30 Permed Hair Styles To Elevate Your Hair Game In 2024

permed hairstyle

Do you want to try permed hair styles but don’t have many references? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s a bank of 30 stunning and utterly stylish permed hair styles to try in 2023.


Permed Hair Styles For Women


Permed hair styles are full of texture and volume. Here are some of the best permed hairstyles that are trending this season.


Ringlet Curl Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Ringlet Curl



Ringlet curls make for a beautiful permed hairstyle to try out. It not only makes your hair springy but also adds tons of volume.


Spiral Curl Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Spiral curls



Spiral curls are a permed hairstyle that renders a beautiful curly texture which is more spaced out and wiry making your mane look fuller but tamer. 


Bouncy Curls Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Bouncy Curls



Larger ringlet curls are a great permed hairstyle for anyone who wants a naturally voluminous and textured mane.


Multi-Textured Curls Permed Hairstyle


 Permed Hairstyle - Multi Textured



Can’t commit to one curl pattern? Try a multi-textured permed hairstyle. It is the most natural-looking permed hair that also looks super cool and stylish.


Top Knot Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Top Knot


Set your permed hair in a top knot for a trendy permed hairstyle this season. Curly perms make top knots look more voluminous. The face-framing ringlets only make this permed hairstyle more chic.


Upturned Ponytail Permed Hairstyle

Permed Hairstyle - Upturned Ponytail



Tie a ponytail and then turn it upwards. Clip it from below with a claw clip and you have a stylish permed hairstyle that brings the glorious curly texture to the forefront – just the crown you needed!


Faux Undercut Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Faux Undercut



Do you want an undercut hairstyle but are too afraid to commit? Create this faux undercut hairdo on your permed hair style. Create two to three small sections on one side of your hair, twist each one of them and tuck them in with bobby pins.


Bobby Pin Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Bobby Pin



Let your permed hair shine by using two bobby pins on both sides, above your temples to add some control while your curls still enjoy the centre stage.


Half Up Pony Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle -  Half Up Pony



Try a half-up pony permed hairstyle by dividing your hair into a top and bottom section equally. Tie the top half in a high ponytail at the crown like Ariana Grande would and then fan it out. Et voila.


Micro Braid Half Up Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Micro Braid



Take your half-up permed hairstyle a step further by creating micro braids at the front to frame your face. Try twisted microbraids as they are super easy to create.


Cold Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - With Jewel Headband



A cold spiral perm hairstyle will give you sultry scrunched curls when your hair is wet and looser curls when your hair is dry.


Permed Hairstyle With Jewel Headband

Permed Hairstyle With Jewel Headband



Whether you have a wavy perm or a curly permed hairstyle, add some glamour to it with a jewelled headband. A literal crown for the queen!


Under Dye Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Under Dye



The under-dye hair colour trend on permed hair makes for a cool permed hairstyle. You can experiment with any haircut before opting for the under-dye. Don’t you know the Goth style is back on trend this season?

Sleek & Curly Bun Permed Hairstyle 

 Permed Hairstyle - Sleek & Curly Bun



A sleek bun is possible on permed hair. Simply clip your hair in a bun with the ends sticking out. Apply gel to the roots and then pull out a few face-framing tendrils.


Claw Clip Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Claw Clip



Take a few strands from the front and clip them at the back with a pretty claw clip to create this elegant permed hairstyle. It is super easy to recreate.


Voluminous Curls Short Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Voluminous Curls Short



Large curls on a short bob haircut with bangs is a super cute and chic hairstyle for fashionistas. This permed hairstyle has got a French girl vibe to it.


Wavy Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Wavy



A wavy permed hairstyle is a relaxed hairstyle that suits everyone. It looks beautiful and is versatile enough to suit any occasion.


Shag Haircut With Voluminous Curls Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Shag Haircut With Voluminous Curls



Large curls on a shag haircut have a vintage vibe that is classic and chic. This voluminous permed hairstyle is versatile and totally wearable.


Shag Haircut With Multi-Textured Curls Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Shag Haircut



A multi-textured curly perm on a shaggy haircut is the epitome of a cool girl aesthetic. It adds volume and interesting texture to the hairstyle.


Copper Hair Colour Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle -  Copper Hair Colour



Want to elevate your permed hair? Add a copper hair colour to your locks. The results speak for themselves.


Graduation Bob Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Graduation Bob Permed



A graduation bob is longer at the front and shorter at the back. This haircut on curly hair makes for a classy permed hairstyle.


Undercut Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Undercut Permed



This is a punk rock permed hairstyle as it is super trendy and edgy. One side of the head is shaved to create an undercut effect for the permed curls.


Mullet Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Mullet Permed



This is a retro permed hairstyle that you can try as it is trending in 2023. The mullet with curly hair texture is an edgy haircut trend not meant for the faint-hearted.


Short Cropped Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Short Cropped



This is a classic permed bob-cut hairstyle. This permed hairstyle has rounded edges with a deep side parting.


Shaggy Bob Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle -Shaggy Bob


A tight curly perm on a short shag haircut is cute and stylish. It adds volume and glorious texture to short-permed hairstyles.


Multi Textured Bob Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Multi Textured Bob


Choose a multi-textured curly perm to elevate a short shag haircut. It makes the haircut look more natural and soft and might we say super cute?


Natural Curl Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Natural Curl



This natural curl perm has a relaxed texture at the roots. The perm is performed leaving a few inches at the roots with natural texture.


Long Ringlet Curl Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Ringlet curls



Ringlet curls perm on long hair looks sensational. It adds loads of volume too.


Exaggerated Kinky Curls Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle - Kinky Curls



This kinky curl pattern permed hairstyle is for divas who like to go bold. This hairstyle is high on volume.


Scarf Tied Up Permed Hairstyle

 Permed Hairstyle -Scarf Tied Up



Tie up permed hair with a scarf for a chic hairstyle. The scarf makes for a trendy curly hair accessory any day.


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Go on and try these permed hairstyles because they really are trendy and stylish. This list of permed hair styles will have your curled locks looking stylish all season long.

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