With this undercut hairstyle, you can easily pull off your straight bob.

Cool & Curly Undercut Hairstyle

Cool & Curly Undercut Hairstyle



An undercut haircut style works wonders for all hair types, especially for thick hair of any texture. You can add a closely cut side line or two to your undercut curly hairstyle for some fun styling.

Two Direction Undercut Haircut Style

Two Direction Undercut Haircut Style



If you’ve got an undercut haircut, we know you are experimental. But why not add some more fun to your hairstyle? This two-direction undercut haircut style leaves your hair on one side longer and more even on the other side.

Dual Tone Pixie Undercut Hairstyle

Dual Tone Pixie Undercut Hairstyle



Are you brave enough to keep two tones customised for your undercut haircut? To kick off this unique undercut hairstyle, keep your roots darker and dye the top layers in a contrasting white colour. Make sure the longer strands have wispy ends to add that oomph factor to the transition of colours.

Undercut Hairstyles for Long Hair 


Undercut hairstyles look great on long hair. Here’s some inspo on the undercut haircut trend for long hair.


Undercut Hairstyle On Long Hair With Layers


Alt : undercut hairstyle for long hair


The icon herself is rocking the undercut hairstyle and serving up major inspo. Rihanna’s long hair undercut hairstyle has long layers and a gorgeous curly texture.


Undercut Hairstyle On Long With No Layers


Alt : undercut hairstyle for long hair with no layer


You can opt for an undercut hairstyle with little to no layers as well for a sleeker look. As you can see, it looks amazing.


Undercut Hairstyle With Short Buzzed Area On Long Hair


Alt : undercut hairstyle for long hair with buzzed area


If you’re too shy to go for a super short shave on a larger area, try this undercut hairstyle. It features only an inch or two inches shaved above the back of the neck and it can easily be grown out after a few weeks as well.

Flower Design Undercut Hairstyle For Long Hair


Alt : undercut hairstyle of flower design


Since you have long hair, you can go for a slightly wider buzzed area above the back of your neck and opt for a cool abstract design like this geometric floral art. You can tie your hair up to show off this art or let your hair down to have a more sophisticated and simple-looking long mane.


Long Undercut Hairstyle With Vibrant Hair Colour


Alt : undercut hairstyle for long hair with vibrant hair colour



Take your long undercut hairstyle to the next level by dyeing the shaved part in a vibrant hair colour like orange, pink, blue, or something of the sort. It makes for a great contrast and adds depth and character to your overall look.

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Back Shaved Lines Undercut Haircut Style

Back Shaved Lines Undercut Haircut Style



For women who want to go a little extra unlike how they do usually, this undercut long hairstyle is perfect for you. Keep your hair a bit up to flaunt your multiple-line design at the back and wear up a braid for that wow effect.

High Pony With Side Design

High Pony With Side Design



If you’re looking for an undercut haircut style with your long hair, you can trust this hairstyle with your eyes shut. The high pony demonstrates a line on the side you can rock to elevate your casual undercut hairstyle.

Medium Undercut Hairstyle


Medium-length hair is perfect for trying the undercut hairstyle trend. Check out some stylish ways to get the undercut hairstyle for medium-length hair.


Undercut Hairstyle On Medium Wavy Hair


Alt : undercut hair with medium hair


The undercut hairstyle looks beautiful on medium hair and it is also very versatile on this hair length. The classic undercut hairstyle for medium hair features soft layers with a buzzed area carved on one side of the head that tapers towards the back of the head.


Medium Undercut Hairstyle With Line Art


Alt : medium undercut hairstyle with line art


This medium undercut hairstyle has got a smaller shaved area. And the shaved area features two horizontal lines which make it look super cool and trendy.


Asymmetrical Undercut Hairstyle For Medium Hair


Alt : Asymmetrical Undercut Hairstyle For Medium Hair



This is one of the coolest renditions of the undercut hairstyle we’ve ever seen and the best part is that it is created for medium hair lengths. This style has a textured section at the front in an asymmetrical shape to frame the face. One side of the head is buzzed and tapers in a triangular shape. The rest of the hair is long and ends at the shoulders.

Shag Undercut Hairstyle On Medium Hair


Shag Undercut Hairstyle On Medium Hair


This undercut hairstyle on medium hair has loads of layers and is easier to style. You can wear this haircut style on straight, wavy, and curly hair textures.


Versatile Undercut Hairstyle For Medium Hair


Versatile Undercut Hairstyle For Medium Hair



With this type of undercut hairstyle, you can get more versatile. Whenever you’re feeling edgy, you can wear your hair up. And the moment you want to look more sophisticated, let your hair down. The buzzed areas can be plain, faded, or feature a cool design, the choice is up to you.


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Did these cool and trendy undercut hairstyle ideas catch your interest? Go on and live a little by experimenting with your mane using the undercut hairstyle trend.


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