10 Celebrity-Inspired Party Hairstyles For When You Need To Dance All Night


The party season is usually focused at the end of the year––you know the period between Christmas and NYE that is a week-long party in itself. But, in all honesty whether you’re a party animal or an occasional rager, you really don’t need a season to pull out those dancing shoes and dazzle the night away. Now, these kinds of evenings call for special hairstyles—those that require you to go the extra mile and give your usual hairdo a stylish boost. But, sometimes you do run out of ideas, making things a little complicated and frustrating. We’ve curated the best 10 celebrity inspired party hairstyles that you can tweak and make your own for your next night out in the town.


Party Hairstyles For Long Hair


Let's start with party hairstyles for long hair, shall we? While there are plenty of options available for those with long and lovely locks, sometimes when effort comes into play we tend to drift the other way. Here are 3 party wear hairstyles perfect for those who want to amp up that length. 


Party Hairstyle 1: Braided Ponytail


Braided hairstyle for party

Image Courtesy - Instagram


Boxer braids paired with a sleek braided ponytail makes for a neat, cool, and edgy party hairstyle. A little bit of gel and hairspray on the front will keep the flyaways at bay—and will also keep the hairstyle in place for a longer time. This is perfect for second-day, slightly greasy hair as the braid will stay intact and won’t frizz up easily.


Party Hairstyle 2: Sleek Bun


sleek bun hairstyle for party

Image courtesy - Instagram

Looking for a quick fix for your hair, but don’t want to compromise on style? A sleek bun is definitely a go-to party wear hairstyle, especially if you’ve got long hair. In case you’ve got bangs or a fringe, style it either by blowdrying it or giving it a little bit of a curl or wave. This’ll add a soft touch to the look.


Party Hairstyle 3: Beachy Waves


beachy wave hairstyle for party

Image Courtesy - Instagram


Dive into this sexy party hairstyle for long hair! Use a large barrel curling tong to create voluminous beach waves. Add a little hair serum or hair oil to give the ends a little more shine. This look will work particularly well for those with highlights, as the colour will add definition to the curls.


Party Hairstyles For Medium Hair


Why should those with long hair have all the fun? These party hairstyles for medium hair make for a great go-to on those crazy nights out. With minimal effort and so much style, these hairstyles add that glam factor to any and every look. Dive right in! 


Party Hairstyle 1: Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail for party

Image courtesy - Instagram

Amp up your basic ponytail with these cute bubbles! All you need for this party hairstyle is multiple tiny hair-ties and you’re good to go. Just make sure to wash your hair with a volumising shampoo before, so that the crown doesn’t look too flat either. You can add a touch of your own by using colourful scrunchies instead of thin and fine hair-ties. 


Party Hairstyle 2: High Ponytail


simple party hairstyle

Image courtesy - Instagram


Looking for a simple party hairstyle to suit your mood? Then try this easy to recreate, high ponytail look. This works well on freshly washed hair, provided you’ve used a hair conditioner. It’s an important step as the ends need to look moisturised with this one.


Party Hairstyle 3: Curls Galore


best party hairstyle for medium hair

Image courtesy - Instagram


Embrace your natural curls or fake them away! This 90s inspired party hairstyle incorporates those tight natural curls—you can wear it down like this, or jazz it up with accessories like headband or clips.


Party Hairstyle 4: Braided Heaven


best party hairstyle

Image courtesy - Instagram


You can never go wrong with a fishtail braid! This party hairstyle is perfect for those with medium hair—it’s cute and messy, and will really add a charm to your ensemble.

Party Hairstyles For Short Hair


Who said you cannot style short hair in different ways. These party hairstyles for short hair are anything but boring. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see more. 


Party Hairstyle 1: A Wavy Lob

wavy hairstyle for party

Image courtesy - Instagram


This party hairstyle for short hair is the perfect go-to for when you’re in doubt. Wave your hair out with a curling wand, spritz on some texturising spray, and you’re ready to paint the town in every colour possible. Use a hair mask every week to maintain your hair’s shine and softness.


Party Hairstyle 2: Hollywood Bob


party hairstyle for short hair

Image courtesy - Pinterest


Hollywood curls aren’t just designed for those with long locks. Create those perfect waves or curls on your bob—give them a scrunch that’ll add some volume to it too. This party wear hairstyle is perfect for those with thin hair too, as it creates a lot of volume, making your hair look thick.


Party Hairstyle 3: Bowed In


best party hairstyle for short hair

Image Courtesy - Instagram


When in doubt, accessorise it out. This party hairstyle for short hair requires four ribbons and two very cute half ponytails. It’s cute and quirky, and gives hair a bit of style.


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Long, medium, short, these party hairstyles are the perfect answer to all your hair needs. With the right haircare products by your side, these hairstyles will surely steal the spotlight.


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